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  1. Folks, Permit me to let this pass. I believe this is the cutest spam that I have ever encountered.
  2. Good idea! From this point forward, infractions of the forum rules and guidelines will be met with harsh punishment.
  3. No problem. I can make you avoid thread drift on your behalf.
  4. Folks, Stop the personal attacks. Discuss the topic or do not post.
  5. Folks, Please stay on topic. Avoid thread derailment.
  6. I never said he was funny. Close but more like "If you do not eat your meat, you can not have any pudding."
  7. So? I doubt he had to club her over the head and drag her away. Heck. I would be surprized if he even put in a fraction of the effort.
  8. This thread is locked. Anybody with an intent to discuss this topic is welcome to start a new thread.
  9. Folks, Please avoid making the discussions personal. Discuss the topic or do not post.
  10. Simply put: Nobody should have to read your link to be able to identify the topic of discussion.
  11. This thread is locked. Try again by re-starting a new thread with an Opening Post that contains your thoughts 1st before you ask others for theirs.
  12. You can not start a new thread with nothing. This aint no fishing expedition. Express your thoughts thoroughly to stimulate discussion.
  13. Yikes! He is lucky to be alive. It does not take much of a jolt to induce a heart attack or a seizure.
  14. Guys, Can we not all just get along? Please avoid making the discussions personal. Try to have a holly jolly new year's celebration while you are at it too.
  15. You aim high. I would be happy just knowing where exactly the hell we are! No. I would forbid incarceration and pay my knights to root out slave-traders.
  16. No. I would call up my real-estate buddy to auction them off. I suppose you could call it that.
  17. If I owned the world, all prisons and jails would be abolished.
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