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  1. You don't have to tell me. I don't care what their reasons are. The bottom line is doesn't matter why they don't believe it's necessary to be vaccinated. The fact is they should be required to be vaccinated or they're out of the job. Nobody really cares what they're reasons are for not doing it. All we care about is safety of everyone in the hospital or care homes.
  2. You still missed the point that many can be hard-working in their job and even caring, but still fail on the one point of not getting vaccinated to protect other people. Somewhere along the line they may have imbibed misinformation. This is quite likely what happened. The false information is so readily available on the internet and certain television programs or from some anti-vaxxer friends. The only way the government can deal with it to protect people is to make vaccination mandatory or you are suspended.
  3. Lots of people will say and in many ways they do "care for other human beings". Even Trudeau and Singh believe themselves in that category as do followers of cults and Communists, Fascists, etc. The problem is a person can sincerely believe they are caring and be absolutely wrong in things they do. Their judgment can be good in many things but in certain things they can be terribly misinformed and wrong. The Communists in Chairman Mao's regime killed millions of people under the sincere belief they were doing it for the greater good of their comrades, the party, and country. Being sincere means nothing if you are wrong on important issues.
  4. The reasons for getting vaccinated and having vaccine mandates for certain jobs, and for air travel and vaccine passports is not rocket science. It is common sense.
  5. There have been lots of anti-vaxxers and freedom fighters who repented and confessed they were wrong in their dying hours with Covid in the ICU.
  6. My comment was referring to the 10% who refused to get vaccinated and who don't respect the safety of patients. The other 90% should be commended for their dedicated work and for getting vaccinated. Too bad not all of them are the same.
  7. If they are unvaccinated medical staff, they are not too bright or considerate to begin with.
  8. Health care workers are in a unique position. They are in close contact with patients all the time. If they are unvaccinated there is a greater chance they will spread Covid to their patients. 90% of them are vaccinated now. The problem is the other 10%. I give the government credit for forcing these people in B.C. to get vaccinated or be suspended without pay. Unless someone can produce a medical reason why they can't be vaccinated, they should get the jab. It is a privilege to take care of sick people, not a right if you aren't vaccinated. It's a simple thing to do. So if these protesters are unvaccinated medical staff and protesting in front of hospitals for the right to work while unvaccinated, they get no sympathy from me or millions of other citizens. They should be stopped.
  9. So many mixed up people in our society on the pandemic issues. Sad really. Many people do not understand and are willing to protest anything even if they are wrong. The solution is not to protest against our hospitals and health care workers who have been sacrificing greatly in the battle to save people's lives.
  10. Hospitals are not the place to protest. They block access for staff, patients, and ambulances and intimidate them. Arrest protesters and throw them in jail. Where are the police?
  11. Then you haven't been paying much attention over the years to the mess Trudeau creates and disasters he causes.
  12. For decades American companies have been leaving America, under republican and democratic administrations. The U.S. and Canada are western democracies so there is no question which side we are on unless one is confused.
  13. The Bible is not a magical storybook. You shouldn't be commenting on something you know nothing about. You can learn what it is about if you make a little effort. The principle taught in the Bible, thou shalt not steal, is an age old belief that all nations have understood and accepted for thousands of years. It is simple common sense. Nothing to debate about it. There is nothing wrong with having rich people because they are the ones who invest their wealth in corporations which provide jobs and prosperity for millions of people. They don't hide or sit on their wealth. Their wealth has to be put to work investing in the stock market and corporations in order to protect what they have from inflation. That is how wealth is spread around and millions benefit from their investment. They know far more than any government bureaucrats on how to create prosperity and wealth. Nothing wrong with having rich people. Countries which don't have them or their investment have nothing and are in poverty. "Socialism is a component of Marxism, which is “an atheistic and materialistic worldview based on the ideas of Karl Marx that promotes the abolition of private property, public ownership of the means of production (i.e., socialism), and the utopian dream of a future communistic state.”2 Socialism, Communism, or Marxism have been tried and failed because they go against human nature. You cannot motivate someone to work or innovate if everything he earns is going to be confiscated and divided with everyone else who doesn't really work. That is why these ideologies fail. They go against human nature. They always look good in theory but never work in practice. Does the Bible Recommend Socialism? Ten Reasons Why Members of the Early Church Would Say No - Word Foundations "Leaders of socialism or the regimes themselves are recognized as anti-religion and are often criminally or even violently opposed to any public display of worship…even possessing a Bible." Is socialism in the Bible? - Bible Study Framework - Bible Concepts (scriptureinterpretsscripture.com)
  14. If you think Communism is egalitarianism, you haven't read any history about Communist China or the U.S.S.R. It is anything but reasonable, fair, compassionate, or egalitarian. It has proven brutal, murderous, and dictatorial. History proves it when about 100 million people were murdered by the Communists imposing their system.
  15. Actually the NDP and liberals to some extent are doing their best to destroy the market economy. The don't say they will end it, but they bring in so many Socialist policies, red tape, and government control that they effectively strangle the free market economy.
