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  1. Hey! - they were on a 'break'!
  2. Everyone hated the GST - but it played a massive role in wiping out the deficit. Which is why chretien kept it (after promising to scrap it), but by then people were used to it and they kind of gave him a walk on it and blamed mulroney for it while chretien got the benefits. As to spending cuts - yes and no. In some cases that's absolutely true, but in many cases he didn't really "cut" spending, he just passed more of it on to the provinces. So while he got to look like he 'cut' something in reality he just stuck someone else with the bill. And remember that every surplus dollar he had was basically paid for by robbing the EI fund of all it's savings. Still - there can be no doubt that he did much to get things back under control, and kudos for that. To be honest tho i think his biggest contribution to Canadian society and politics goes largely unnoticed and unremarked. He ended corporate donations to political parties and capped personal donations. That RADICALLY reduced the power of big business and big union to interfere with and influence politics and made the political parties far more reliant on the people for money. Not entirely of course - but it did a lot. That was massive. If the man deserves a statue - its' for that. It should be the law for provinces too as far as i'm concerned. That's what helps keep our democracy from being a complete shite-show like the states. So far.
  3. https://betterdwelling.com/canadian-unemployment-hits-multi-year-high-as-population-doubles-job-growth/ However, the unemployment rate climbed as population growth doubled the rate of jobs. This helped drive the unemployment to the highest level since the start of 2020. Canada’s booming population is where most of the rising unemployment rate formed. The labour force expanded by 0.1% (+13,300 people) to reach 21.33 million people in July. Putting it together, that’s 13,000 more workers trying to fit into 6,000 fewer jobs in July. Canada’s population is growing faster than the country can create jobs. Canada’s unemployment rate did something not seen in the 2020s—it climbed for 3 months in a row. The unemployment rate increased 0.1 points to 5.5% in July. It follows an 0.2 point increase seen in May and June, respectively. The rate is still relatively low, but also the highest since January 2020. Hundreds of billions in stimulus is no longer producing excess growth when it comes to jobs. Some other fun facts from the article - it's immigrants who are finding it hard to get jobs at the moment. So - we're bringing in tonnes of immigrants because we need them to fill jobs - we have no homes for them, we don't have enough medical services to support them, and now we don't even have jobs for them which was the reason we were bringing them here in large numbers in the first place.
  4. So real that they've done NOTHING ABOUT IT whatsoever. Amazing! You know, GHG's went down under harper. So - you can't trust the guys who didn't make fake promises but actually delivered - but you DO trust the guys who have promised a million times but take zero action. Well - that's a leftie for you Said every liberal ever I even joked here the other day that this is what libs do - "I'd vote conservative if you make Michael chong your leader". It's practically become a meme
  5. Still not a single word in defense of your faulty arguments And you were the ONLY one who used the word nazi. So "all the garbage i posted about nazis".. is nothing. But amazingly - as soon as you realized you couldn't defend your argument - suddenly it's all about nazi's Well i guess in the end you're just another typical leftie - when they can't win an argument they have a hissy fit and blame everyone else. Yeah. You do. You know everything i said was true, and that you ran and stuck your head in the ground because you couldn't grow a pair and admit you didn't have a defense for your position. Instead you drummed up imaginary nazi's to be offended at and point to one sentance as "alll that garbage about nazis" that didn't even say nazi. Crawl back under your bed and hide little man. We'll let you know when it's safe to come out again, where you won't have to face any criticisms of your arguments that make you such a p*ssy.
  6. Sure. Mulrioney was actually pretty decent, he ran structural surpluses for most of his years but those debt payments... no way to get back to teh black with that over your head without major changes. And sadly for him all the things he did to fight the deficit and debt - gst, free trade etc - all paid off just as he was leaving and chretien got to take the credit But - the PC's ALSO shot themselves in the foot by constantly keeping western canada out of the 'boys network' and building that resentment. If they hadn't - there wouldn't have been a reform party. Even Kimmy who was from the west treated the west like it was a joke and their concerns were petty. But yeah - you can't pin it ALL on kim, that's certainly true.
  7. This is probably a very serious issue but i'm sorry - all i can hear in my head is the 'monorail' song.... "is there a chance the track will bend?" " Not on your life my hindu friend!"
