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  1. We need to get Alberta Out. Canada is lost.
  2. Canada’s swan dive off the cliff continues, but... this is what OntariOWE and PAYbec want. 😪
  3. Merry Christmas to all. May your new year be full of joy, excitement, good health and wonderful adventures. I note as an aside that our swan diving down bound society has moved beyond the lame “Happy Holidays”. The Old Navy ads shout out “Happy ALL-idays while displaying a pride version of their logo. Im not a regular church goer but I’ll stick with Merry Christmas - the reason for the season.
  4. Would all my property taxes be refunded with interest?
  5. $4.00 for a head of lettuce at Sobey’s yesterday ($3.99). This was a California product and Sobey’s owns a produce buyer/shipper with a VAST warehouse and shipping point to Canada in Tracy, California as they have for decades. I was used to paying .99 much of my adult life. Why suddenly the 400% increase?
  6. I prefer the word “extortion”.
  7. I agree but obviously the money has to be paid back, primarily to Alberta.
  8. As always, we flood in the wrong people from the wrong places. It's Cancel Culture on our own money.
  9. ✍️ No worries. There's to be a (wait for it), national day of apology.
  10. Suzuki should be brought in for interrogation for 27 hours. He seems to imply that he knows of such a certainty. This suggests that at the very least he’s an accomplice to potential terrorism in Canada.
  11. I don’t like the term “firing”. It’s harsh and not really accurate. I prefer that X number of employees freely chose to accept unpaid leave rather than be vaccinated. The outcome is entirely in their hands.
  12. The original $1,000 Amanda Radar Range microwaves lasted 30 years. Now you get maybe 3 years out of the $79 to $129 ones available at Canadian Tire or Walmart - all made in China. The disposable society mindset we’ve become is sickening.
  13. I have to expect at this point there is an outside power behind TrootOWE. I suspect China. Every breath the numbskull takes hurts Canada. His finances should be audited. His mandate is clear.
  14. Suzuki is no more qualified or educated on the planet’s climate than I am. He’s convinced the proletariat with the help of the CBC that he’s a God. Both of them should be de-funded. They’re frauds.
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