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  1. But you refer back to “religion” again, meaning if a pope ordered the fatwa it would be ok? If we welcome, accept and embrace such proclamations in the west then we must honour the “deeply religious” fatwa. islam proclaims that Rushdie must die. Freedom of “religion” right?
  2. There is no need whatsoever to learn French here since this is not France. French belongs in France. Being clearly understood in English is vital in Canada and North America. French is irrelevant here.
  3. According to the ayatollah and thus by extension islam, Rushdie must die.
  4. You stand by free speech and freedom of “religion”. That means you stand by and defend the ayatollah’s fatwa. What I did for a living is deflection. You have to defend the fatwa on the death of Rushdie.
  5. Quite the opposite. You can’t cherry pick. If you welcome islam and celebrate free speech, then you must support the ayatollah’s fatwa. You thus encourage the fatwa on Rushdie. That’s islam, which you support.
  6. Then you obviously support the ayatollah’s fatwa on Salmon Rushdie, as well as the $3M bounty. Enjoy your “freedom of religion”. The sane know a death cult when we see one. They already own you.
  7. If the training and educational standards are met, I don’t care where they’re from provided their grasp of the English language is crystal clear and 100% understood. If not, we have quite enough convenience store cashiers and cab drivers we can’t understand now.
  8. At this point they mostly mark a country which is not mine. I don’t have time for this silly debate. Get Alberta Out!
  9. Any payback will bankrupt Canada. Any world court will ensure that.
  10. I note that Global News has removed comments now. LOL TrootOWE says the attack is on freedom of expression. Duh. Um, what about the islamic ayatollah’s freedom of Islamic expression TrootOWE? islam is either freedom or it’s not JustIN.
  11. Canada is relatively new and clearly dysfunctional. Canada is more like 5 or 6 distinct regions pretending to be 1 country. Stop the false charade. We’re all wasting time. Get Alberta Out!
  12. At my elderly mother’s winter place in Cocoa Beach, the empty bottles and cans are openly in drums on the property. It’s deposit money for the social club bbq’s, etc. I was astonished by this. At my building in Edmonton they’re indoors and locked - $300./month to the social club. I observed vagrants in orange and locked in chain gangs picking up litter on the causeway. They get a bed, a roof and three meals a day. Nobody steals bottles and cans on private property on the space coast.
  13. I note an arrest made but I don’t understand. If we are to accept and respect islam as a “thing”, then why not equally accept a fatwa from an ayatollah as an islam call and order? We either have freedom of religion or we don’t. How can we cherry pick (like any religion does)?
  14. PAYbec French is not French. It’s welfare extortion French on the take.
  15. Three francophonie names automatically have zero thought for western Canada. PAYbec means further extortion. Get Alberta Out.
  16. If ayatollah once ayatollah twice, the holy fatwa is very much in effect.
  17. Well it looks like Rushdie has come close with numerous stab wounds. Anyone who allows, respects and accepts the death cult islam in western society must also accept and embrace the ayatollah’s fatwa and the cash reward. islam must be irradicated.
  18. I don’t see it that way. We’re talking drug addicts/alcoholics and mentally ill. They sleep in doorways, bus shelters and public bathrooms - which lead to closures to public need. When given a “place” (at public expense) it’s destroyed. Bring back vagrancy laws. Abolishing such didn’t work but they don’t acknowledge it. They work perfectly in Brevard Co., Florida.
  19. How vile to even see this puke’s name again. At least he was educated. His kid (have DNA tests ever been done on Castro?) is a trust fund adolescent. They both say more about the danger of central Canada than anything else.
  20. Say no to French names. Canada is a member of the British Commonwealth. French have an instant and built in conflict of interest which should disqualify them in the first place.
  21. Duh. Really? Somebody has to actually ask this question? This grandstanding adolescent is as phoney as a three dollar bill.
  22. The CBC has to be shut down. Government has no place in media. For that matter, why do half our TV programs have federal logo and then an OntariOWE or PAYbec logo under the fake guise of “culture”? Break this phoney charade up. Get Alberta Out.
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