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  1. This thread is locked because it is a poor attempt to stimulate a discussion.
  2. Folks, Please stay on topic and avoid thread derailment.
  3. This thread is locked because it is a terrible attempt to start a discussion. Your initial attempt was worse. Please review the forum rules and guidelines. Ask somebody in real life to read what you wrote in an attempt to stimulate intelligent discussion and ask: "So, what do you think?"
  4. Folks, Stop the personal attacks and inflammatory rhetoric lest I stop it on your behalf.
  5. This thread is locked because it is a poor attempt to start a discussion. Try again. Try to answer the question: What is to be discussed here? when you craft your next Opening Post to a new thread discussion.
  6. Folks, Please avoid posting insults and personal attacks. Avoid cluttering the forum with journalism-spam too.
  7. This thread is locked. Review the forum rules and guidelines before starting a new thread. Try again using the quote to separate your own commentary from the reference selections and do not quote more than you write on your own.
  8. Tone down the inflammatory rhetoric. Avoid posting personal attacks.
  9. Folks, Avoid trolling and thread derailment. None of you are the topic of discussion in this thread.
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