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  1. Wait until they are told not to panic buy toilet rolls. Things gonna get crazy...
  2. At least you'll be able to get a decent cup of tea while you do it.
  3. Weird yellow light here all day. We've got a dust cloud from the Sahara blowing in, everything is covered with a thin layer of it. Might get a spectacular sunset tonight.
  4. So what are the chances of Putin being obeyed if he ordered the use of theatre nuclear weapons? I'm guessing that they are not in the hands of conscripts.
  5. That's a pretty damning description of the state of Russian command structures and training. Air Supremacy is usually the first goal for invading forces and it doesn't appear to have been achieved yet after a week's fighting. Would you say that is mostly a result of Russian restraint, hoping for a quick surrender without too much loss of life, or Russia's inability due to a lack of logistics and inadequate training?
  6. They too should have any fundraising accounts shut down.
  7. You can protest within the law. Obstructing the highway, intimidation and noise pollution all lie outside the law though. I suspect GFM's lawyers pointed this out and that's the reason for them closing the account.
  8. They might suffer legal consequences for aiding the funding of an illegal activity though, which I suspect is why GFM have shut down the account.
  9. In many ways women's football is better to watch than the men's game. You don't get anywhere near so much fouling, diving, faking injury etc. The game flows much better without all the stoppages.
  10. I've just learned how to live the champagne lifestyle on a brown ale budget. All you've got on your deathbed is your memories anyway. You can't take anything with you when you go.
  11. My dad was a life long civil servant. Never really had spare money for investing but he got a nice government pension. He retired at the age I am now and got nearly 20 years of retirement.
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