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  1. A public service strike while people are skipping meals. Rich. Good luck with that.
  2. I believe PAYbec should stand alone but the extorted Alberta money has to be repaid.
  3. A Canadian General is essentially not qualified for anything in daily life and their opinion is irrelevant.
  4. Ottawa is not a significant or meaningful city in CanaDUH.
  5. Another day. Another occasion being embarrassed by the pretend “country”. Get Alberta out.
  6. Another day in CanaDUH, another face palm in disbelief. Get Alberta out.
  7. Why can’t I go a single day without vomiting over this “government”? Why can’t I live in a normal country?
  8. It seem pretty obvious that Alberta has to focus on saving itself. CanaDUH is dead weight.
  9. Plus interest. Alberta effectively owns CanaDUH. Bought and paid for.
  10. The “rules” concerning what is taxable or accessible are written in central CanaDUH at the expense of the rich “colonies”. Alberta is owed a trillion dollars.
  11. As usual, they’ll all be from the wrong places and Canadian “culture” will continue to die at the wish of central CanaDUH.
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