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  1. I don’t imagine anyone is going through the door with a gun to their head. That said, I suggest the Canadian cost of living is leaving hundreds of thousands behind.
  2. BC is little different than OntariOWE or PAYbec. Basically useless.
  3. History proves you wrong. The World Court will also adjudicate what Canada owes Alberta in extorted funds. canaDUH, as always, is on thin ice.
  4. The then mayor of Miami once shot and killed two intruders in his home. When did central Canada get Canada so messed up?
  5. Um, duh, the World Court which has rules on this very thing in places like Africa. Alberta could not be land locked.
  6. Canada’s swan dive off the cliff continues. Those actually supporting these charges scare me. It being central Canada, I have no doubt a jury will convict.
  7. California by itself would be the ninth most prosperous nation on earth. Alberta doesn’t need the Canadian folly and International Bodies would never allow a land lock.
  8. Tough one for me. Longtime fan. I’ve noted the empty stadiums. Ottawa is flooding the 3rd world who aren’t fans. it’s not just the CFL. Canada is being ruined
  9. It’s never been a democracy. Get Alberta Out and negotiate payback. It will break Canada via the World Court. Not a bad thing.
  10. Um, what was wrong with the thoroughly honourable Martin Luther King Jr. day? This black culture lunacy is out of control. They won’t like the backlash.
  11. Sometimes, I’m glad I’m the age I am. Our “culture” is doomed.
  12. Labeling everyone else is no safe haven. Your lies are exposed. Focus on saving and being remembered for something meaningful. Your life needs a purpose.
  13. She terrifies central CanaDUH. That’s a good sign.
  14. There is no significant or meaningful black history in Canada. Give another year and it’ll be black and gay and everywhere 150 years ago.
  15. Far too many of you have a welfare mindset. You’re lost.
  16. TrootOWE destroyed a nation. It’s now a multinational train wreck.
  17. Cost of living or cost of rent in (pick a place) Guelph, Victoriaville or somewhere in New Brunswick is none of my concern.
  18. In Canada, their upbringing, education and surroundings will make them victims.
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