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  1. I wouldn’t have a problem with this. The west should severe all ties with China. They should be isolated. Only the Walmart crowd would care.
  2. Blah, blah, blah. Both the Bank of CanaDUH and the Government of CanaDUH are lying about inflation chirping about 9 vs 11% as though anyone on earth believes them. My groceries for one are up 30%+ in a year.
  3. And to suggest that Troot-OWE didn’t know about it insults us all. Parliament Building, POTawa.
  4. Indeed. We didn’t have this madness on the streets when I was a kid. Nobody was yelling at the sky waving their arms about doing karate kicks with their pants down. There are places on this very continent where vagrancy is illegal.
  5. Be that as it may as fast as liberals wet their panties trying to change it. 100% of Canadians are British subjects.
  6. Two weeks ago here we had an emergency power alert (again) and were asked to turn off anything not essential. The system appears inadequate NOW. What’s the plan ahead? How many are aware Johannesburg, SA has daily roving 4 hr blackouts now because the nation doesn’t produce enough electricity? Oops. This first time I have no heat in my home (currently -34c), I’m going to be out unplugging E cars. Btw, I use transit and ride a Vespa scooter. I’m not the problem.
  7. Alberta has the highest level of education in the pretend country.
  8. All the better for Alberta to halt welfare transfer extortions and commence discussion on payback.
  9. If we’re to accept homosexuality then we must also accept pedophilia. Obviously both reflect mental retardation.
  10. Canada should be the richest nation on earth given no people and vast riches. That we aren’t marks the greatest failure in human history.
  11. I always make a point of checking in for ten minutes to see grown men flinging themselves on the ground as though hit by an ICBM in a girls game. But, are there no Caucasians left in France. Is it a black nation? The same applies to CanaDUH of course.
  12. Public transit here now amounts to homeless shelters and vagrant hangouts. Police do nothing.
  13. I like what I’m seeing. We have to halt Welfare Transfer Extortions and initiate a repayment plan for the theft on record. Alberta has virtually bought and paid for CanaDUH and POTawa.
  14. Yet just a few days ago we had yet another “crisis” where we were urged to shut off all unnecessary usage. One can only wonder the state of availability very soon with the flood of oncoming E cars. I can see where casually unplugging such cars while just walking by will be a “thing”.
  15. A public service strike while people are skipping meals. Rich. Good luck with that.
  16. I believe PAYbec should stand alone but the extorted Alberta money has to be repaid.
  17. A Canadian General is essentially not qualified for anything in daily life and their opinion is irrelevant.
  18. Ottawa is not a significant or meaningful city in CanaDUH.
  19. Another day. Another occasion being embarrassed by the pretend “country”. Get Alberta out.
  20. Another day in CanaDUH, another face palm in disbelief. Get Alberta out.
  21. Why can’t I go a single day without vomiting over this “government”? Why can’t I live in a normal country?
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