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  1. CSIS has been ringing alarm bells for years but the Liberals are too compromised to do anything meaningful about China. Perhaps other parties as well. It's not surprising they would want the status quo considering how timid the Liberals have been.
  2. Doctors to not have to provide abortions in Canada. Their rights aren’t being violated.
  3. Sometimes the truth hurts. What would you be doing to sacrifice for the greater good by doing something that could save your own life and spare your loved ones the grief of losing you? Equating what you are doing with going to war is laughable.
  4. Move to the southern US and set your watch back 100 years. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/abortion-law-florida-texas-1.6186255
  5. The younger Bush going into Iraq was just unfinished family business. It didn't have anything to do with evidence.
  6. People and organizations sue governments all the time. It is the main reason things like the Pivot Legal Society exist. I lawyers believe there is a case, they will either do it pro bono or for a percentage of the settlement. If they don’t, they either won’t take the case or demand cash up front.
  7. I suppose. I just don’t understand how people keep swallowing this social media stuff when it is so easily fact checked.
  8. The fairy tale that these vaccines failed animal trials has been debunked by sources beyond count. Reputable sources that use their real names. Nothing makes people stupider than Facebook.
  9. Exactly. It costs billions to run the trials, approval process and manufacturing capacity. No company will do that if there isn’t a market to support it. Until Covid that market wasn’t there, neither were there governments throwing billions in to develop these vaccines. The current approved vaccines did not fail animal testing. If they had there would have never been human trials.
  10. mRNA vaccines have been studied for several diseases but until Covid no one wanted to spend the billions to develop and manufacture them.
  11. MRNA vaccines could be a real breakthrough against influenza. Right now, epidemiologists have to guess what strains will be dominant and formulate vaccines at least six months ahead. mRNA vaccines will cut that lead time down to weeks allowing them to cut out most of the guess work.
  12. No one is forcing you to get vaccinated but you can't expect to be treated like you have been. Social contracts aren't about laws. If you don't care about others, why should they care about accommodating you and your lack of caring? It works both ways. You want what you are not prepared to give yourself.
  13. No one did snatch them away. 99.9% of Canadians who have fought in wars were all volunteers. My father spent four years overseas during WW2 as did about a million other Canadians. Since when has getting vaccinated been putting your ass on the line? What a snowflake. Almost 80% of British Columbians are fully vaccinated and over 85% have had at least one shot. Your band of hero's is getting smaller every day.
  14. Yes they did. They accept unlimited liability. What would be their personal gain? Believe it or not, there are people who want to serve their country and communities, to actually make a positive deference. You won't even do something that could save your own life and others. What a hero you are.
  15. Yes it does. Every Canadian who has ever gone to war has done exactly that. Every Canadian who has become a police officer or fire fighter has done exactly that. 87% of BC Covid ICU cases are unvaccinated, 6% have had one shot and 7% are fully vaccinated. All the fully vaccinated are elderly or have serious co-morbidities. BC is now transferring critical Covid cases from the north to as far away as Vancouver Island. I wonder how their families feel as they see their unvaccinated loved one disappear on a medivac flight wondering if they will ever see them alive again. But hey. MA RIGHTS.
  16. So why do we even have a health care system if its every person for themselves? You obviously feel you will never need one.
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