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  1. Canadians are weak and mostly lazy, mostly in central and eastern CanaDUH. it wasn’t always this way. The focus seems to be centred on goodies, perks and corruption about what they can get out of it rather than put into it. You can identify an Eastern import here in an instant they open their mouth. They stand out like sore thumbs and don’t “fit”. Ive thought much of my adult life that this is really five or six countries pretending to be one. It doesn’t work and would have collapsed long ago without money extorted from you know where by colonialists in central CanaDUH. There are many places in the world, even in our times who’ve faced reality and come to their senses. Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union, etc.
  2. And of course as usual with liberals, immigrants always come from the wrong places. Third world despots who have zero intention of ever assimilating or even speaking English. They’ll create caste system ghettos of their own and their children actually born here will yap foreign gibberish in public and on transit. I submit we have quite enough of these malcontents. Surely we can hand select immigrants from countries like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Western European and Scandinavian countries. We have quite enough Somalians thank you.
  3. And they will all be Chinese or muslim, which is pretty much all I see on transit buses or in supermarkets already. Most are not speaking English and amazingly, nobody expects them to. Its Cancel Culture.
  4. Canada is not taken seriously by anyone with TrootOWE at the helm. The Canadian PM is customarily the first foreign leader to be consulted and introduced by a new US President. This has not been the case for two Presidents in a row now.
  5. My father, as a young boy in Texas, asked his Norwegian born immigrant father why they didn’t speak Norwegian like the Peterson’s down the road spoke Swedish. The reply and life lesson was because they didn’t live in Norway. Those who refuse to assimilate should go home. Cancel Culture seems all fine but only when it’s mine.
  6. Face masks are back in Edmonton until year end. They’ve always been mandatory on transit but are ignored by many. I see violence looming.
  7. I can appreciate that a handful of people don't wish to be vaccinated. That's fine and I support their choice but it also means they should remain in their homes on their property. Others don't wish to be around you. You're going to find in the coming days and weeks that you're simply not welcome in a growing list of places and business establishments. Edmonton has brought back mandatory masks until the end of the year. Enjoy your freedom locked alone in your home.
  8. CanaDUH needs set election dates every four years that are thus not subject to political gain of circumstances of the day by any party.
  9. Covid aside, I found it outrageous that an election was called when B.C. was burning. Absolutely incredible. The PM should have been coordinating military resources 24/7. This trust fund adolescent punk is worthless - but, this is what central CanaDUH wants and they’ll drop to their knees for him. Lord knows Sophie won’t.
  10. Oh good Lord. We’re talking ancestors now? Ok. I’m of Norwegian decent. The Norwegians were here 500 years before anyone in Europe could float a boat. There is proof of this in Newfoundland of course which anyone recognizes as historical fact. My Patriotic roots extend to Alberta only, which has been raped and pillaged to the tune of hundreds of billions of stolen dollars. You DO know this will have to be repayed yes?
  11. I’m thinking sporting events that anyone has any interest in. Again, what is the cost of this folly to patronize an insignificant number of people?
  12. Backwater? Get ahold of yourself. I live in the most highly educated population Centre in Canada. People aren’t buying your self serving centre of the universe BS anymore. You lied. You’ve always lied. Your children know no different so they lie.
  13. It’s my country and I want it maintained in good order. Anyone opposed should perhaps buy a ticket out. People here decades refusing to speak English should be shown the door. They’re of no use. The notion that I might wish to live in Tuscany and actually move there with ZERO intention of learning Italian is outrageous beyond words.
  14. Is this not the pinnacle of a ribbon or trophy for every child mentality? Has anyone besides parents ever watched? What is the broadcast cost of this folly?
  15. Nothing except my cat on occasion. I now prefer quiet.
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