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  1. 1. Yes. That was intended to show the marchers and the public that there's plenty of support for the education system as it is. 2. 3. Ok. 4. My appeal to both sides approach is to ask for dialogue, not at a march, but in online and IRL forums. And the dialogue has to be fact based. The so-called left needs to absolutely appreciate that the common goal is social cohesion, ie. getting along and nothing more. The social phenomenon of transgenderism is utterly new to the average person and many aren't equipped to empathize, and find it shocking. That's an obvious fact. So the best thing to hope for is live and let live. Yes but they made those as a kind of hillbilly version of black pride... really because Hillary's words offended them and made them feel all melted inside...
  2. 1. Of course they did. 2. That part is fine, but they are also saying that SOGI should be removed from schools. 3. Calling teachers pedophiles is pretty vile. They're not even making up the curriculum. 4. Well when you appeal to my better nature you will get results. I am quite aggravated by the name calling and have been dragged into the mud. I feel bad about it.
  3. Furthermore, a Chud lady told me she had PROOF that they were letting kids be furries and identify with cats... even let the kids poop in a box in class. You know what the proof was? A parent in Alberta told her it was real. And they also know that the media lies. But that anonymous parent in Alberta... you can count on her...
  4. Not a whole list. Just that. The Chuds call Trudeau a pedophile, they call teachers groomers, they call gay folks the rainbow people... But call them deplorables, Chuds or something nowhere near as bad as pedophile and it's.. HOW DARE YOU SIR !
  5. 1. They would support them is the point 2. Yes I said that. 3. It's split from the extreme points of the debate.
  6. 1. Many wokes are antisemitic, and are also paid to be woke. You would never be able to back that up. 2. They're unorganized.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/9971454/polling-canadians-split-gender-trans-issues/amp/ As usual, the Canadian public falls in the middle. About 70% with support their child coming out as trans but only 20% would support hormone therapy.
  8. Any organization receiving money is accountable for what they say. They can't call Pierre Poilievre a pedophile, they can't say there's a world Jewish conspiracy behind the antiwoke movement.. And even their woke statements are probably restrained compared to some of the things that are quoted on here. That is the only thing I'm pointing out, the difference between institutional groups and guerrilla groups. I knew the Muslim Alliance with the Chuds was coming. I think I may have even posted about it on here.
  9. And the decline of institutions also means that these arguments are going to be between tribal groups of people rather than representative groups, with policies processes and limits on how they express themselves. So somebody saying that they saw a trans woman talking about lactation isn't about one person talking, they represent an entire movement to that person. Similarly all of the marchers that I spoke to, and I mean all of them, say different things and will invoke trudeau, the w e f, and call teachers groomers. Can we say anything about these groups then? Maybe not. ---+ What we can say is that trans rights are enshrined in law, and schools will teach what they need to to balance the views of the public, and teach the value of tolerance and acceptance.
  10. Read the articles you posted. I don't think a single protest happened at a school. The protest is unwieldy, and the participants are angry and not much more. No two of them will articulate their point the same way, and none of them are directing the protest towards any platform that would result in change of any kind. It's just a perpetual parade of anger, even calling it a protest is probably inaccurate.
  11. They also say that it wasn't a hate march but they continue to call teachers groomers... This movement is unwieldy, disorganized and filled with kooks. I'm being generous.
  12. So shocking for there to be a corrupt conservative politician. I have to lie down.
  13. Ok well we sure talked about it enough before a trans person joined the board. It's conceivable that another perspective could make the conversation better. You don't have to discuss if you don't want. I would like the discussion to move towards discussion of how rights are considered in the public sphere but I can't control that either. The marchers yesterday were trying to make it about children, but they sure talk about Trudeau, vaccines, the WEF, unions and other things a lot...
  14. I mean, I asked because I suspected as much. You don't have to care but it's interesting and likely helpful to the discussion...
  15. Interesting again. What's your experience? Are you personally involved with trans folks? Explain to Chuds Why they DON'T want that.
  16. I've never heard that. Can you clarify how you know that? What's your experience with this issue?
  17. That's all you're going to get from this one. You really should stop talking to them. You're going to McDonald's and expecting a fine New York steak.
  18. If they declared Jewish month, can you imagine the Chud backlash. They would start demanding crosses in the classroom...
  19. 1. I didn't see that quote. The excerpt I provided seems to contradict this as it was stated that a committee including one trustee, I think, make the selection. 2. Well the Ministry at least sets the curriculum. 3. Where do you get that? I am just trying to understand how it works. At this point, I need something definitive. Your points are fine but I also have a single example from Durham and a vague article from CBC that are all all over the map.
  20. The idea that having a Pride flag, or accommodation of diverse backgrounds is "left" is ridiculous. The centre is pretty ok with most of this. The marchers today make extreme claims, and then hold up the most extreme demands of some LGBTQ supporters as evidence of extremism. Dialogue must be prioritized over protest and fighting. The marchers are actually against Trudeau in this issue. Why? Who knows. The Federal government has little to do with this compared to local and provincial government. They also accuse teachers of taking it upon themselves to convince kids they're LGBTQ and accuse them of being pedophiles and groomers. They use terms like battle and war, and evoke religious wars also. Counter protest? Absolutely. They can see how much support for LGBTQ rights there really are.
  21. I was able to find this explanation. Informative. A lot of people posting on this thread were wrong about some things, including me.
  22. I don't see how you got that from the excerpt. Can you cite the gay blowjobs thing?
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