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  1. They ARE entitled to not have someone else's beliefs or moral faiths shoved down their throats or the throats of their kids. And that's where schools overstepped. Again - look around you. Organized anit-gay marches. Children and kids boycotting their schools over gay issues. Gay violence on the rise. Sentiment about gays starting to turn. Bud lite has had gay people and trans in their adverts for years - now it's cost them a billion dollars in revenues to have one trans drink a beer with her picture on it. I've had very dear gay friends (married) and agressively lobbied for an end to the whole 'gay' agenda when the cpc was formed, and without giving away my identity it was a big deal for me and we fought hard and got that dropped. The deal was "Ignore what you don't like about them (who they sleep with) and they'll ignore what they don't like about you (religion) and we'll all agree we like pizza so we'll order pizza. And even -I- am getting entirely sick of their shit. I actually feel a little stabbed in the back these days knowing i went in front of conservatives in western Canada and spoke for THEIR rights - and now they want to step on the rights of others, ANd i'm not even religious. If i'm getting to that point - a LOT of people are getting to that point, And a lot more will be past it.
  2. They have their children on the line. People might shut up for their job..... but F*ck around with their kids and find out. It gets worse from here. The intolerance of the left is creating a pressure that's going to pop.
  3. This. It's kind of disgusting to watch. I've already seen indy media referring to these muslims as the 'radical right'. As if muslims generally love gays and are shocked that some of their people don't appreciate having pride forced down their throats.
  4. Well you're wrong,, Want proof? Look around you. That WAS how it was taught - and now instead of the acceptance we DID have hatred is on the rise and growing worse. Sorry - doesn't work. It is almost impossible to demand tolerance of one thing without being intolerant of something else, and those people will fight back sooner or later. THe closest you can come is to try to get people to be respectful AND tolerant of those who are different than they are. Which means, don't bug them and they don't bug you when it comes to that specific issue (religion, politics, sex, whatever). We have NONE of that right now, Everyone is tribal and hates everyone else. Well first off no it doesn't. Let them be intolerant. If you demand people accept gays then you have to be willing to accept those who don't like gays. That's what "TOLERANCE" is, The best you can do is demand that they don't DO anything intolerant. That's where respect for differences comes in. And they need to respect YOUR differences. But you can't "overcome" them. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still, and trying to repress an idea has a funny way of making it grow. And second - the number of intolerant and disrespectful people is growing . On both sides. Quickly. And it's about to erupt. And that is after we tried it your way. It's an epic fail. We simply can't win trying to teach that way.
  5. Then they'll die, There's no chance in the universe of them being organized enough, equipped well enough or the like. They'll get murdered before they even make it through america, IF your big 'threat' is some climate version of the zombie apocalypse then it's no threat at all. And if you actually believed anything you're saying you'd be demanding real action, not defending carbon taxes and a left wing that did nothing. You would be advocating for going to war with china and india if they don't stop increasing their pollution right this second. You sure as hell would be working hard to vote out the liberals - even if only to get them to actually do something next time their in power instead of promises. Or did you have some other grand plan? You've dodged this a dozen times - what do you think canada can do to solve global warming other than the things I said? What's your course of action? If you haven't got one after thinking about it for 'decades' - then you're a complete hypocrite. With you, it's all "i mentioned this to someone a few decades ago and did absolutely nothing so it's all YOUR fault now and therefore you must pay for the solution!!!" Give me a break
  6. Yeah - that might have been a real argument in 1960... more than half a century later, not so much. One might have sympathy at the time but nowadays people screaming "Burn the witches" are not really just 'the messenger', they're !diots. Like i said - they JUST shut down germany's reactors a few years ago - reactors that have never had a leak or a problem. And the modern reactors are 10 times safer and cleaner even than those. The amount of unusable nuclear material per year is about the size of a grapefruit. Pretty simple to secure. In short - nuclear power has been safe and clean since before these losers started jumping on the climate change bandwagon and the latest tech is affordable and extremely mature. and it's the ONLY clean renewable we've got that could actually replace carbon. Yet they STILL rail against it. As noted it's more about virtue signalling for that kind.
  7. Well that would depend on whether or not it got worse. It may take a millenia to return to pre-industrial levels but that doesn't mean it'll get worse. So if we spend money on being capable of dealing with more severe weather, then it stops getting more severe and starts to veeerrrryyy slloooowwwwlly get better over time, our adaption costs are not all that high. More of an up front cost. But what you're saying is that we're stuck with that 1000 years no matter what at this point. Soooo - looks like adaption is really our ONLY option. Lock the door - shoot those who don't listen. I suspect most will find ways to adapt at at least a survival level where they are.
