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  1. Ya, they store weapons in malls containing thousands of people. You Putin ass kissers are pathetic. Putin can do anything and you will make it Biden's fault. Talk about indoctrinated.
  2. Nice try. Looks like they were air launched from Russian aircraft operating around Kursk. Russia is even admitting it but claiming the fire came from a nearby weapons depot they targeted.
  3. I don't dispute the economy did well under Trump but it wasn't the most prosperous time in US history.
  4. Wow, you really are a conspiracy loving troglodyte. Death panels. Oh my 45,000 Americans dying from firearms every year is pro life? Right Any kind of central planning, bad, you exerting control over other peoples bodies is, FREEEDOM. For who? Listening to nut bars instead of professionals you claim are politicians, bad. Cheering politicized judges put in place to advance an ideological agenda, good. She is dead right about you.
  5. I have a sixties vintage muscle car with a big block engine. After I back it into the garage I have to leave the door open for a half hour to get rid of the fumes. Guess we shouldn't have emission controls on cars either.
  6. No I'm not. Everything you post confirms it.
  7. Universal health care isn't pro life? Being able to go to school or a store without getting shot isn't pro life? Having a world you can actually live on isn't pro life? Listening to medical professionals during a pandemic isn't pro life? Ah but controlling women is pro life.
  8. You just can't stand that women could do anything without your permission.
  9. Which one of those things was she wrong about? Which one of those things do Republicans support?
  10. It can't live without her body. It sure as hell doesn't need your body so butt out.
  11. Chelsea Handler is a fuck of a lot smarter than you. You just don't like the truth about what Republicans really stand for.
  12. Damn right its bigoted against women, You would deny them a right to control what can only apply to them on some bullshit excuse that men can't have the same right. It's a pathetic excuse you use to exert control over women.
  13. As Chelsea Handler said last night. Universal health care is pro life Restricting guns is pro life Fighting climate change is pro life Listening to doctors during a pandemic is pro life Not forcing women to give birth like livestock is pro life Republicans are against all of them Saying Republicans are pro life is like saying OJ Simpson is pro wife.
  14. Like men need a right to abortion. It just demonstrates your contempt for women.
  15. FFS. No one says I'm going to become an addict just so I can have a miscarriage .
  16. That's intentionally poisoning a child. There is definitely malice involved. Again, WTF are you talking about?
  17. Yet you know that won't happen. If an addict has a miscarriage there is no malice involved, she is an addict. If an alcoholic has a miscarriage, there is no malice involved, she is an addict. What is it you don't understand about addiction?
  18. Equal under the law to be charged with manslaughter if their actions caused a woman to have a miscarriage.
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