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  1. My home is empty and meaningless without a Siamese cat to keep me in line.
  2. I am often the only Caucasian on a transit bus where I hear no English spoken. Our ancestors were required to assimilate. The new freeloaders have no such intention. At times I feel like the foreigner.
  3. Everything we buy/consume is trained/trucked. This while producing 1.6% of global carbon while having 17 billion trees absorbing everyone’s carbon. We should be charging an oxygen tax globally.
  4. There can be no question that broken families leave issues behind.
  5. I know the park like the back of my hand. Not so much about tv shows.
  6. A&E is celebrating Hispanic History Month with continued mention. I’ve asked them about Scandinavian or British history media but as yet no response. We see black and Hispanic but no others. Why?
  7. Why does the CBC even exist? I associate a state broadcaster with the Soviet Union or China.
  8. Ontario serves a purpose and has its role. I’ll never slag Gordon Lightfoot though. He shook my hand with a purpose. It was a life bond.
  9. I once met him in the summer of 1975. It was a drum corp show/competition and he was the award presenter. I was a teen. I’m thinking maybe Etobicoke. I don’t know. He left a mark though. A gentleman. I was a big fan thereafter. RIP Mr. Lightfoot.
  10. So is Switzerland and a multitude of others. The world court doesn’t allow such imprisonment. Duh
  11. Which illustrates why Alberta has to bid farewell. His influence is on Alberta money. Disgusting.
  12. My sincere condolences and appreciation of noble service. That said, it’s 2023. Who has six kids if not barefoot in a hut in Africa?
  13. I’m no longer worried about this endless whimsical folly. The objective now is to save Alberta.
  14. Canada is one of the last places on earth where opposing apartheid is considered racism.
  15. One drives ten minutes out of Edmonton and all you see in any direction are crops or cattle. Why is a large box of cereal $9.? Why is asparagus $7.99 for a handful? Bread? Anything dairy? Don’t get me started on fresh meat. We’re drowning in middle men and “marketing boards”. Why am I seeing TV commercials in Alberta that 1/3rd of children are going to school hungry? Obviously government.
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