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  1. That’s the criteria? If you don’t die it’s nothing? He lost a leg, but hey, he didn’t die.
  2. Alcohol ID checkers are checking kids. The people harassing employees over vaccine passports are adults who never grew up.
  3. I sure wouldn't want my organs to go to some stupid antivaxxer who croaked a few weeks after their transplant because their unvaccinated Covid infected bodies couldn't cope with the anti rejection drugs they were on. If hospitals were allowing that I would have far more reason to remove my name from the donors list than you and your hissy fit. See how that works.
  4. Stop blaming others for the consequences of your choices. You do not get to decide what is in the best interests of those who might receive one of your organs should you decide to be a posthumous donor.
  5. Anyone who abuses an employee for obeying the law and doing their job properly is just an ignorant bully.
  6. Donor recipients are on immunosuppressant drugs to keep the body from rejecting the new organ. It blows me way that some people think they shouldn't have to be vaccinated and a hospital should have to go along with that.
  7. Don't be so god damn melodramatic, you are neither a victim or a hero, you are just acting like a spoiled brat that can't get their own way.
  8. You sound like the little kid who says they won’t play anymore if they can’t make the rules. You would carry your bitterness over your live vaccination status to the grave and let it prevent you from doing one of the best things a human can do, save another human’s life. That’s very sad.
  9. They were told they would need to be vaccinated to get a transplant because it is in their own interest to do so. If they contract Covid after the transplant they will be so immunocompromised they will not survive without having been vaccinated. The living donor would also be at greater risk until they have recovered. What does unvaccinated organs have to do with being a donor? Only living donors are required to be vaccinated for their own safety. You have every right to remove yourself from the list but understand, your decision may cost someone else their life through lack of an organ. Donating an organ isn’t about you. If you would deny someone an organ after you are already dead, you are just being petty and selfish and should be reviewing your own values.
  10. Yet antivaxxers claim mRNA vaccines damage red cells. Removing the white cells just reduces the transmission of viruses.
  11. Where did I ever say people shouldn't be given blood but why would a confirmed antivaxxer want contaminated blood from a vaccinated person, considering all the nasty things they say these vaccines can do. People with AIDS aren't donating blood.
  12. Why do you keep insisting that patients should be able to tell hospitals and doctors how to do their jobs and what is safe for their patients? When did you get a medical license? ? You bitch about the cost and waste yet support everything you can that will increase it. We do not refuse treatment on the basis of poor life decisions but patients do not get to set the conditions under which they get treatment.
  13. Look on the bright side, you could be living in this antivaxxer paradise. Oklahoma doctors call 40 hospitals to find an ICU bed.
  14. How many nurses have been fired or quit over vaccinations? US hospitals are finding when push comes to shove, there are very few.
  15. Considering your pool of donors gets smaller every day, you might have to bring your own
  16. I love how all these so called libertarian, independent thinkers get their knickers in a knot when they have to be accountable for their own decisions. So tell me, what logic would someone who won't get vaccinated use to get a blood transfusion from someone who has? You know damn well that someone getting an organ transplant is likely to need several pints of blood during their surgery and the odds are that blood donor will be fully vaccinated. Blood donor clinics might not even take people who haven't been vaccinated.
  17. If you turn down a life saving transplant on nothing more than principle, that's your problem and no one else's. They can stamp their feet and scream like infants having a temper tantrum all they want, doctors have more important things to deal with. I don't care if you respect my decision to get a shot or not, as long as you respect the right to make a decision. We have to respect a persons right to make decisions, there is no way we have to respect the decisions they make, especially the bad ones. We are not denying anyone medical services, they are denying themselves by the decisions they make. I don't care whether they bend or not or why they made that choice. That's their problem, not mine or anyone else's.
  18. Listen. I'll reserve my sympathy for the cancer patient who is willing to undergo the rigours of radiation and chemo just to extend their lives or try to improve their quality of life. Not some bozo who has been given a chance of life but it is willing throw it away because they won't take a vaccine that has been taken by billions and proven to be 99.9% harmless. My priorities, morals and values are just fine.
  19. I thought our magic immune systems had protected us from everything forever. What happened to that line?
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