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  1. That's not true. Not only did we have the British Empire behind us but also brave airmen from the likes of Poland and Czechoslovakia. Even men from the Republic of Ireland joined the cause just 20 years after fighting a war of Independence against Britain.
  2. ''an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind''
  3. Woodforde's Wherry. Brewed on the Norfolk Broads and named after the iconic sailing barge. My favourite draught ale.
  4. Three VCs were awarded by the British army for actions in Afghanistan. Two posthumously. Two members of the Parachute regiment and one Grenadier Guard. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone here who could name even one of them. I don't think it's just Canada that forgets its war heroes.
  5. As a pagan I find your comparison to the Holocaust offensive. We're not all into ritual sacrifice and death sports (apart from rugby of course). Some of us just want to worship the mountains, the rivers the trees and the fauna. All things bright and beautiful you might say. So we had a few slaves in the past, who didn't?
  6. The user who mentioned this said polls plural. Dissatisfaction with the reality of Brexit has been rising steadily ever since the referendum and is currently hovering around 60% wishing to rejoin in multiple polls. Not that we would ever get the sweet deal we had before back. We wouldn't get to keep the pound or get back the rebate Margaret Thatcher negotiated and it's highly likely we'd have to join the Schengen zone. The most likely outcome is a return to the single market which would involve some concessions on freedom of movement and a large annual payment. The hope that leaving the EU would lead to us to gain control of our own borders has been dashed with small boats arriving daily in greater numbers.
  7. Recent polls are running at about 60% in favour of rejoining the EU. Will democracy recognise this now and respond to the will of the people?
  8. Not only a cad but a bounder too. May all your future Christmas presents be socks and your beer be warm and flat.
  9. Doesn't look like they are getting past the Panthers.
  10. I never bother reading all the press. Unless I want to know if a player is still injured. I'll just ask on the nhl66 chatbox if I want to know something. I just watch the games. I do watch the occasional documentary about a old player etc to help learn the history.
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