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Canada needs to cut ties with China


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1 hour ago, RedDog said:

I wouldn’t have a problem with this. The west should severe all ties with China. They should be isolated. Only the Walmart crowd would care.

Canadian Tire club wouldn't be too happy either. We do need to try and decouple as much as possible but China supplies so much stuff it would take some time.

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4 minutes ago, West said:

Not a deflection at all.

 You are inserting yourself into a conversation there little fella

This is an open forum isn't it? I am not doing anything that you have not already set example to.

So yes, still a deflection. With you, everything turns to covid LOL One trick pony :)

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4 minutes ago, ExFlyer said:

Great deflection LOL

So, no Canadian  said that?

Yes, we need to start reducing our dealings with China.  It is going to be tough because the government, which has been mainly liberals, have deceived and led Canadians down the China road for decades and deceived us into thinking they were doing the right thing.  China is Canada's second largest trading partner.   It was known long ago that China was a human rights denier on a massive scale.  Communist ideology simply trumps individual rights in China.  Why would the liberals and left ignore that fact and cozy up to China?   Money I guess.  That is why the bible says the love of money is the root of evil.

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1 minute ago, ExFlyer said:

This is an open forum isn't it? I am not doing anything that you have not already set example to.

So yes, still a deflection. With you, everything turns to covid LOL One trick pony :)

Deflect deflect deflect.. 

And do the ol switcherama when proven wrong.. like a good lefty.. sad

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1 hour ago, Michael Hardner said:

Stop being obtuse.  Harper was fully in board also.

Perhaps.  But don't forget the Liberals have been in control for most of Canada's history and it was PM Pierre Trudeau that was infatuated with China and other Communist countries.  Turned out that PM Justin Trudeau was also infatuated with Communist Cuba and China.  So the Trudeaus have a dark record of love of Communist dictatorships and Fidel Castro.  

The Bible says to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but this is exactly what the Trudeaus and liberals did.  Are you being obtuse?

"If you want to learn something even more bizarre, take a look via Google to reports about PM Trudeau's brother, Alexandre, who, according to the report in this link, has worked for the Iranian government.   Most Canadians don't know anything about him.  

Many of us remember the WE charity scandal.  But there is still a lot more things to uncover.

"Welcome to the hidden world of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brother, Alexandre “Sascha” Trudeau. Why hidden? Because if the general Canadian population understood  brother “Sascha” political leanings, it would damage Justin’s reputation beyond what it is today."

Buried: Justin Trudeau's Brother Alexandre Worked For IRANIAN Government (capforcanada.com)

Since he is the PM's brother of course this is of interest to Canadians.  Who knows, maybe he will run to become PM one day under the Trudeau banner.

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Soo...China has a Rona problem. Karma strikes again.

It was, of course, Pierre Elliot Trudeau who set the table for Nixon to meet with Mao. Ahhh...western arrogance...

In the name of cheap labour and some semi-altruistic intentions, China has eaten our lunch and is now eyeing our dinner. That anyone thinks there is anything "good" about that, is betraying Canada as far as I'm concerned. 

We blindly made China uber wealthy and now they are trying to buy us all.

Is Canada itself...for sale?

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