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  1. Television tells us millions of children are hungry. If this is true, why aren’t they removed from homes? Why aren’t parents charged? It can’t be about ME not feeding them.
  2. This is what PAYbec wants so it’s what CanaDUH gets. Get Alberta out.
  3. Media, government and school indoctrination. ANY sexual release is good.
  4. We’re told hourly on television that x% of children are starving to DEATH. That said, their foster homes and shelters get a break on concert tickets. CanaDUH rocks.
  5. The bigger question is, was there any sign of “pride” support. At Roger’s Place there would be. We need to get modern priorities in order.
  6. Life in central funded (extorted Alberta money) indoctrinated land.
  7. Meanwhile, the endless gravy train of black actor commercials continues night after night in neverland.
  8. Most of you are victims of indoctrination quietly over time. Imagine the destruction of children.
  9. Do they make, what percentage of the Canadian population?
  10. Just now. Five straight prime time television commercials featuring black actors. (I’ve noted the clients) Where am I?
  11. I am home where I was born. I want Alberta saved. Others want to destroy it like the rest of the pretend country.
  12. Exactly. A British Commonwealth Country. You nailed it.
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