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  1. Yep this place has been inundated with vermin froth at the mouth Nazi Fascists that seem to settle in to these private forums because they're basically ignored and too ignorant to be taken seriously on larger social media platforms. Sad to see that there's only about 8 posters left here and activity has come to a snails pace. As you've probably noticed I don't stop in here much anymore along with quite a few others. Well Nazis enjoy the low IQ lack of any original thought circle jerk forum you've created ??
  2. You love babies so much, adopt a dozen or so. Support your noble cause instead of passing farts from yer mouth
  3. Repubes just had to poke the sleeping bear with their abortion dumbfu*ckery. That Bear is the female electorate. The Reichwing is that dumb mutt that just had to chase the bus and now it's ending up under the wheels. ???
  4. I think Americans are getting fed up with the shiny gold self imagined Messiah. Only the bottom feeding knuckle draggers will be left by this time next year giving him maybe 30% of the vote. It will be a great show when he losses again.. looking forward to it and seeing America's first Black female president ??
  5. Get a really big Bible, hardcover indeed and lube it well in lard. Then proceed to shove it up yer arse. Oh lard optional
  6. Hmmm, let's see. Do I Care? Nope? Unlike you Reichwing Nuts I could care less about who reads or likes my posts. I express thoughts. Something you town cryer, link posting knuckledraggers are incapable of. Now go hunt down a link on conveying original thoughts to others so you can pretend you even know what I'm talking about.?
  7. I say yes. I want to see the disgusting orange pig squirm on live TV. Just like the Nuremberg Nazis
  8. Let's blame it on everything but the real cause. "THE F*CKIN NUT WAS ABLE TO BUY AN ASSAULT WEAPON" Jackass
  9. More and more states are shooting holes in your precious and bloody 2nd amendment. Times are changing
  10. Hey you ammo sexual Reichwingnuts set yourself up for this, made your bed so to speak. Democrats don't sweat it whenever there's a mass shooting. That's all you. Yawl own this shit. Problem for you nitwits is you've run out of bullshit on how it not the guns fault or how all we need is counseling for these loons. Good luck in 24
  11. It's OK. This and probably a few more mass slaughters will definitely be bad for the Reichwing in 2024. Gun laws in response to mass shootings because of Reichwing Dumbf*ckery are changing in alot of states. Except for the Reichwing septic tank states, but really who cares
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