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  1. Leftists and multicultural woke could care less about native, European descendants rights or culture. Alien cultures and religions don't enrich the lives of the established Judeo-Christian culture in Canada. The lefty activists supporters of third world immigration / cultures constantly complain about racism without giving specific instances and thereby insult people for simply being Caucasian or being of European descent. We often hear how we are colonials, colonizers, and guilty of genocide and systemic racism. Politicians exacerbate the differences by constantly harping about systemic racism and pandering to immigrants and smearing everyone else. Many left/liberal politicians use the issue to exploit the masses for votes by deliberately causing division. "Global anxieties about immigration are not merely about security and economics. They are also about culture. People are feeling robbed of their cultural security, like someone has come into their home and changed the furnishing and décor without their permission, and then shamed them for daring to speak out. Most Australians—immigrants included, I believe—don’t give a damn about diversity, they care about immigrants fitting in and making a contribution. The problem with multiculturalism is that at its heart there is a contradiction, a contradiction that is now playing out in Europe with the rise of anti-immigration movements, and in the UK with the Tommy Robinson movement. Foundational to multiculturalism is the plausible premise that culture matters to personal identity and self-respect. But multiculturalists then advocate the adjustment of pre-existing national cultures to suit the cultural needs of migrant communities so that they don’t feel alienated from the host nation. The problem is that multiculturalism forgets that the pre-existing national culture means something to its citizens too—surprisingly, to multiculturalists at least, it isn’t just cultural minorities who love their culture." The one huge problem with multiculturalism | The Spectator Australia "One of the defining features of Multiculturalism is the tenet that all cultures are equally valuable, good, and worthy of respect, if not outright celebration. This in part stems from a hodgepodge of postmodernism (“There are no objective truths”) and moral/cultural relativism (“Who are we to judge the moral and/or cultural precepts of another people?”). For a discussion of these misguided principles, see my earlier posts here and here. A consequence of Multiculturalism is the notion that host nations/cultures should not expect that new immigrants internalize the defining ethos of the host nation. Rather, it is assumed that each cultural group will maintain its distinct identity irrespective of whether its foundational cultural values are contrary to those of the host nation. Lack of integration and assimilation are not necessarily poor outcomes according to Multiculturalism, as such isolationism is viewed as an instantiation of cultural pride." Multiculturalism: A Failed Policy | Psychology Today The truth is western civilization-culture is deteriorating with the influx of immigrants and illegal migrants from the third world. Nationalism is shunned in Canada and even Trudeau said Canada is a post-national state. Canadians have nothing to be proud of in destroying our Judeo-Christian civilization.
  2. Canadian liberal politicians embraced multiculturalism back in the 70s under PM Pierre Elliott Trudeau. But I don't think ordinary Canadians were ever asked about this. It was just forced on Canadians, much the same way many things have been forced on Canadians without their consent. This was also done in Australia around the same time ironically. "Multiculturalism was imposed on Australia. As if any nation would ever vote to kill its own culture. It was a policy that in the 1970s breezily swept aside the normative significance of the still largely British nature of the Australian nation and simply declared that we had no culture but multiculturalism. Australians were never asked whether they were happy for Australian culture to be radically changed over a generation through high levels of non-Anglo-European immigration without an emphasis on assimilation. Young Australians ever since have merely been taught to recite the creed: ‘There is no Australian culture but multiculturalism.’ It became a self-fulfilling prophecy." The one huge problem with multiculturalism | The Spectator Australia It is a coincidence that this happened in Australia about the same time as in Canada. Coincidence or what?
  3. Political Islam is not conservative in the sense of western conservatism. It rejects western values and is in conflict or at war with western culture. Inclusiveness and reconciliation are just shallow words that don't begin to describe the broader term of multiculturalism. The words are weasel words to hide a much broader agenda. The word liberals includes a broad spectrum of people including progressives, left wing ideologues, and generally those of liberal thinking. The CBC is engaged in a steady war against what they see as white privilege and systemic racism of north American society. They are constantly broadcasting angry racial minorities with grievances and throwing gas on fires to incite racial division and hate. Incidentally the CBC at this very moment has activists on discussing Netflix and some kind of trans controversy. The constantly give voice or platform to various activists on the subject of racism and transphobia. If you want find out some of the problem and aspects of multiculturalism read this article. The word does not begin to describe the various aspects of the word. It is really another broad subject. In a general sense it is a broad attack on hour historic Judeo-Christian civilization/culture. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH MULTICULTURALISM? | Pandaemonium (kenanmalik.com)
  4. Obviously it is a mixture. The news and politics broadcasts seem to lean toward liberal and tow the liberal ideology. As an example, the host of the evening news broadcast is a Muslim woman with a Hijab. The obvious purpose of this is to send the liberal message of multiculturalism rules. Other political broadcasts often use racial minorities although the number of minorities they often use does not represent the demographic cross section of Canada or Canadian thought. Often they use aboriginal pundits to constantly push their liberal ideology of inclusiveness or reconciliation. The Fifth Estate program might be more of an independent branch.
