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  1. Far too many of you have a welfare mindset. You’re lost.
  2. TrootOWE destroyed a nation. It’s now a multinational train wreck.
  3. Cost of living or cost of rent in (pick a place) Guelph, Victoriaville or somewhere in New Brunswick is none of my concern.
  4. In Canada, their upbringing, education and surroundings will make them victims.
  5. I’m thinking of the former Yugoslavia. I suggest the future for all is better today.
  6. Canada itself isn’t viable. This is 5 or 6 nations pretending to be 1 with special rules in play to extort and transfer money around to “feel good”. What a pathetic farce. Get Alberta Out!
  7. I associate national “state media” with China and Russia/Soviet Union. No such institution should even be legal in a democratic environment. Endless indoctrination of the public at my expense is repugnant.
  8. Taxpayer. I bought and paid for it. I hired, trained and employed those in the service.
  9. Canadians won’t pick up litter. It’s below them. They’ll get what they deserve.
  10. Seriously, how many whining, limp wrist Canadians would enlist or defend a Tim Hortons drive through today? We are 100% reliant on the USA. Let’s admit it and pay up accordingly.
  11. Money talks. It’s Alberta’s money here in a pathetic welfare state. Alberta bought and paid for the mess.
  12. I’m not a large Trump fan but the media pant pissing the past couple years has provided tremendous entertainment. The sheer media terror wants me to see Trump back stating “fake news”, which has proven he was right. I never want media calling or influencing the show. Left wing “flight-of-fancy” media in charge of anything is terrifying. I can vote against candidates but not against nipple sucking leftist funded media.
  13. I’m almost embarrassed for CNN these past couple years. I shake my head quietly in disbelief. Sad media collapse.
  14. “Sooner or later we’ll have to fight the Chinese”. - General Douglas McArthur I’ve never doubted it for a second.
  15. Ivy League schools on the east coast have credited classes on the teachings of General Douglas McArthur. Is CNN or Global running this board?
  16. Why can’t I quote General Douglas McArthur?
  17. Is the government of CanaDUH censoring this board?
  18. The gas tax on pump fuel to be gone this week in Alberta running massive cash surpluses in spite of the POTawa welfare theft. Clearly a spring election coming.
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