  16. In my city, they announced they are going to impose a compost collection system where everyone will be required to put their kitchen waste and leftover food in a paper bag and then in a special container which will be picked up regularly. This allegedly is to reduce the CO2 emissions in the landfill, which one councilor claims is 3879 tons of CO2 per year. According to a federal government website, Canada emits a total of 750 megatons per year or 750,000,000 tons. China emits 12,355 megatons per year or 12,355,000,000 tons. So Canada emits 186,904 times as much CO2 as this landfill emits from kitchen compost or waste. This is nothing. How much do rotting carcasses of wild animals and sea life emit across the world? Yet the town is forcing residents to collect this compost and going to charge us $4 a month to do it. This will make absolutely no difference to climate change. Canada emits 1.5% of the world's CO2. If you divide 1.5% of the worlds total CO2 emissions by 186,904 you will get an idea how little CO2 this landfill emits. This is such a small amount it is next to nothing. Worse than that is the fact that the hundreds or thousands of villages, towns and cities in the rest of the world will not be forced to do this. The other 7.5 billion people on the planet will not be collecting their kitchen waste and saving it in a separate container and paying their town $4 a month to do it. Not to mention the stink this rotting food will make. It is not permitted to be stored in plastic bags because they are not compostable. Must be stored in paper bags. This may be just the second in a series of things, after carbon taxes, that climate activists and alarmists will do to us. There is no end of Orwellian regulations and charges they could impose on citizens for various things they dream up in their war on the climate.
  17. The Heritage Fund was essentially robbed by the federal government and much of it given to Quebec.
  18. I have heard similar arguments before. The fact is MSN is operating in Canada. It has been proven that internet companies are subject to the laws of the country they are operating in. Why do you think China imposes laws on Google and other companies that operate in China? Canada similarly is imposing laws and taxes on companies that operate in Canada even if they are based in the U.S. An example is Netflix. They are subject to Canadian laws even though they operate over the internet. The argument that the Charter of Rights does not apply to private companies does not make sense either. I have heard that the Charter only applies to federal government, whatever that is supposed to mean. It doesn't make sense. Your argument about freedom of expression versus freedom of speech is irrelevant. They both have the same meaning when we are talking about expressing views. Both wordings cover speech. Nobody is advocating defamation so that is another diversion. Freedom of expression guaranteed in the Charter does not state it only applies in certain limited circumstances. It is reasonable to assume freedom of expression applies to public debate and discourse regardless what company runs it. MSN is clearly violating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. However, Microsoft has unlimited access to lawyers and money. There is no way an individual can fight them and expect to win anything. It would cost a fortune to even try. Therefore the Charter is somewhat of an empty document. If it actually is only limited to certain circumstances and not applicable to private companies, then it is next to a worthless piece of paper. If it applies theoretically everywhere in Canada, but cannot be enforced or requires a fortune to challenge in the court to get it upheld, then again it is also worthless. The fact that companies like MSN can enforce extreme censorship in Canada is just more evidence that Canada lacks the fundamental freedoms that it professes to hold.
  19. Microsoft News (MSN) comment section refuses to post completely benign comments that should never be disallowed. They run it like Communist China would. On an article on the old growth forest dispute in B.C., I simply said "Mother Earth worshipers are worshiping a false god or something similar and they reject it. Under abortion articles, I tried to state abortion is killing or something similar and it is never permitted. Freedom of speech is being denied in Canada. They are already obeying the federal government CRTC and the spirit of bills C10 and C36 that liberals are promising to bring in. Real Marxist dictatorship.
  20. You might be able to find the detailed data via a search engine. I don't know. I am not an NDP supporter, but I have no reason for disbelieving Dr. Henry. She is not a politician; she is working for the government as Chief medical officer for the province I believe (or some such title). I think she is the most popular medical authority in Canada. She will probably receive some hero's awards and Order of Canada when this is all over.
  21. Dr. Bonnie Henry was just talking about this now on CTV news. She is still talking about it. Unvaccinated people are definitely at far greater risk of hospitalization and death.
  22. There are so many people booing Trudeau at his campaign stops it is becoming embarrassing for Trudeau and his liberal-controlled media. This has to be a bad sign for Trudeau.
  23. Just heard during this election that the Trudeau government signed a 100 million dollar deal with a Chinese company and the two Michaels are still being held. Again this proves the Liberals' love for the basic China dictatorship. They must be defeated in this election before they drag Canada further down the sewer.
  24. We will never get broad consensus on vaccination because there is a core of anti-vaxxers who do not listen to reason. I know several of them personally. I tried to talk to several and it is like beating your head against a brick wall. Some of them are Dutch immigrants and some are their children. Others are not Dutch. One boasts he proudly will not put a poison in his body. This is something the rest of us, perhaps 90% of the population, will just have to live with. I don't believe in mandatory vaccination for the general public, but I believe certain professions, occupations, and companies, medical profession, should make vaccination mandatory. So let's not waste time worrying about them or trying to convince those kind of people. It is a waste of time and energy. I believe the government that is mandating vaccination for health care workers and certain others is doing the right thing. I think if Canada achieves 85% or more they will be doing well. But we may have to live with Covid in our society indefinitely. I don't see any reason why it will disappear when we have people including unvaccinated children who will continue spreading it. That means masks, social distancing, and certain restrictions will exist indefinitely.
  25. Liberal Gender Equity Minister Maryam Monsef just referred to the Taliban as "OUR BROTHERS"! And subsequently tried to soften the impact of this comment by referring to the words as a cultural reference. Trudeau, when asked if he is going to condemn the words "our brothers", said Monsef has already clarified it. Really? Can he just brush that off so easily? Monsef reportedly in her immigration process said she was from Afghanistan but later it was found she was from Iran. She also said once she found something about Sharia Law interesting. Hmmm. I think Trudeau's backing this minister will cost him dearly in this election.
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