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  1. There is no “immigration system”. I’m usually the only Caucasian in a transit bus. What country am I in?
  2. Get Alberta money out of anything federal. Continued rape and pillaging.
  3. We’re surrounded by substandard services. Are streets not paved anymore?
  4. I tried. More than once. No luck.
  5. It’s a difficult challenge. We’re a country who evidently can’t keep drugs out of prisons.
  6. How are plastic bags “single use” when we were told they’re recycled? We were told they will be used and used again indefinitely. Is the “recycling” industry a big lie?
  7. I’m not defending Christians or Jews or anyone else for a second. I suggest for the most part the world gets along side by side with little grumbling. islam is a whole other game. You convert or you’re of no use. THEY are the problem. It’s strikes me as easier to stop them now rather than later.
  8. I/we were told that plastic was recycled for reuse and plastic has handles. The same plastic would serve us for life a dozen times over. In turn we’re told that companies like Weyerhaeuser plant eleven trees for every one they harvest in a nation with 17 billion trees where we require pulp and paper. Is everything a lie anymore?
  9. I suspect islam has run its course and should be eradicated. Enough is enough. They’re not a “fit” with civilization.
  10. I didn’t create the slanted system. It was created by central Canada to best serve them. My key is to get Alberta out and begin recovery of funds.
  11. Voting itself is flawed because n Canada. BC and AB have a greater population than PAYbec. Why the difference in Senate seats?
  12. Alberta should be in total control of Alberta money which belongs to Albertans. I note PAYbec is not part of the Canada Pension Plan. I suggest you’re a slave drek to Alberta money - to which you’ve grown accustomed - like most Canadians.
  13. While thousands of Canadians are in tents or under tarps and ER wards have taxpayers sleeping on the floor. People who paid taxes all their lives.
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