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  1. Your awarded the Ham Head trophy of the hour 👍 Worship the Ham Head
  2. Got my updated booster yesterday morning. A steady stream of people coming in for the Covid and Flu vax, which I also received 👍
  3. Insiders report Mango has questioned his attorneys what type of prison could I end up in. In his usual childish "Trump Speak" he asked if it would be a good prison or a bad prison. I hope the latter because a treasonous pig like him needs to see hard time where his possibility of being shived is much higher.
  4. Well here you go again. Oh note the mouth which has a strange resemblance to an anus. Ironic huh!
  5. I'm confident that Americans will not let it happen. If he won the election by cheating or not there's too many states that just wouldn't accept his presidency hence the end of the United part in the United States. He simply can not be permitted to win.
  6. Inside sources confirm Cheetos anxiety and outright fears of incarceration. Things are looking pretty grim for Mango and his inner circle as they are clearly seeing the only avenue of escape may well be a basement apartment in one of Putins palaces
  7. Ahhh, It seems I frosted your balls with this image of your Messiah. So HERE Again!
  8. Well Reichwingnut anti Vaxers. Now that these vaccines have been around for several years what are you dingdongs going to use as your Be Skeeeeered reason for people to avoid getting it? Actually the vaccine for Corona Virus has been around for decades. Yes it's just a tweaked version of vaccines developed a long time ago to combat the SARS variant of respiratory disease 30 yrs ago. Oh and what about all your Reichwing hero politicians including this Mind Bank who've taken the Vaccine and all it's boosters
  9. You do a stellar job of proving what a total nincompoop you are with every post. Worship the Ham Head🤣
  10. If that's the formula you're hoping will save the Reichwing then all I can say is 🤣
  11. America will not let Trump to ever get near the Whitehouse again. So take your cherry picked polls and use them for toilet paper.
  12. My biggest burden as a white man are other white men
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