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  1. Exactly. A British Commonwealth Country. You nailed it.
  2. Um, actually, this is a British Commonwealth Country. Duh.
  3. Funny you mention that. As a boy, my father asked my grandfather why they didn’t speak Norwegian in the home like the Pedersons down the road spoke Swedish. My father was told that they didn’t speak Norwegian because they weren’t in Norway.
  4. We’re flooding in refugees and from the wrong places.
  5. It’s not my nation anymore. If I wanted to live in Cairo, Shanghai or Nairobi I’d move there.
  6. You can thank the TrootOWE’s (and central Canada) for this. The ruin of a nation. I get on a transit bus amongst 8 or 9 and am the only Caucasian. Canada is lost.
  7. It’s proven to be a weakness.
  8. Alberta needs an Alberta Sheriffs department.
  9. This is a perfect example of why Alberta must remove the RCMP.
  10. I’m only suggesting we can all attempt to cooperate with the greater community or not. I suggest there are two “problems”.
  11. Why is the “west” even talking with China? They are vile. Like Russia, we need to move on and leave these losers behind.
  12. Certain to be another black celebratory event like recent Oscars, Super Bowls, etc. It’s gotten silly.
  13. My personal grocery prices are up 30%+ in a year. News reports on inflation as per the federal government are bold faced lies
  14. “Natives” are no such thing. They are descendants of immigrants from northeastern Asia via the Bering Strait. The western hemisphere was populated north to south.
  15. All lives matter. Who disagrees with that?
  16. 47% don’t know. That’s hate.
  17. All lives matter is racist? You scare me.
  18. I’ve been told that “ALL Lives Matter” is racist. The 53% suggests Adams is right.
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