  8. That might help to keep it from getting worse as fast, but i feel like we're on this roller coaster now and the ride will go on till it's over. We would have to find someone willing to get in the middle of both groups and tell them both to basically shut up and stand down, and have the charisma to pull that off. I don't see any leader stepping up to the plate who'd be willing to try that any time soon.
  9. Dude that was your position. It was utterly ridiculous in the first place to suggest climate change, which happens as a result of decades if not centuries of activity, is faster than adaptation. which is extremely fast, mostly taking a few years or less to implement, Every time i point out what you your self have said you claim it's "me being a dink". If you don't like it that much try NOT SAYING IT. To put it bluntly again - there is NOTHING we can do as a nation ourselves to actually slow down or stop climate change in any meaningful way. If we wanted to make any change to climate change we would have to either force or cajole the big polluters into drastic cuts OR invent tech that would be cheaper or the same price as other solutions that reduced emissions such as battery tech or new means of power production etc. So adaption is really our only choice.
  10. pay for it out of your own pocket then. Nobody's saying it has to be shut down, just defunded. If you want to keep it then you and others like you will have to foot the bill same as any other media company. We can do both. Sadly, environmentalists have made nuclear power a real bugaboo and fight against it to this very day but in time we can gait public support. I mean - germany desperately needs our LNG because they were forced by environmentalist to shut their reactors down. We have to get past those people. In the meantime we can sell natural gas to places that need it. Well at the least we need to reduce and refine our population growth. We can't bring in more people than we can house or care for.
  11. Well you kinda did, claiming it would be pointless as it takes far longer than climate change etc etc. But i shall accept your backpeddal and we'll move forward. You mean i laughed when you tried to claim that adaptation will take longer than climate change takes to happen? LOL Yeah - i think pretty much everybody was laughing at you there kiddo Of course the gall of questioning your wisdom made your head explode and even more ridiculous shit to come out of it. Nope - super simple. As i just noted BC did two major adaption programs, we'll received by right and left, no problem. When something makes sense and people can see results they get behind it
  12. I feel like maybe that was posted in teh wrong spot? LOL - i've done that . Anyway - as far as russia goes ti's simple - they're taking a major loss and massive embarrasment if the war ended today, never mind if they lose more land. Make it as painful and devistating for them and their economy as possible, and then arm ukraine to the teeth after. The russians won't want to pick that fight for a very very long time
  13. Well they're doing it and not getting arrested so clearly it's allowed by the law. For gays that is. We'll accept your concession - it was a stupid position for you to take in the first place.
  14. And when they say "i'm not sure that's true" you beat them right? or repress their right to speak? Or kick them out of the school as we've already seen. Then 'their" side gets up in arms over it and strikes back. Which we're seeing now. You absolutely do NOT teach tolerance that way. Sorry - but you cannot teach tolerance without becoming intolerant, and that just spreads more intolerance, not tolerance.
  15. You cut waste. We don't need the cbc. We currently have more public servants per capita than any other time in history yet worse service than most of history. Allow that number to reduce by attrition and use web technology and other automation to actually improve service at a much lower cost. Something the heads of many departments such as the passport offices were screaming about for years. then you stimulate business. You attract business to canada - YOU BUILD FRIKKIIN PIPELINES TO SERVICE GERMANY AND ASIA WITH NATURAL GAS AS THEY"VE BEEN BEGGING. You make it desirable to come here. Business grows - revenues go up. You control immigration - you really stick to the point system and make sure that the people coming here will add value and will be able to earn well and fill jobs we need. Not McJobs. Again - a smaller number of higher earners means less demand on infrastructure and higher gov't revenues. None of this is hard. All of this is understood and well known and time proven. You CANNOT tax a nation into prosperity - i'm sorry but you just can't.
  16. We have the carbon tax. Problem solved. Justin said so. Or are you advocating for war with china? And humans have always had to figure out how to adapt on the fly, and it hasn't always gone well. Read about the last time the weather shifted, the 1300's. Mass starvation, wars, plague, word powers shifted, everything changed. But we survived as a species. If you've got a solid plan that would actually result in reversing or stopping climate change that we can do in Canada I'm all ears. But i've never heard one yet. THe closest is pouring resources into research for tech that other countries can use and the libs have been largely opposed to that, "If we're virtuous enough then nature will HAVE to stop changing the climate just on principle alone!!!" -the left, probably.
