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  1. I don’t have any problem with a “Sikh extremist” being dead.
  2. Will students be taught the truth? ”First Nations” are in fact Mongoloid descendants of Asian immigrants by way of the NW Passage when then a land bridge. The Western Hemisphere was populated from north to south as proven by human remains, tools, etc. - a scientific fact the descendants of immigrants won’t discuss. We are ALL descendants of immigrants. Nobody descended from spirits.
  3. But you orally suck down the extorted money. Leaches.
  4. French names belong in France. Zero vote from me. Save Alberta.
  5. I should clarify I worked 38 years in graphic design, advertising and copywriting. I track this area very closely for now 50 years.
  6. I’ve seen seven consecutive tv commercials with black actors (in Alberta) when counting in disbelief. Just tonight five straight from pet food to fabric softener. Are blacks 3% of the population?
  7. It’s pulled up layer on layer. It’s totally out of control. Why are we paying what Belgians pay for gas and four times what Japanese pay for cell service? We’re literally floating on revenue,
  8. The carbon tax (which they don’t pay in China, India, Russia or the USA) has to go. Everything we consume is trucked. Ditch the GST as well. Also, why are we paying Swiss pump gas prices in a major energy producing country? Fuel is nearly free in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran in comparison. Why do we have the highest cell costs in the world? Canada is out of control.
  9. Canada has lived on fakery my entire life. Totally not sustainable.
  10. Nobody on this planet is going to take advice from France. Good Lord.
  11. Montreal flushes its sewage into the St. Lawrence. I’m thinking the environment isn’t their concern.
  12. Maybe we can have another Aids “conference” and 200 Africans can demand acceptance. It’s what we do best.
  13. French name equals not likely. Canada needs to get away from this shit but can’t. save Alberta
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