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  1. The war that resulted from appeasement bankrupted Britain and finished off the Empire. The US and the Soviets were the only ones to come out on top.
  2. We tried appeasement in the 1930s. It didn't end well. Especially for Britain.
  3. They told me everything was bigger in America. Yet the gallons are a litre short!
  4. Spoiler alert, Ireland are going to win the 6 Nations again this year. Probably with another Grand Slam.
  5. The Jocks beat England last weekend. Winning the Calcutta cup for the 4th time in a row.
  6. Ah OK, that makes sense. I just went through Glenda Jackson's film history looking for a film about George II.
  7. That's not true. Not only did we have the British Empire behind us but also brave airmen from the likes of Poland and Czechoslovakia. Even men from the Republic of Ireland joined the cause just 20 years after fighting a war of Independence against Britain.
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