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  1. Folks, Stop the personal attacks and inflammatory rhetoric lest I stop it on your behalf.
  2. This thread is locked because it is a poor attempt to start a discussion. Try again. Try to answer the question: What is to be discussed here? when you craft your next Opening Post to a new thread discussion.
  3. Folks, Please avoid posting insults and personal attacks. Avoid cluttering the forum with journalism-spam too.
  4. This thread is locked. Review the forum rules and guidelines before starting a new thread. Try again using the quote to separate your own commentary from the reference selections and do not quote more than you write on your own.
  5. Tone down the inflammatory rhetoric. Avoid posting personal attacks.
  6. Folks, Avoid trolling and thread derailment. None of you are the topic of discussion in this thread.
  7. Your English is perfect. Amen. -- not for French speakers either. For some sad reason, Canada is filled with French Canadians who struggle to speak their own mother tongue. Why did you want to learn French? For some strange reason, my 2nd son struggles with the liasons too but in the opposite manner: he can not read them. He speaks the liasons and understands them perfectly but when reading out loud, they do not come out. This makes no sense to me but truthfully, he does not have a natural ear for the language either. On the other hand, his older brother speaks French better than I do.
  8. "Vvaxx on.  Vvaxx off."  -- ancient Niponese secret

    1. QuebecOverCanada


      "Tax on, tax off." -- ancient Texan secret

    2. OftenWrong


      arm on,

      arm off...


    3. OftenWrong


      Ancient Vietnamese secret:


      There is another way to beat the system.

  9. "Wax on.  Wax off." -- ancient Chinese secret

  10. Please make that the last. Do not reduce this forum to the level of all others.
  11. Argus, I trust your judgement to moderate me. Could you provide a brief synopsis of what you learned from reading that book? I have never met anybody who believes we have an accurate picture of history. Have you? Has anybody ever told you that werewolves are or were real? What is so great about her?
  12. Nobody has ever testified to me that werewolves existed but I am intrigued by the current lore. Why do you believe history, popular culture and current high-priced entertainment are littered with such stories? I believe there are many reasons. The most important reason is to lead us to believe that diabolic behavior is natural. I trust it repeats. I observe an inhuman amount of effort spent to deceive the public about practically everything by people who look good and pretend to tell the truth. No but it seems sufficient for 99% of the "science" most people believe to be true. Ultimately, do you believe you are entitled to know the truth about anything? Does it makes sense to you that people would devote their lives studying/researching "science" or to spend inordinate amounts of resources funding such only to hand it to us for free? I do not believe I am owed any such favor. I believe the truth is revealed through lies and logical inversions. Why did she have to guess? Why is she staking her reputation by offering guesses? We do not even know who wrote the 1st story of Noah's ark or when it was 1st written. For all we know, it was written recently. Regardless, it is a safe bet that you have a great-great-great-great-great-...-grand-father who was alive at the time Noah is purported to have lived and countless men have devoted their entire lives across many cultures to lead us all to believe Noah is he. Why do you believe they continue to do so? In my experience, the problem is that most people who refer to "science" as a catch-all are referring to indoctrination without questioning or verification. Why do you think so much effort is put into lying about the concept of divinity? or anything else, for that matter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEc9ZOdTeGY Crackpot History and the Right to Lie -- Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC, September 23rd, 2019
  13. Good! The ad re-appeared at my next login. I was able to answer the survey question. Do not worry about it. Nothing has changed since before Windows offered a browser. Windows already knows the answers to any question they may ask of us.
  14. I just clicked on the X of mine and it all went away. I did not get a chance to answer the survey question. Does anybody know how to get it back?
  15. I have no problem with a Canadian off-centered forum.
  16. Folks, Stay on topic. Avoid thread derailment.
  17. Folks, Avoid thread derailment syndrome.
  18. What can you tell us that they can not tell us?
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