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  1. Charles, you are a punkass Nazi little bitch. You and your little bitch ass warning about the size of quotes and too many links. Go fuck yourself you speech suppressing punk.
  2. Hasn’t budged from #1 on Amazon.
  3. LOL the irony. YOU are the one who pay homage to a Queen who is the head of the Church of England. WE have NO royalty and we have no national church and we like it that way. As usual you have things ass backwards. You're such an idiot, not to mention the fact that, as usual, you don't even understand what the actual topic is. Imbecile.
  4. What is a Real American And I don’t mean what is a “Legal” American, I mean what is a Real American? What is it in the heart of a person that makes them a Real American, a Patriot? Well, a real American IS a patriot. He would gladly serve his country in time of war. He would come to the aid of a neighbor. He knows America is an exceptional nation. In his heart he loves Liberty, Freedom; he appreciates entrepreneurship, he has the drive to make his way in life without a net and rise or fall on your own efforts like the pioneers did, and he knows that God endowed him with the right to Life, Liberty, and to pursue happiness That is a real American. Would you call some America-hating socialist Democrat a real American? . . someone who does not want to work and wants to live off of welfare? . . someone who despises America and hates our history and our traditions and our values and embraces evil ideologies? Is that a “Real American” just because they were born here? Some people say they are real American too because they were born here. I say those people are tools. Such sick anti-American haters may be legally American if they were born here but they are not REAL Americans in their hearts. They are not Patriots. Is this all too hard for a person to understand? If it is them maybe that person not a real American. Have you heard people talk about fake Christians? Sadly there are people who call themselves Christians, and maybe they even go to church once in a while, but they do not have Christ in their heart. The lie and hate and do bad things. We all know they are out there. We see them all the time. Simply calling yourself a Christian and going to church every Easter does not make you one. Most people understand that, right? Why should it be any different for being an American? . . a Patriot? Any fool can be born here. But when you are an adult, do you realize what a wonderful exceptional country American is and are you a patriot? Or are you a blood-sucking socialist crapstain Democrat who enjoys the fruits of the land but hates the nation? If you are the latter then you are no American, born here or not. Some people cannot grasp these concepts. Thats too bad for them,
  5. The Lord works slowly sometime, but His will be done This filthy scum Nancy Pelosi should be full on excommunicated
  6. We can only pray that it all comes out in the right time. Timing is everything
  7. Democrats have always been the Russians' bitches, especially during the Cold War
  8. Considering the fact that the Left embraces homosexual sodomites, trannies, perverts, baby-killing, quasi-pedophelia by way of grooming, and every other filth there is, why would an orgy be a big deal to you Marxist swine? That's mild stuff for you baby-killers.
  9. Sarah Palin would feel at home, except for your socialism. 😁
  10. And you follow none of those rules. You smear and attack me and the conservative posters here but you never actually engage in the topic. That's because you know you will lose. Your M.O. (that's modus operandi for you public school graduates) is straight out of the Fascist/Marxist playbook: Either silence or marginalize your opponent, but never actually engage in a real fact based debate. And here you are, trying to silence a member. You're such a good little Marxist.
  11. Are you projecting again? Another simple, and stupid, post by you that avoids the topic and smears the poster. You're such a good little Marxist.
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