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  1. To add @User the "accepted" morality of "you can't refuse service based on faith, race, etc." is itself a lot stranger and (was) more controversial than our public memory remembers. The idea that someone can't bar someone from entering their establishment for whatever reason they see fit is more complex than the alternative.
  2. 1. Vaguely. I think they weighed in favour of the baker yes ? I support court decisions, or at least the role of the courts in deciding on big issues. I agree with most carve-outs having been raised devout and still with many devout friends and family. Your case applies to Canada also I think. 2. I agree that there are intolerant LGBTQ people - which is why both sides have to drive the conversation to a respectful and public mode. 3. Yes. No Mafia involved.
  3. You didn't answer my question. At all. Instead, you refer to "the anti semitism". Are you retracting this statement then ? "there is no anti semites among protestors "
  4. It's not necessary to pick a side or even have an opinion with a difficult issue. But it's essential for a healthy public to respect our conventions of honest and solution based dialogue. If we can't do that, then we can't criticize any individual or group, since the onus on us is minimal. Insults happen in the heat of discussion but they shouldn't be the core of the discussion. Step back and accept that you mis-stepped, then engage your discussion partner positively. If you don't trust or respect them, put them on ignore. The allegations of anti-Semitism are credible. For those who decry "Zionism", do you want to turn back the clock and take Israel off the map? What is the precedent or principle here?
  5. Attacks on the personalities of the protesters aren't relevant. Calls to beat them are condemnable. Salient points are: racist behaviour by the protesters, refusal to negotiate, outsiders manipulating the situation. But I would say that these protestors are standing up for civilians, not (as the Ottawa protesters) for themselves. And the mandate is much more clear here also. People should look at these issues based on the principles, not the tribalism ie. "I don't like woke universities therefore I'm against this"
  6. You could make the same argument about someone who didn't want to serve someone in their establishment, due to their religion, ethnicity etc. The interest groups represent the rights of those groups, and their rights to be treated equally. It's not against anyone's religion to make a cake for a sinner, so the side story on the cake people is just maudlin icing in the issue from my POV.
  7. LGBTQ Mafia is a made up thing. I'm not going to change my mind on this topic because you use this term, any more than if I called religious people Evangelical Count Choculas. The courts are the ones that thread the needle, and yes public attitudes are a factor. It would go better for religious folks in the future if they took a less combative stance and more legalistic one. Because the future woke mafia is going to be pretty powerful I'm guessing.
  8. I backed up my case with an example...boot camps... or The Tea Party is another... They last as long as it takes for political strategists to come up with new ideas.
  9. Compromise for what? This is a wave of manipulated protest IMO... And it will fade... Just like Boot Camps and other social fads...
  10. 1. The basis for making such a decision would be solely if it was popular. I would guess that in many jurisdictions, it's not. 2. As in... Truman Capote? Tennessee Williams?
  11. There's a precedent for this though. We have laws against discrimination in public services. It's tricky, and threading the needle is required here for sure.
  12. There appears to only be one leader who operated in the cold war, with any power or inclination to deploy tanks. The NATO Countries can fund others to hold ground. I'm hopeful that he will have to stop and accept his meager, but still illegal, gains. If so, we'll have a much stronger NATO, a global tri-polar geopolitical order, and a much less starry eyed view of Fukyama's so called "end of history". That will be your next 100 years peace. The next century will deal with the global social sphere, environmental challenges and the twin forces of depopulation and automation.
  13. I can agree with this if it means "if a leftist non-white individual says something hateful, white people are less likely to comment on that". I don't think I'm aware that there are large numbers of such folks. The ones I have seen are academic types. And "leftist" here means identitarian not Marxist-Leninist, Maoist etc.
  14. ? I saw polls that said that the public sympathized with the convoy but didn't support the actions. Your assertion is that the media made it up. Ok. But you also said that Trudeau was anti vax because it was popular? Sorry, I just don't follow. The MSM is lazy and fickle, like the public, and that is how they handle this. I don't see any logic behind an idea that they would collude with a polling firm to produce an ambivalent reading of the national mindset. What would be the point?
  15. Most countries have state media. At least, it's not uncommon.
  16. And yet, the public didn't really support the convoy, right? I think a better way to think about it is that it all just died down.
  17. Well I have been to Reno and it truly IS amazing. I was being facetious about the "Canadians love Toronto" comment. They hate us, except for our ball team for some reason. But every single person from San Francisco who is liberal that I know loves our city, as do liberals in general. Now I HAVE been to Reno and that's an amazing place.... Boomer bands playing Casinos, mountains, deserts, Burning Man, Ethiopian, Vietnamese and The Gold and Silver... it never ends... love it
  18. Yes. You have to stuff some cloth in your mouth after double digit or triple digit ounces of coffee to stop the chattering.
  19. I drink so much coffee that sometimes I have to bite my tie at the office. It's embarrassing when the secretary walks in, and sometimes HR is involved.
  20. I cut out the hyperbolic comparison. Yes, the morality is dubious but it's interesting because so many people on here will claim that one leader or another is popular, AND listens to the people AND does the right thing. My take: most of our political leaders are.... (checks his cheat sheet) ...politicians.
  21. I think most Canadians will agree that Toronto is amazing...
  22. So your assertion is that most people wanted Trudeau to jail anti-vaxxers... interesting. I don't know if it's true or not, but implicitly it means that Trudeau was taking a popular tack on that.
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