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  1. I’ve been saving up plastic cutlery and reusing them. I just bought a bag of such as well. I keep a re-cleaned set with me at all times in a... plastic zip lock bag and take them home to wash. No wood for me. Plastic is a marvellous invention but just has to be used responsibly.
  2. I no longer care about this party or that party. The only solution is to get Alberta out of this cartoon.
  3. If the hypocrite catholic is horrified it must be a step forward.
  4. I’m not, but suggesting a condom or pulling out or ANYTHING is more efficient than likely a $7,500 abortion as birth control.
  5. Something mamby pamby Canadians need to get a grasp of is that those who pay - insist on a say.
  6. Oh it’s VERY much my business as I pay either way. How old are you?
  7. Maybe couples who don’t want a pregnancy should work together to avoid such BEFORE hand.
  8. I suggest both they and their partner are often just lazy when we all know how to avoid pregnancy. How about BOTH respect the risk and take steps beforehand?
  9. My observation is that many Canadians have a twenty minute attention span and secretly need and want society to look after them and make all well within that window.
  10. Why do angry pro Roe women always react as though every abortion involves a raped and molested minor? It’s as though EVERY abortion in the history of the world involved minors. In reality, most by far are after-the-fact lazy birth control. You KNEW how to avoid pregnancy before hand.
  11. Plastic can be recycled and is good for the petroleum industry, thus good for the economy. I will always use plastic for my household wastebaskets and dealing with a cat litter box. I’m getting older and will ensure this summer I acquire sufficient retail plastic or Glad Kitchen Catchers to last my remaining lifetime. Over 80% of plastic waste on the planet and in waterways is from THREE countries.
  12. Were you under the dumb ass assumption that no one’s keeping track? Obviously it has to be repaid. WTF were you thinking?
  13. But you love the extorted money. You’re a motel cheap hooker.
  14. Daily expense totals should have a limit, not unlike many private corporations. Receipts and guest names/business should be detailed and scrutinized.
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