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  1. She’s not Caucasian so she’s perfect for the utterly lost cause Toronto. Vast city of victims.
  2. The Dippers say this morning they’ll increase corporate taxes. That means in the case of say Sobey’s, inflation in food will be 50% instead of the 30% Ottawa says is 6%.
  3. She’s not Caucasian so she’s a natural shoe-in in Toronto, OntariOWE. The white hate now shapes CanaDUH.
  4. OntariOWE and especially Toronto are accustomed to living off other people’s money. Business as usual. Welfare leeches all.
  5. The Government of CanaDUH are bold faced liars. My groceries are up at least 30% in a year.
  6. I own a luxury condo with a clear title. My hat is usually a Boston Red Sox cap. Why would you think I have no cattle? Owning such doesn’t mean grazing them in the city. I also own breeding Alpacas.
  7. Her “appointment” is a traditional honorary one. It’s not a star gazing platform fir her opinion on anything. STFU, smile and wave.
  8. Intentionally setting fires is vile beyond words. I hope and pray politics aren’t a factor.
  9. I imagine only a lunatic. 38,000 displaced so far and that’s a week old number. Now we have another week of hot, sunny weather. Nice for motorcycling and yard work but dangerous.
  10. I certainly hope not, no more than that they could be set in the first place to influence votes. Fire officials are saying 90% intentionally set by humans.
  11. The question of who is setting Alberta wildfires has come up and who has the most to gain by media slagging of the handling of them. Very interesting food for thought indeed.
  12. Al Gore sprang for $11M on the California coast. He said in his Nobel Prize speech that state would vanish.
  13. I agree 100% with the play in geography. For example, I’ve long felt Canada is possibly 5 or 6 “countries” foolishly pretending to be one country. Just in my own life there are countless examples such as Yugoslavia now being what, 6 or 7 nations. I fell zero connection with any region east of maybe Saskatchewan. I align Atlantic Canada with Ireland, Wales, Scotland, etc. the culture here is far more in line with Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, etc. Canada makes very little to no sense from a purely geographical standpoint. Some of us have never seen, nor consumed Screech (sp?).
  14. Nearly all of our television gambling advertising in Alberta is Ontario based. To me it screams budget trouble.
  15. CSIS? LMAO! I don’t trust any arm of the federal government as far as I can throw them.
  16. Apart from the holy glorious black indoctrination showcasing, let’s not forget the overwhelming sudden number of mixed race couples on television and in commercials, or the latest phenomenon - overweight and even obese people being celebrated and featured as though it’s normal. It’s no wonder young people and left minded adults are so messed up in the head.
  17. Nonsense. Check recent Academy/Emmy Awards. It’s artificial black propping up which is horribly disproportional to realty. 59% black tv commercial actors in Canada is outright fraud.
  18. The backlash could be severe. The railroading and take over of our culture is getting offensive. 50% of tv commercials featuring black actors in a nation where they’re what, 3% of the population? I counted five straight last night and of course they’re all living upper income life. ? The theft and indoctrination of our society along with the brainwashing of children is vile.
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