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  1. Fair question. I’m suggesting we aren’t going to be a functioning society or culture irrespective of the age of anyone. Access to food and especially water will ensure such.
  2. I know that and that it’s irrelevant. I’m suggesting the Franco element is a nation wrecker. Nothing good will ever come from it outside France.
  3. Some very interesting thoughts and comments. I’m increasing feeling relieved to be age 62 and single. At times I feel I’m watching any form of orderly society collapse before my eyes. At it’s worse, I’m beginning to think anyone actually having kids today are greedy and self centred - people actually harming the world and putting resources at risk. The end of us is going to be ugly but fortunately I won’t be around to see it.
  4. Tossing money belonging to others from parade floats is orgasmic for liberals. Get Alberta Out.
  5. Her Majesty’s coffin being driven through the UK in a German Mercedes hearse. Unbelievable. That’s strike one Charles. Shame.
  6. Franco Phoney. No thanks (again). Get Alberta out.
  7. Same here. It’s time to talk about payback.
  8. You strike like a so many others - loving money which doesn’t belong to you but dropping to your knees to keep it flowing your way.
  9. Canada is five or six nations pretending to be one. When I look at a world map or globe from my school years, one has to be incredibly naive to think this train wreck is a completed work.
  10. The flag at a fire hall near my home still at full staff ten minutes ago. Unbelievable.
  11. Some time a decade after I’m gone when we finish with the never ending NS inquiry into how a lunatic had a replica police car in his garage, we can look at this Terrorist and his good boy parole rubber stamp.
  12. PAYbec has the highest subsidized tuition rates in CanaDUH. What a surprise. Another day, another couple billion. Get Alberta Out!
  13. Not at all. Every party should pay equally. Outright rape and pillage is a whole other matter.
  14. Perfect. Then you have no issue with returning the money.
  15. Thank you. I’ve maintained my entire adult life Canada is maybe FIVE distinct nations pretending to be one. It’s a grand fraud by the very design. I just want Alberta’s extorted money back. The World Court will agree.
  16. I have to wonder if “Canada” has a conservative voice anymore. Everyone on the financial take can do that IMO.
  17. I note we’ve certainly steered away from getting rid of the poor and disabled agenda in Canada, the pretend country. Save Alberta.
  18. Alberta can be saved. CanaDUH is lost and aimlessly adrift. Even so, the extorted money has to be repaid.
  19. People dropping dead in ER but suddenly $100M for ABCDEFG. Canada is wandering lost. I want my money back.
  20. Bravo. Start paying Alberta back. 🤣
  21. Cancel Culture must be stopped. No one named Jagmeet or Manjeet with laundry on their head speaks for me. Go home. Stop third world blending.
  22. So you don’t accept free speech or freedom of religion. What else are you opposed to?
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