  5. Generally it is. The program the Fifth Estate does sometimes reveal some deep failures about the government. This is one of those cases. The deal with China was pure madness. But it makes me wonder why this was not broadcast by the CBC Fifth Estate before the September election, instead of a month and a half later. I doubt if it would have made much difference though because the Liberal voters are not listening or probably would not have understood. The fact is obvious that China weaponized the Covid vaccine that was supposed to be jointly developed by Canada and China, through the Chinese company Cansino BIO and the People's Liberation Army, and simply refused to ship the first samples to Canada for testing in a lab in Canada likely because Meng Wangzhou was being held in Canada. Trudeau failed from the beginning to realize what he was doing was utter madness. Any government that thought they could make a deal like that involving the PLA must be in an alternate reality. This really put Canada's national security at risk. As the Fifth Estate said, this delay in Canada getting it's own vaccine production capability might have cost thousands of lives. I am reading the Kindle book "Hidden Hand: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World" and just learned how deeply embedded China's CCP operatives and puppets are embedded in government and all levels of society in Canada. Britain has been infiltrated and influenced so deeply by the CCP now that the book says it is probably beyond recovery. There are British, European, and other followers of Maoism, Leninism, and Marxism who really believe China is leading the way in bringing enlightenment to the world.
  6. Canada actually has a Chinese-Canadian Senator who fights for Communist China and tries to pressure the Senate and government.
  7. Interesting article here: The Ties that Bind the Trudeau Liberals to Communist China "Canada-China relations dominated the news in the Nation’s Capital this week – more accurately, Canada’s many questionable dealings with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The fact is the governing Liberal Party has multiple tight relationships with the CCP and this factors into all matters between the two countries." - The Niagara Independent This makes me doubt whether the Liberals will be too eager to abandon Huawei. They claim they will make a decision in the next few weeks. We will see.
  8. China has been building it's Belt and Road massive warehouse/headquarters in Surrey, B.C. China is paving its 'belt and road' to British Columbia - Asia Pacific | Business in Vancouver (biv.com) Liberal Premier Christy Clark signed an MOU in 2016 which really helped China move ahead on this.
  9. That explains how most Canadians vote and the country and system is dysfunctional.
  10. Do you support Trudeau, the master apologizer. True North news said his apology was fake. Now FNs expect to get some things out of him, like millions of dollars in some kind of benefits as compensation for taking a holiday on Truth and Reconciliation day. He has no problem spending taxpayer money like water. So he will probably have no problem writing a few cheques.
  11. No, I don't agree. O'Toole moving toward the left makes him look more like a liberal lite. He lost some seats and didn't do well in ridings where he should have done better. Trying to become more liberal just doesn't gain many votes for conservatives in the Toronto 905 ridings and in Quebec. People just don't see him or the Conservative Party as being much different than the Liberals. He adopted carbon taxes against the wishes of the majority of the party in the convention. That was a fatal mistake. Just claiming he wants the party to be a big tent party just doesn't cut it or convince anyone of anything. He is not a true conservative. He is too much of an appeaser. Keeping him on would mean losing the next election. I don't see any reason at all why he would do much better. The way it looks is if O'Toole leads into another election, Trudeau will win another minority government and we will be no better off.
  12. Trudeau also created a day of remembrance, truth and reconciliation, Sept. 30, for residential school children in particular, and then flew off on a vacation to Long beach by Tofino when if anyone in Canada should have been at the ceremonies, it was him. He is not fit to be PM, but this was known for many years. The ignorance of those who voted for him is astounding.
