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  1. Might mean annual shots. They are talking about combining it with the flu shot in future. Viruses don't give the kind of guarantees you seem to want and expect.
  2. They do with boosters. I don't want to ban anything that works. FDA is trying to increase the supply of Remdesivir to compensate because it does work. Problem with that is, well it's in the article.
  3. The number show they are keeping people out of hospitals to a large degree. The BCCDC chart I linked showed 40.2 per 100K unvaxxed in hospital vs 10 for vaxxed. Even bigger difference in ICU. A majority of vaccinated adults still haven't had a booster.
  4. We know Omricon has changed that, just like it has changed the effectiveness of monoclonal antibody treatments. Efficacy is still high with boosters, particularly a Moderna booster for Pfizer. My daughter just got her booster. She has now had AZ, Pfizer and Moderna. She probably has the best protection from serious disease of all.
  5. The percentage is climbing but they also represent over 80% of the population. The unvaccinated also make up a disproportionally larger number in critical care.
  6. Not when it comes to the anti mask terrorists who go out of their way to terrorize business and tell others to take off their masks. Some of those concerns are valid. My hearing isn't the greatest so I don't like masks either because I've realized lip reading is part of what I do. I just have to ask people to speak up. It isn't really harder to breath, most people should have adapted by now. Many occupations require masking for their whole shifts for reasons that have nothing to do with Covid. I assume masking will be part of life until this thing actually does become endemic, not just when we wish it to be. Soon I hope, I will cheer as loud as anyone when we can finally get rid of them. Why should some have to multi layer and N95 mask just so you don't have to?
  7. https://www.baytoday.ca/local-news/protest-convoy-moves-through-thunder-bay-in-north-bay-friday-afternoon-4999443
  8. He may have been staying at home, he had an obligation to tell her before she came to his place. I asked her if she had been back and she said no. It's the if I infect you it's your problem anti mask mentality.
  9. She is healthy and in her late thirties I would guess, maybe early fourties. She was quite sick and lost a weeks income because of this dick but you obviously think it was all her fault.
  10. It might, fortunately he is just gambling with the lives of Brits.
  11. Johnson's long term strategy doesn't go past still having his job next week.
  12. Ya, you can mask up. If she had some underlying condition the dumb fuck could have killed her. The anti mask bunch has the same, it's your problem mentality.
  13. Same thing. Stopping treatments that don't work is now one step away from purges, gulags, cultural revolutions and killing fields.
  14. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-monoclonal-antibodies-omicron-fda-florida/ My conscience is clear.
  15. He should pay her the week's income she lost. She can only do so much to protect herself in a job like that. She does our place every second week and called me to say she was infected. That responsibility goes both ways. She kept up her end with me, he didn't give a crap about her. That's what pisses me off about anti maskers. It's the same mentality.
  16. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/covid-19-update-jan26-1.6328242 I know it is a CBC article but it is BCCDC data. Says so right under the chart. Re Myocarditis. From BCCDC site
  17. Actually those are BCCDC numbers for yesterday but believe whatever you want.
  18. Ya ya. Per capita, unvaccinated hospitalizations outnumber vaccinated 4 to 1 in BC.
  19. England has always been later to bring in restrictions than Scotland and Wales and earlier to lift them. The different death rates show it. The UK death rate has been steadily climbing since the middle of December.
  20. What did I just say? Yes she was quite sick and what kind of Ahole would bring someone into their home when they new they had Covid? For all he knew she might have a condition that put her in higher risk of severe disease.
  21. Bojo is fighting for his political life over Partygate. The seven day moving average for deaths has more than doubled in the last month.
  22. A lady we know cleans homes for a living and is vaccinated. A few weeks ago she was doing a guys home and heard him on the phone telling someone he had Covid. She immediately put on a mask but it was too late, she had it. She’s OK but was sick enough that this jerk cost her a weeks work while she recovered. But no big deal right, no one died.
  23. Why would anyone think foreign media doesn't have the same issues?
  24. The feds took over distribution because seven states were monopolizing 70% of the supply.
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