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  1. Daily expense totals should have a limit, not unlike many private corporations. Receipts and guest names/business should be detailed and scrutinized.
  2. Canada has to be broken up. It’s about six nations pretending to be one. It’s not viable.
  3. Simply halt the POTawa backed multi billion dollar annual extortion of Alberta and PAYbec would be the weaklings they are. They have to know it ultimately has to be paid back. Duh.
  4. Can they explain why NS and NB have more Senators than Alberta? Also, why does PAYbec have more MP’s than AB and BC with a larger population? CanaDUH needs a reset.
  5. How old are you? Have you ever been to Alberta? Toronto is hardly CanaDUH. It’s a third world toilet within such and I’ve been there on business 40+ times. 70% of the cattle operations in CanaDUH are in Alberta. Have you ever actually seen a cow or a horse or a western hat (which prevents rain on your face or down the back inside of your jacket). Have you ever been to a rodeo? Even better, have you ever seen herds of wild horses in a world without fences? Horses that don’t actually belong to anyone?
  6. CanaDUH has 3 liberal parties now. How many do you want?
  7. In general, I see most immigrant groups (let’s face it - overwhelmingly non-Caucasian by POTawa plan) refusing to assimilate like our ancestors did. Many are simply dressed silly in OUR culture and refuse to speak English. Ride transit in a large city and hear little or no English. They have NO intention of assimilation. They’ve simply transferred their ghetto to a nations government not only inviting them to, but PAYING them to.
  8. As always with POTawa, we flood in people from the wrong places. Cancel culture at our own expense.
  9. Wait. Don’t certain races/cultures not like certain numerals? There are house numbers in Kongcouver out of sync on their block. THEIR culture is paramount with the left.
  10. A dog can’t change his spots. At the end of the day, Kenney is still an Ontario boy.
  11. The real issue is what I consider the business of government. Cat or gun. The issue is irrelevant.
  12. Again, I’m not remotely concerned with what POTawa thinks. If I wish to own or carry a gun I will. Edmonton requires me to “register” my cat. I’ve owned an indoor Siamese cat all my life and it is absolutely no business of any government.
  13. Yes. A very nice building on a lake in an upper middle income neighborhood. There are cameras everywhere. My concern is public places where it’s vagrant/homeless city everywhere now. None of this is an issue at the winter place in Cocoa Beach (Brevard Co. FL) where vagrants are arrested and in chain gangs picking up litter on the causeways. My luxury building is 55+. I am likely the youngest owner. Seniors are afraid to venture out.
  14. I remember many years ago the Connecticut house sitting well into the breakfast hour to table a budget one year because running a deficit was illegal for the state government. What we see now are grandiose dreams on the campaign trail luring votes when there’re no concrete plans for the financials. Liberals are famous for X zillion dollar scenarios “over X years” when there’s no certainty of them even being in office so completion and payback never happens.
  15. I’ve never owned a gun besides a BB rifle at the lake cottage when I was a kid. But... the way life is going and the way government is allowing it, I’ve been thinking of a handgun for my home. Public vagrancy is now celebrated and encouraged. Home invasions are more common. Stepping over people sleeping in transit stations is becoming routine. When the PAYbec Punk says I can’t is precisely when it will happen and I have zero concern if it’s illegal or not.
  16. Debt by any level of government should be illegal. It should be against the law to run a deficit.
  17. When did this become a “thing”? One day they weren’t there and the next day they were with tents, carts and in your face. They are sleeping in bus shelters and stations. They need a light. They need change. what is the solution?
  18. I don’t know much about our military. I honour and respect them. My grandfather was wounded and decorated in France in WW1. He was honourable discharged by King George V and walked with a cane until he died. That said, I expect my cousins farming are better equipped and have more ammo.
  19. There are three liberal parties in Canada because they know that is needed for central Canada and the sheep there. Canada is a lost ship at sea. A lost cause. Save Alberta.
  20. I’m a Albertan and the money has to be repaid. What’s your plan?
  21. As always, as usual, this is a central Canadian game, the “colonies” along for the ride and financial support. 🤣
  22. Asian-Canadian week coming up on CBC (😹). No word on record for Norwegian/Scandinavian Week features forthcoming.
  23. The money will have to be repaid in due course. That must terrify central colonials.
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