  13. Those questions are answered at this website. Is there evidence Jesus rose from the dead? Yes, there were many recorded witnesses of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. You can read them in this article. Quote Was Jesus actually resurrected? Many critics today find it hard to believe Jesus’ resurrection ever occurred. The apostle Paul had to quash rumors in the Corinthian congregation that Jesus Christ had never been resurrected at all, so in 1 Corinthians 15:5-8 he named eyewitnesses who had been with the resurrected Christ. People were questioning one of the fundamentals of Christianity—that we have a resurrected Lord. Can we prove to ourselves from the Bible that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and lives today? (Along with this article, be sure to read the accompanying article “Resurrection of Jesus: Can We Prove It?”) The records we will be examining are available worldwide. The events described had such an impact on some of Christ’s former enemies and disciples that they gave their lives believing in Him as their resurrected Savior. Consider the following evidence confirming Jesus’ resurrection: Numerous reliable texts: There are many documents, manuscripts and fragments of the Bible, Old and New Testament, in addition to secular sources that speak of Christ’s resurrection. This contrasts with relatively few documents about some historical figures such as Julius Caesar. God has ensured that the historical record of Christ’s resurrection would be preserved accurately for us. Dates of the biblical records: Biblical commentators believe the synoptic Gospels—Matthew, Mark and Luke—were written 20 to 30 years after Jesus’ resurrection. John’s account was penned between 50 and 70 years after the events. Paul’s first letter to the congregation in Corinth can be dated to around 25 years after Jesus’ resurrection. The dates of these records are consistent with being able to speak authoritatively on Christ’s resurrection. Many witnesses: In the Gospels, Acts and Paul’s letters, it is evident that many people were alive who could have disputed the facts provided by the New Testament writers if the details were wrong. Instead, there is agreement and consistency in what we are told. Former persecutors and detractors like Paul (previously Saul) did not dispute the records. Christians were willing to live under the constant threat of death—which would have been unthinkable unless they were convinced that Jesus was not a charlatan. We also have the promise that the Holy Spirit would guide the authors to remember events accurately (John 14:26; 16:13). Unquote Jesus’ Resurrection: Eyewitness Accounts (lifehopeandtruth.com) I could search and read various other websites with similar information. This site has much more information that what I quoted. Give it a try. Notice the dates that the New Testament books were written. Three gospels written 20 to 30 years after the resurrection. John's gospel 50 to 70 years after and Paul's first letter to the Corinthians about 25 years after. This is undoubtedly the most important subject you will face in life. So it would be wise to give it the most serious examination, particularly in the New Testament, King James Bible.
  14. The fact it kills the elderly more than younger people doesn't mean it should not be fought with the preventative measures it is. I happen to be 76 yrs of age and would like to avoid dying of Covid related illness. So I have been vaxxed and take whatever preventative and cautionary measures I can. I also don't see what is wrong with protecting society from this deadly disease.
  15. The answer is a resounding NO! So far about 27,000 people have died from Covid related illness in Canada. Many more have caught it and many have lasting health conditions as a result. In the U.S. hundreds of thousands have died. Worldwide millions have died. I don't think it can be categorized as just a flu. It has turned society upside down and cost the world trillions of dollars and countless lives lost.
  16. The accounts in the Bible such as the resurrection of Christ were supernatural events. With God nothing is impossible. That is why trying to debate it from a scientific angle is foolishness. Nobody is suggesting it was a natural event in accordance with the physical or scientific laws of nature. The evidence that the resurrection took place is supported by eye witnesses as recorded in the New Testament and the gospels. It is one of the key teachings that authenticate the whole Bible and is necessary to believe in order to receive eternal life according to the teaching of the Bible. The Bible says faith is given to people as a gift from God. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Therefore if you want eternal life, start reading the King James Bible, particularly the New Testament because that gets right to this subject and the point.
  17. Common sense. Many of these protesters have been doing extreme things to make it very difficult to arrest them and resisting arrest. Companies and government cannot allow these protesters to shut down vital industries that everyone depends on in B.C. The forest industry is the main industry.
  18. No, whether the police were violating protester's rights or not is a different question. That could be dealt with in a different court case. This judge went beyond the matter of whether there should be an injunction or not. This will be appealed and the protesters will lose. I can almost guarantee. It may take some time which will have negative consequences for the natural resource industries in B.C. Lots of people may be unemployed in the meantime.
  19. The police were operating under a court injunction to remove protesters. The protesters are breaking the law by still being there and doing all the things they are doing. If some protesters have a belief their rights are being violated, they can hire a lawyer and take it to court. But the protesters are acting from an illegal position to begin with because they are breaking the law in doing what they are doing there. I don't believe it is this judge's job to interfere and allow the protesters to continue blocking the road.
  20. The purpose of the prison system is to protect society from criminals, not protect criminals from society. Rehabilitation is not the primary purpose. Some cannot be rehabilitated. Canada deliberately allows dangerous offenders to go free. It is their Charter Rights to be out even if it is obvious they will likely re-offend.
  21. The justice system is not working in Canada. They often let dangerous offenders out. Let's talk about Canada. A judge just declined to renew an injunction for the police to stop the Ferry Creek protesters from blocking logging. The judge said the reason is because the police were too hard on the protesters and denying them their rights.
  22. What you're talking about is social engineering. That is Marxist ideology that believes in denying everyone their personal right to protect themselves in the interest of the common good. Instead of disarming everyone they should find a way to protect society from armed criminals. They could start by keeping them in prison. We constantly see criminals being let out on bail or parole who go on to kill innocent citizens. Just happened again not long ago. Criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens.
  23. Yes, Canadians are also victims of impotent politicians who live in an alt reality. We have many Marxist politicians who think they know what is best for everyone and deny Canadians the fundamental right to defend themselves.
  24. If someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night and has a gun or knife, what is the best way to defend yourself and family? In Canada, you don't have the right to defend yourself with the only thing that might save you, a gun.
  25. Do you think people should have the right to defend themselves from criminals?
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