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  1. Utter lies proven. Natives are no such thing. They are descendants of immigrants from Asia. The western hemisphere was populated northe to south.
  2. The overwhelming majority of these political “immigrants” coming from the wrong places of course. Save Alberta.
  3. Both TrootOwes are everlasting embarrassments. A legacy of central CanaDUH disgust.
  4. The CBC is irrelevant and should be shut down. Government broadcasting is something I associate with China or the Soviet Union
  5. I haven’t known the words for years. I gave up. I no longer stand. Canada is not stable.
  6. Canada is five or six countries pretending to be one. Won’t work.
  7. Because you rely on billions of extorted dollars a year from Alberta.
  8. Canada should accept immigrants from about 8 countries on earth.
  9. Totally unnecessary as POTawa floods in the wrong people destroying a nation.
  10. Five tv commercials in a row with black actors - in central Alberta. Total racism reversal. The other marketing fraud is mixed race couples in commercials - as though that’s normal. My entire career was in advertising.
  11. Canada continues to entertain. I just don’t want to finance it.
  12. Canada is lost. Halt the Alberta money extortion and the parade will stop. On other people’s money.
  13. I suspect Canada is a communist country evolving. It gets embarrassing. The challenge now is to save Alberta.
  14. The greatest tax grab of all time, not to mention a colossal indoctrination of young people.
  15. This sounds like transit stations and bus depots in Edmonton. Basically vagrant campgrounds.
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