  17. It happened this year so i was actually perfectly correct And it could easily happen next year as well It's not decades like climate change. And that's not really 'my' way - that's just the science which you HATE unless it's propping up one of your talking points. It is vastly quicker and a tiny fraction of the price. There was no opportunity for Canada to make change to stop climate change. The liberals you support knew that - which is why they made promises but never even tried to keep them. The only way to have stopped climate change would have been war with china and india. Not our problem. Get rid of trudeau - refuse 'climate' refugees, done. Nope - cheap like borsht. They can fry in their own lands. HAAAAHAHAAHAHA - Ok buddy - here's the VERY FIRST ARTICLE when i follow that link: https://www.unep.org/news-and-stories/press-release/step-climate-change-adaptation-or-face-serious-human-and-economic Step up climate change adaptation or face serious human and economic damage ROFLMAO - you just posted a link that says I"m right and you were wrong LOLOLOLO !!!! I mean - how the HELL do you keep managing to be that stupid?!?!!? LOL - well now that you've proven my point for me maybe we should have a talk about how we can improve Canada's education system given your performance? LOL
  18. I would hate for that to be true. Well thats the thought. Of course opinions may vary but that is the working supposition.
  19. It's very true. My grandad drilled something into our heads when we were young and we'd complain about how other kids did something we thought was wrong or didn't do something we thought they should have etc etc. Not BAD things but things kids worry about. He'd say "you can't go through life worrying about what other people decide to do because you don't control them. You only control yourself and your actions, so decide what kind of person YOU want to be and live that way, and don't worry about what kind of person others decide to be". And it's true.
  20. "tolerance" isn't something that can be taught, and the more you try the more you breed intolerance. We HAD tolerance, and then we started teaching it in schools. Look where we're at now. You can touch on it at best, but that's about it. You can teach the need to respect different opinions and positions in a general sense a little, and you can accurately show what's happened in history to societies who couldn't respect each other's positions. But you can't teach "gays are ok". Because then you're saying "they're special and we treat them special". And others say "well why am I not special? Why are they more special than me?". And we get what we've got now.
  21. Carbon tax has completely failed to affect the climate in the slighest, WHICH IS PROOF THAT THEREFORE WE NEED MOAR OF IT TO SAVE THE PLANET!!" -Lefties, probably.
  22. Heretic. Of course - that sentence should be branded in 'glow in the dark' lettering on the inside of every educator's and politicians' eyes. And the "gay advocacy" groups and the "religious" groups should both be told kindly to bugger the hell off and teach their kids whatever they want at home but to keep ideology out of schools. But once you demand and require one group to be recognized with special days and flags and such to the exclusion of others - you make this kind of backlash inevitable. And it was so unnecessary. Sigh. This is why we can't have nice things.
  23. Of course . And i think both "sides" in this discussion here probably agree that's absolutely horrible and it would have been radically better if the war had not happened. I haven't read all the posts by any stretch but would be surprised to find anyone of any persuasion gleeful or even satisfied about the loss of life or property. But the war happened and now that it happened the question shifts to "are we better off to focus on how to stop it, or are we better off focusing on how to limit or eliminate such conflicts moving forward". Well that is obviously and demonstrably true. That i cannot answer. Time will tell I suppose. I really don't think there's any big mystery there. The western allies all obviously feel that this is a great way to weaken russia, test out a bunch of their weapons in actual combat (many of the systems turned over never really saw action before) and that helps them develop the next gen of weapons, and of course gain significant interests over a valuable resource (the food producing lands) as well as a geographically strategic base for containing russia moving forward. The US has been at odds with russia since the October Revolution (Which in typical russian fashion happened in November). They held their noses to work together in ww2 but that didn't even last till the end of the war. There's no doubt that even if the US would have preferred the war not to happen they're plenty happy to milk it to weaken russia and gain strategic advantages now.
  24. Well that is NOT "Pride" young man - don't you know you can't be "proud" of who or what you are unless you mercilessly beat others who have nothing to do with you into being "proud" on your behalf as well?!?!?! I mean if you're going to go THAT route you might as well just say "i'm happy with who I am as a person and that's all i need in life" and go enjoy your life or something. What the hell kind of message is THAT to give to our children?!?! HUH!?!? WHAT KIND?!?!? Ya Deviant.
  25. Well - this will probably end pretty well First off - a million people... damn, that's one thing in the states but it wasn't that long ago in Canadian history when that would have basically been all of us If he can get a million Canadians to agree on something other than quebec is a giant pain in the tucas sometimes i will be very very impressed. And secondly this kind of blowback is dangerous. It is a bad bad thing that it's come to this. They'll probably get what they want - and then what? The organizer will have a nice handy army of people and serious political clout, hes' not just going to tell everyone it's over so go home. This kind of division was predictable and avoidable. This did not need to happen.
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