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  1. I’m waiting on health care. I have no doubt I’ll die before I get it. (Sleep apnea and strokes). Canada is a lie I paid into faithfully.
  2. Canada lost any identity. It’s a free for all now. I sit down on a transit bus and hear no English spoken. Suicide.
  3. Nobody wants to live in China or India. Duh. They want to move here with no rules and flowing (borrowed) money to recreate the slums back home and refuse to adapt or speak English.
  4. Canada has been destroyed by “Canadians”. It’ll be a good book one day. Assimilation should have been mandatory from day one. Actually it was for our grandparents - when there was still a country. My grandfather told my father they didn’t speak Norwegian at home because they weren’t in Norway.
  5. Um, these are nations where leaded fuel is still sold in remote locations.
  6. I thought the “convoy” were goofs with too much time on their unbathed hands wasting a lot of fuel. Thereafter, given the POTawa bedwetting silliness, I declare I will stand on any public corner in CanaDUH and freely SAY anything I wish at my leisure for as long as I so choose. The parole and holding terms more befit China, North Korea or Russia. Get Alberta Out.
  7. What “carbon” fees are they paying in China, India and Russia? LOL
  8. Are you remotely aware of how much money is owed back to Alberta? People are keeping track. You don’t have it. You’re helpless. You own nothing around you. It was bought with stolen money.
  9. Debt can never be dismissed. It has to be repaid. The larger issue is when the blind useless helpless public sheep aren’t aware they are party to debt by way of local/provincial/federal government. It still has to be repaid. Bummer hey?
  10. Always deflection with you kooks. You’re going to have to pay it back. You don’t get squat. You all keep running at the mouth with an indoctrinated recording. It’s not going away. People are keeping track and you are accountable.
  11. You didn’t do well in math. I get it. How old are you? Alberta has bought and paid for CanaDUH but when the time comes, I still want the extorted money repaid. The World Court will agree.
  12. The numbers don’t lie. People are keeping track. It’s on record. You’re doomed. A “leader” in Alberta redesigns this pretend country in a heartbeat.
  13. Duh. It’s what PAYbec and OntariOWE want and the system was designed to serve them.
  14. Will the adolescent punk wear his striped pride socks at the service?
  15. Stop the yearly lottery for contributing absolutely nothing to society. It’s madness.
  16. Except that at 62 it’s the story of my life. Prison population relative to race… How old are you?
  17. How many absolute last chance payouts will there be? It’s gone on all my life. Give them all $500k and end reservations and Indian Affairs. They will all be in prison in six months and the party will be over.
  18. I’ve always been confident that a free and independent Alberta would remain a member of the British Commonwealth.
  19. Nobody is going to take financial planning tips from anyone from PAYbec. The ultimate welfare drecks.
  20. New A&W $3.99 Teen Burger tv ad. Not one Caucasian in the choir. This insanity is in step with the endless maze of new tv shows featuring overweight black mouthy women. If you’re not white it’s your lucky day.
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