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  1. Not only a cad but a bounder too. May all your future Christmas presents be socks and your beer be warm and flat.
  2. ''We have more in common than that which divides us.'' The words from murdered British MP Jo Cox's maiden speech in the Commons are a reminder to us all that whatever our political differences we should strive to treat each other with love and respect. Peace out man and go Panthers.
  3. Doesn't look like they are getting past the Panthers.
  4. I never bother reading all the press. Unless I want to know if a player is still injured. I'll just ask on the nhl66 chatbox if I want to know something. I just watch the games. I do watch the occasional documentary about a old player etc to help learn the history.
  5. I haven't been taking much interest in FI this year. I keep up with the results but I haven't been watching the highlights.
  6. That's even worse in football as players who are in contract can still be sold to the highest bidder. Lowly teams like Leeds can't hope to hold onto any player who proves to be exceptional.
  7. It's lucky I came to it late then. By the time the Leafs have had another 50 years of failure I'll be long dead
  8. I'm over it. Leafs did their best but just couldn't come up with an answer to Bobrowsky. Now I've just got Leeds Utd's relegation struggle to worry about...
  9. It has brought me countless hours of pleasure in exchange for mere minutes of misery. Even last night's game was thoroughly enjoyable for 75 minutes and only the last few seconds were heartbreaking.
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The dream is over for another year.
  11. Cats time out with 49 secs left on the PP.
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