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  1. A friend sent me the following and it's an excellent explanation of why the left/socialism does, and continuously hasn't, worked.
  2. The lack of information here leaves one with fear and conspiracy theories. Before they shoot the objects down, why don't the jets do a flyby and tell us what they see? Are US pilots so dumb that they can't recognize an object? Take a picture with a smartphone! This is fear mongering by our governments at the highest level. As he says in this clip
  3. When my wife and I got our shots, flu in her case and Covid in mine, within several days she got the flu and I got Covid. So here is something we might all need to consider. It takes about 2 weeks for the shots to become effective. The side effects of the shots are like mild, or more severe, versions of what the shot is for and they occur quickly after the shot. In other words, after the shot is your immune system compromised trying to build up resistance so exposure to the virus might tip you into the disease. So it may be true when the doctors say you can't get Covid from the shot, but if you're exposed to the virus when you've got shot side effects are you in danger? Should we be quarantined for 2 weeks after our shots? Is giving people shots when the flu is rampant only adding to the problem?
  4. The only hope we have is that, like most government initiatives, in the end nothing will happen. Reality has a way of taking over. Germany, the climate change poster child, has detained Greta at a coal mine site reopening. Right now it's every country for themselves and the devil take the hindmost. Canada is a bad example to use because of the world's four largest oil producers we're the only ones with carbon taxes and a federal government determined to kill the oil industry...we're not reality.
  5. You misunderstand. It's not the top 10% to the lowest 10% I'm talking about (inequality) but it's the average (equality...if everyone were equal) that I'm referring to.
  6. These conversations, as normal, wander all over the place. To me the main point is Canada is going backwards in just about every area. In our obsession to make everyone equal with programs like Equalization we are moving to the lowest common denominator. If we made everyone in the world equal then we would all be poor.
  7. Calgary Herald; This is a glimpse at their respective ratios of health-care bureaucrats to populations: Canada has one healthcare administrator for every 1,415 citizens. Germany: one healthcare administrator for every 15,545. There's the problem and what's going on now will only make it worse. This applies to other government functions as well. The Feds and every Province have to get an oar in. Want to get something done...make it the responsibility of one person. Want nothing done...make a committee.
  8. The Alberta Sovereignty Act tries to address these problems. In Canada "too many cooks spoil the soup".
  9. When oil flows in the line and tankers sail out into the Pacific, then it will be reality .
  10. I have faith in the people of BC and the Federal Liberals. We'll see.
  11. I'm afraid they might have bought it to kill it. When tankers start sailing through Vancouver there will be enough outcry that I'm afraid the whole thing might just get shut down. (Yes, there's a lateral to the US but that's just selling more to the US.) And don't worry about the money, this is a guy who's thrown away hundreds of billions so what's another 20.
  12. You make undecipherable quips that say nothing to a reader. Try writing a sentence.
  13. I was the Canadian CEO of a tech company and we did business in every Province (well not PEI). To be able to sell to Quebec we had to prove we were spending as much in Quebec as was our revenue. We put our Ottawa office in Hull to meet that hurdle. My wife pointed out that what Quebec was doing was currency control (money could not leave the Province). So let's talk about dirty!
  14. I'm glad to see the 2026 target. On that date hopes and dreams will collide with reality and then maybe we'll do something sensible. Remember this target comes from the boys who've never hit a target yet. The sad thing is we're wasting time and money, both of which we don't have, pretending.
  15. I feel very sorry for all police officers that are killed in the line of duty, but we need to look at what's happening here. The justice system is an industry. Defense and prosecution lawyers get paid good money to argue with each other. Judges dress up funny, sit on raised platforms, call the court theirs and they get paid a lot of money. The whole justice system gets well paid. So what do they need as an input for this industry to prosper...they need criminals committing crimes. In reality any reduction in crime is a loss of business to the justice industry and so it goes. Sadly the police get caught in the literal crossfire. To fix this governments need to pass laws with teeth and little room for interpretation. Unfortunately, governments are seeded with lawyers and are too gutless to pass anything. Governments have abdicated their responsibilities and the legal industry has used it to its benefit. Again, my condolences.
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