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  1. Ooga Booga?

    1. Greg
    2. OftenWrong


      Just sayin hello to the boss, in language we understand.

  2. This thread is locked. Starting a discussion with ONLY a lengthy quote is not permitted. Please try again. You are all welcome to re-start this topic with a proper Opening Post. I will merge the threads.
  3. Folks, Do not derail discussions by nagging with personal attacks. Discuss the topic or do not post.
  4. Call me what you want but this is a discussion forum. This aint a link/spam dumpster. Unless you are interested in discussing, you do not belong. Shape up or ship out.
  5. Prestige? LOL I do not even know what those guys do anymore. If anybody can tell me, I am all ears. The last few who spoke to me seemed very confused but clearly more pissed off at having to get out of their cars than they were interested in upholding any semblance of rules. LOL I take that as an insult. All joking aside, I believe you all deserve to know what my abilities comprise. Namely, I can: delete your post ; change/edit your post (rarely done; usually only under request by the original poster or extreme circumstances) suspend your ability to post/participate in the forum. Please keep in mind: I would rather read what you have to write than to censor you. Do not give us any reason to censor you. If you do your best to follow the forum rules and guidelines, we will leave you alone. We do not hold grudges. If you receive a warning, do your best to avoid disrupting the forums. If you believe somebody else is violating the forum rules, report it and ignore it. Do not respond in kind.
  6. I am sorry..... my boss asked me to stay late at work that day. Not everything is a conspiracy.
  7. I will alert Greg about this. He handles the technical operation of the forum. What computer, browser and operating system are you using? I have encountered that limitation when I attempt to reply without being logged into the forum. I consider that to be normal.
  8. The signature feature is disabled. The button is called "Source" located in the top left corner of the editor.
  9. This format of posting belongs in the Clubs section down below. Here are some choices: 1) Create a club of your own and we can transfer these posts into your club ; 2) EASIER: Join somebody else's club. Start a thread with the same title and we can transfer these posts.
  10. Guys, Stop the personal attacks. Do not make me help.
  11. It is nothing personal. Nobody can post there separately because that old sub-forum has been merged with the International section.
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