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  1. If you're trying to say that the administration is afraid of the left then that's something I can agree with much more. @bcsapper
  2. How does that support your statement that the LEFT was scared of him?
  3. When you're talking about what was done question then you're asking about the administration. I thought you were talking about the left? My speculation on the school board's actions is based on what actually turned out to be true. That there was no way for the system to assess a troll.
  4. Ok, any cite? I only recall general suspicion and suspension of judgement on it as it just seemed like a bizarre story.
  5. Didn't this person actually troll the right? The left just ignored him...
  6. Bankruptcy is a specific term, so what if we asked if governments fail because of economic conditions? Such as Weimar Germany? The other thing I want to say is that Soviet communism collapsed, but so did American capitalism of the 1920s, and so did the New deal, and so did neoliberalism. Humans tend to try things and then to improve on things that have problems. If you compare the governments of today with those of 50 or 60 years ago across the globe, you'll see some similarities including Less direct state ownership, more personal Liberty but at the same time more monitoring and a different kind of control. Consumer culture has grown by leaps and bounds, and the bi- polar Global political structure has broken down. Look at china, russia, the us and the west. We are evolving towards a kind of centralist consensus.
  7. There are plenty of Republicans who see a problem with how the Trump regime tried to force a constitutional crisis to stay in power in January 2021. Conservative support institutions, radicals say the cops and judges are in on it and get rid of them..
  8. 1. Some of this I like. I would rather them great digital local web stations, or create some kind of model/farm system for young journalists to get started. We definitely need more reporting in this country and private media is simply cutting to the bone and mostly not funding real journalism. The brainwashing charge is overreach. 2. You have to go back pretty far to the roots of Cancon to explore the pros and cons of defunding Canadian culture. Suffice it to say that even Mulroney wouldn't sell out our culture when he signed the GTA. 3. Exactly, and with Quebec you're also dealing with media that gets various levels of public and private support.
  9. They came close to plunging the US into a constitutional crisis, the judge said... if they don't take this seriously, it will happen again...
  10. Thanks for the metaphor. Not sure how I'm spinning when I'm asking you mostly about your rating scale for Psychologists, and how you're looking at this overall... But ok.
  11. A more informed opinion from the NP "The traditional explanation is that members need to feel they have a voice in the party, but everyone knows these policy proposals aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. (We just pretend otherwise when it suits us.) Political scientist Tom Flanagan has argued this style of (supposed) policy-making is simply unsuited to the “permanent campaign” style of politics to which we have all become accustomed." https://nationalpost.com/opinion/selley-conservative-policy-conventions-media
  12. Well there is also the other example and apparently some resolutions don't even make it to vote. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/tasker-conservative-policy-convention-1.4798918
  13. Thanks for the thoughtful post. The policy vehicle seems pretty tepid... I think the CBC resolution would be better if they keep TV News even though it's on the decline. And pretty cynical for them to leave CBC Quebec untouched. But if I understand correctly these come from the membership. We have yet to see Poilievre's vision for Canada which presumably would be unveiled during an election campaign. QueenM's OP disproves that assertion by way of the Broadbent example. Similarly I think there was some Climate Change initiative given to Scheer but he still had a Carbon Credits plan...
  14. "Best Beer" means nothing just as "Best Car" "Best woman" etc. The best car is the slightly used Dodge Caravan. The best woman is my wife. The best beer is the cheapest.
  15. 1. Yeah but ... I'm thinking since you can't name a number two, your assessment of the psychology world might not be as comprehensive as you thought 2. Just a whole question. Is being able to seek patients, I don't see a point here. 3. They're also rans because they're not as good as Peterson. But you can't name them so...
  16. It wasn't funny to me, it was pathetic. And if you ask the supporters today they will say it was about 'Trudeau'.
  17. 1. Hahaha. OK without looking it up, who is #2 ? 2. They're practitioners not academics. Peterson is/was a professor, which is a rarity among psychologists. 3. They're stupid because they enforced the rules after people complained ? 🤔
  18. At this point, It might be a better strategy for Pierre to drop in the polls a bit so that Justin isn't shoved out.
  19. Except that all sides will claim to own it... This seems to be a mind blower to many a poor Chud.... There's really only one problem with that analogy, and that is that Peterson is a spotty academic and general ldiot...
  20. It's more like people don't understand the lines between objective and subjective. If "truths" conflict, there are well-used protocols in place to resolve the disputes, such as contracts.
  21. 1. Deliberate misreading of what I said repeatedly. 2. It's not what I said and from all reports I read Peterson no longer practices anyway. If anything this case helps his income. 3. There is it, you can count on it like the chocolate delivered to your pillow at the Radisson... 😃 Happy China North to you as well, friend...
  22. 1. Yeah you did. I was responding to the question of whether he posted 'haye' and you pivoted it to whether he's allowed his opinion. Not course he is. 3. I have never set that up, but again you're stepping past my point: he's not suppressed, he's promoted. 4. No, the Public Sphere is occupied by the Public by definition 6. I disagree, and also pleasant and or confrontational can also be edifying or constructive.
  23. We also don't know if cigarettes cause cancer. We don't. But you can't wait for 100% certainty to act on challenges that represent significant risk. Those who play up the "certainty" angle are missing that. If you smell smoke you evacuate the area, as an analogy.
  24. 1. You pivoted my point to another onez which I agree with. He's allowed his opinion and allowed to express it also. 3. I was referring to the fact that he shows up every day multiple times in my YouTube feed. Not from shares. Far from being repressed, he's being promoted. 4. I agree with the wading. I'm not looking for agreement but for the issues to be discussed intelligently and in the context of our Public Sphere. That means that the results of the discussion have some impact even if it is minor. 6. Healthy dialogue is called "edifying" or constructive.
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