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  1. While it's disheartening to read posts like that, it's good to see them dismantled so handily by The Beaver..
  2. 1. I doubt that you could articulate an argument that supports this. 2. So, in other words no one. 3. Europe but not Italia, France, Espana, or ... 4. Gee, how about that? 😂
  3. Well do you and everyone you know feel 5X wealthier than a Canadian in 1970. To use your analogy... The tide lifts a few boats... Most of us, 99%, are moored on an inland lake.
  4. GDP per capita does not shrink in the medium or long-term People think that the recent difficulties in earning a living are due to GDP reduction. But just look at the recent GDP growth exploding, and ask any working person if they have noticed a recent upsurge in their prosperity.
  5. Apologies. I completely misunderstood part of the OP. I was agreeing with a point that wasn't being made. Need coffee ☕ Here's a graph of GDP per capita in Canada over 8 decades or so. The problem clearly isn't growth... Relative slippage with other countries shouldn't be as much of a concern as the gap between wealthy and poor. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/CANRGDPC
  6. Interesting to me was the inability of media to report on the number of dead, as evidenced by the subject line. I suspect that cuts in journalism are making news reporting difficult.
  7. I thought those were synonymous now? Of course I welcome any corrections to English and grammar... Let me look it up. "Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome."
  8. When in the past decades, did Western governments care about equity? GDP up? They are happy... Equity is an NDP thing.
  9. 1. Well, places without high immigration have also seen bumps. Further to that, domestic models have not ascertained any true "cause". One could argue immigration fuels speculation but there are other factors there. 2. I don't remember prices taking any significant downturn no.
  10. You didn't support your claims with those links. I didn't say anything about the Palestinians being so loving...
  11. 1. No, just Gaza. 2. Cite please. 3. Palestinians tried to overthrow the governments of the region? No.
  12. 1. Not all of the demand is for housing, some of it is for real estate assets. 2. Is that conspiracy called capitalism?
  13. McLuhan taught that trying to moralize detracts from media analysis. But he was also ambivalent about how much control people might have over technology.
  14. 1. Not always, no. The tone of media has changed markedly since the arrival of CNN in 1980. 2. They do, but not too much. They know that their wealth it would be at risk if the status quo degrades too much.
  15. More importantly if the system is set up to facilitate and legitimize bribery, can you really call it corruption? I see these general outcries all the time but part of the problem is that these people who are so upset were not around 10 20 30 40 years ago. What were they doing? I think what was happening was that life was good and people didn't see a need to pay attention. The system evolved while they were sleep walking and enjoying the good life. They were also paying attention to stupid non problems such as the war on Christmas and identity politics.
  16. It won't. The war will be fought based on popularity of the opinion not principles.
  17. I would say that nobody was getting arrested, but I suspected that the time would come 😞 The people who said we're living in Communism were wrong though, then I mean not in five years. And those who wanted a culture war... you have it.
  18. I can speak about volunteer projects, when done right, being illuminating in that the alienation aspect of work that is so common, is swept away.
  19. The picking up pieces part is tellingly socialistic though. All for one and one for all (when those too big to fail, do fail and fall)
  20. As expected, no response from betsy 😕
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