  8. It's nothing but a distraction. A cheap trick to avoid having to address the issues and flaws in your argument. And no - you didn't address your points earlier. Your position was that it should be taught because its "natural" etc, which as i noted is just an opinion and is no more valid than the opinion of those who think it's not natural in humans and is a sin. Your only logic here was "Muh Feels". You offered no defense of why it would be reasonable or prudent to take one side over another in a matter of opinion that is contentious or divisive. You then went on to say those who disagree and have another opinion should be repressed and pushed aside And again - no logic for this. I pointed out that repressing people and tryign to make everyone conform is exaclty what you said you didn't want to see happen and asked you to explain. Worse - you acknowledge that we're doing this now and still seeing GREATER divisions - and can't explain that. You tried briefly to write it off as 'religion' - forgetting perhaps that religion isn't exactly new? And when you got called on all of this - your defense was that you were too offended to carry on (snif) and then tried to distract the conversation and then blame me for the fact you were acting badly. You should be pretty substantially ashamed of that behavior. You've always been one of the smarter ones on the left of the spectrum here and usually avoid the preteen antics we see from most of the others. If your whole position is "i know it may not be rational but i want to see this continue despite the problems and i can't defend that rationally but i feel it's important" then fine. We'll agree to disagree and move on. But stop embarrassing yourself - this is just pathetic.
  9. Not really. And i let you know the reference and you're still trying to use it as a distraction. And if we were "doing both" then you'd put forward a reasoned argument at the same time - and you didn't. .I"m observing your actions. It's like if i saw you walking down the street and said "hey, where are you walking to?" and you freaked out and said "So now you're telling me i'm walking?!?!!?" A person who doesn't think they're wrong might say "i don't want to talk about it anymore" or We'll lets agree to disagree or the like - but when you try cheezy grade school debate tricks to dodge the fact you can't defend your position, it's pretty obvious you know you're wrong. And you STILL can't defend your position Weak. I had thought you to be more intelligent than some here, but at the end of the day flailing about trying to blame others for your own failings is the best you can manage.
  10. The good ones do. They might not see all the riding's individual ads but sure the federal ones they do. Or they should. If they don't they're a pretty serious fail as a leader. I just don't get how they could have though that would be well received. Not to mention chretien turned it around brilliantly on them saying "Yes, it's true that due to an illness i talk out of one side of my face. But that's because i'm a liberal, whereas tories talk out of both sides of their face". All i can say is they were desperate, plunging in the polls already and i guess it's all they could come up with. but damn. There's getting hammered, there's getting REALLY hammered.... then there's whatever that was. Not just hammered but utterly crushed underfoot. And that was just the end of it - she failed to impress all the way along leading up to it as well. Statements like "an election is no time to be talking about important issues". I mean - i kind of get where she was coming from but how do you say that with a straight face and expect to get elected. Her buffoonery was consistent, it wasn't any one event. She sucked.
  11. Ahh - you're voting for Jaggers then. Well that's pretty much the same thing. Yeah - it actually works better when you aim to hit.
  12. the hostility explains a loss. But it doesn't come close to explaining being reduced to, what was it, 4 seats? 2? Something stupid like that. And she's responsible for every ad that goes out for her campaign. IF she did see it she's disgusting. If she didn't, she's incompetent. Either way it wasn't winning her any points.
  13. Yeah - this is usually moonbat's little game. Once you've given up trying to defend a hopeless position try to deflect onto a different subject entirely. Pathetic. I told you that you were wrong at the very beginning. And i see you're trying to steal ANOTHER page from his book When you've given up - blame the other person. You're an intolerant bigot who feels that forcing their opinion on others in a public school setting is appropriate. It isn't. And i see once again you weren't able to address a single point. Well at least you've given up pretending to be honest.
  14. Brave new world. A gram is better than a damn after all. You wouldn't get the reference. But Sure - with you nazi's work too. And no- that's not a made up reference. So - seems like now that you have NO defense for your Nazi-esque (to use your definitons) attitude - you're simply trying to dismiss it as "oh well now i'm just too offended to answer". Dude that is beyond pathetic. And it strongly suggests you know you're in the wrong here. Muh Feels is a BAD reason to disrespect other people's rights. So either you teach both sides - Gays are fine and gays are condemned by god, - or you teach NEITHER side and instead teach kids to respect everyone even if they're different in general. I've said it many times - we've been doing it your way and look at the results, snd your only defense is we should stomp over those who disagree. Do you hate gays or something? Do you WANT to turn the public against them? Are you pleased with the rising hatred and violence and the tide turning is it is? And please - if all you've got left is "i'm too offended to comment" go tell it to a kindergarten class, THEY might think it's valid.
  15. Because she lasted only a short time on the job Seriously tho, she had an attitude that was absolutely horrific. She ran an ad making fun of chretien's face (he had bells palsey). She dismissed the west pretty badly. She didn't address the corruption concerns that were being raised. And she didn't show any vision at all. And the PC were already in the hole after being in power for 8 years. So she sank like a rock ,
  16. Nobody even mentioned the word Nazi. Those voices in your head acting up or something? Says the man who can't even make an intelligent counter argument. Your entire argument is "Muh Feels". As i've noted an you've agreed after doing it your way for a reasonable amount of time now things are getting worse. Hostility is increasing. And i've explained why that's human nature. Your only argument is "THOSE WHO DISAGREE MUST BE PUT DOWN!!! BAARRG!!!! That's not an argument. Yet you accuse me of being 'out of ideas'. You were the one who brought up nazi's, but i can see why you had them on your brain. Well - just remember as things get worse and the situation deteriorates.... you literally asked for it.
