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  1. Canada is, in reality, five or six countries pretending to be one. It gets silly, especially in the area of extorted and manipulated money. Where is Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia today? There are a dozen other examples living as neighbours. Canada is a flawed mess based on extortion and transfer of funds for the “chosen” ones. End this charade now.
  2. Free speech is vital. It allows me to state that five consecutive tv commercials featuring black actors in Alberta is racism pure and simple. 50 percent of tv actors represented by 3% of the population is fraud, misrepresentation and racist. Obviously it has to be stopped.
  3. French belongs in France. They lost (as they always seem to) on The Plains of Abraham.
  4. Those with leadership roles would stand out. There’d be no doubt. Alberta is a given, possibly with Saskatchewan. BC seems clear. PAYbec would be automatic but they owe back more than they’re worth. Bankrupt on day one. They can never repay what was extorted. Ontario has zero leadership without extortion.
  5. I’ve never varied. I see it as 5 or 6 countries pretending to be one. It not a bad thing. How many nations comprise the former Yugoslavia? It can be a good thing. We’re young. We’re nowhere near a complete piece.
  6. As long as Central Canada controls a country, there is effectively no country.
  7. Canada slides into the abyss. Saving it means 5 or 6 new nations. Canada has never made any sense. Let’s celebrate and support those wonderful new nations.
  8. I already answered. I see likely bogus mixed race as a political statement. It’s a race statement I consider fake.
  9. Many of us have never acknowledged the so called “constitution” because of Pee-Air TrootOWE. Totally fake any meaningless. Like the country.
  10. Any production in OntariOWE or PAYbec is because of either pillage of Other provinces or proximity and partnership with the USA. Both are useless without the former.
  11. Alberta wouldn’t survive on its own? Seriously? Both Texas and California would be in the top ten of economic nations on earth independently. The fake Canada holds Alberta back.
  12. There are people and indeed entire groups and organizations in Alberta who track daily what has been extorted from Alberta. It’s not going away. It will have to be accounted for. Obviously it’ll have to be returned.
  13. No question. My issue is the “management” and distribution of (extorted) wealth. In my dreams, Alberta is in line for a World Court case for nearly a trillion dollars in restitution.
  14. Speaking for myself only, I feel a neighbourly kinship far more with the people of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, etc to any region of Canada - aside from maybe Saskatchewan. BC is more aligned with Washington and Oregon. Pretending we’re the same “country” as the Atlantic provinces is utterly ridiculous. Never mind OntariOWE or PAYbec.
  15. In a sense, an act of future survival rather than “confederation”. Sad.
  16. I’ve thought much of my adult life that Canada is more like a realistic 4, 5 or 6 countries pretending to be one. We’ve all seen many breaking up of boarders in our lives to realize this is not likely a finished work. I suppose that’s why I’ve always been a deathly loyal Albertan with near zero care for the rest of the fake charade.
  17. I recall Pierre Burton writing that only government could put in a railroad (for example) because no private venture could or would serve a strip of insignificant population 3,500 miles wide by 200 miles high.
  18. I see mixed race couples as white hate racism. By that I mean in the current modern day sense. I believe it now to represent more hate or bold political statement than actual love.
  19. Oh no doubt. The mixed race couple are extremely fashionable in ads and public life. Public life being whit hate now. The former communist Edmonton mayor had the photo opt asian wife almost by design.
  20. From a life career in advertising, it’s clear to me that the white Caucasian place in tv ads is that of overweight or obese or goofy stupid. The roles of fit suburban, upper middle income neighbours is now reserved for blacks or asians. These are the golden years of racism.
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