  17. Then why are you proposing to teach intolerance? You've said it yourself - you would silence anyone who disagrees with you. You would push your agenda on others. You would make gays stand out as a seperate group worthy of special treatment and any other group can go eff itself. And if you're religious? YOu're a bad person. That's what your vision is. And we've seen that for years now and look what's happening. I'm sorry - but your argument is totally flat earth quality. Your own words preach intolerance, We've seen the results of what you propose, it's like arguing that the sun comes up in the west 5 minutes after sunrise. It's RIGHT THERE Continuing this path is going to be disastrous. Ideology will never trump human nature - you have to account for it.
  18. If a law is not enforced for one group but is for others then that is even worse. And if the people in charge of enforcing a law are selectively not enforcing it then it becomes a de facto law. A law in practice if not in writing. One set of laws for gays - one set for the rest of us. Are you honestly saying that's a good thing?
  19. Isn't being black also completely random? I didn't realize they got a choice LOL! But they do get a heritage day . Sooooooo So you're saying that all Canadians are white? Anyone who isnt' white isn't canadian? You... you don't need me to explain why that's wrong do you?
  20. Now that i've triggered half the board... Village Media is Ontario based and is a network of small local news outlets, relatively neutral politically (like most swings at least a little to the left but not significantly). Some very interesting results here - but perhaps the most interesting is that Harper is the best PM for both men and women. And this is in Ontario mostly. And Justin is considered the worst by a landslide. Now - to a degree it's to be expected considering he's the one on people's minds the most. And it's noteworthy that Trudeau the first is second behind harper by a nose (appropriately enough). But it does show that Conservatives can absolutely win elections and be popular Who do people here think were the best and the worst?
  21. ROFL - well if you're not denying it them i'm right. Sorry. Right - that's why it's going up. Because god is a new thing. But "teaching Tolerance" always winds up being exactly that. In the end it always becomes "My way is right and must be accepted and your way is wrong and you must change." And then there's pushback. ' You can literally see it all around you today. Newtons third law tend to apply to humans as well - for every reaction there's an equal and opposite reaction - and even worse for every escalation there's an equal and opposite escalation. In your opinion. But it's JUST an opinion. There's no "valid-o-meter"' reading you can point to. You just think that way. Others think different. It is divisive and destructive to try to teach kids about strongly controversial opinions in school where you teach only one side and pretend all other opinons are invalid. Yes! And those that disagree, we can make them wear little stars and have to have numbered tattoos and then seize their bank accounts.... Dude. Get your head out of your ass and listen to what you sound like. "My opinion should be absolute and all other people should be pushed aside". Where have we heard that? Has it EVER worked out? And you claim you would "never" want to tell people what to think?' You're literally demanding exactly that right now. Elementary and high schools are NOT places where people should be fighting over controversial opinions or personal beliefs that divide people. Stop doing it - and ban it from the schools if you have to. Before there's a war that does REAL harm.
  22. So you'll be voting for justin again then? Sigh. EYEBALL - "THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE AND WE MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!!? Sane people - "Ok what would you like us to do?" EYEBALL - " I don't know, why the hell are you asking me? Do whatever you like, I don't care". And you wonder why nobody takes you seriously.
  23. But there is. And it's growing. So far the ministry is trying to avoid change but the pressures and tensions are building. They've got children out on the streets stomping on pride flags in protest. A huge number of kids are being kept home from schools in protest - more than half in some places. You're out of touch. There is MAJOR pushback and it's just getting stronger. this does not end well.
  24. We're on the same page there then. It is your truth. It happens to be mine as well. It is not everyone's. IT SHOULD NOT be taught in schools. There are MANY things that are a matter of opinion which don't belong in schools. For many people, "jesus died for our sins' is absolutely the truth. Is it for you? Schools, especially elementary and high schools, should NOT be a battle ground for controversial ideas. The parents Will they? How's that been working out? Things getting better out there? This is my concern. We're there, and we're quickly approaching a line of departure where there's just no easy coming back from. THe validity of the point isn't relevant per se - the results are and i'm not liking where the results are going right now. Keep the schools neutral and let kids learn about what they have in common and not what sets them apart.
  25. ROFKLMAOOOO - Sure -conservatives have no idea what conservative values are. "It's not me who's crazy, it's the REST of the world who's crazy!!!! -Micheal Hardner, probably Dude you are so far left that the only way you could be considered right is if you 'round robin' there
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