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  1. A: Indigenous people were not Christian B: They didn't speak Spanish. 😄 If I call you mo-ron, that doesn't make it your name, even if it is accurate.
  2. What rot. They were named Indians because Columbus was looking for a quicker route to Asia and didn't know there was another continent in the way. How does a bunch of Europeans naming a continent after a Spaniard have anything to do with the people who were already living there? The Indies were a region, not a country which among others included modern India, Pakistan and Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) Europeans have a bunch of different cultures and languages. What's your point?
  3. Why would they come here except to have our standard of living?
  4. Liberals want to increase immigration to 500K a year. The Boomers won't die off that fast.
  5. My GP is South Asian, don't know if he was born here and don't care cause I really like him.
  6. It's called being on a voter's list. They do have them in the US.
  7. I don't think that white people are the only ones who do that. It's only natural to be biased toward people like yourself.
  8. I don't dispute that it was considered normal in many places but because of money, not morality. The rationale was no different from the Nazis, black people weren't really considered human so whatever you did to them was OK. The difference was slavers wanted their labour, not their lives which were only valued as a commodity.
  9. reason10 isn't capable of posting without insults. He just doesn't know how.
  10. That's 17 years less than the average American life expectancy in 1850 or 45% lower.
  11. Slavery was always wrong and they knew it. It was about money, it always is and slavery would still exist if it wasn't illegal.
  12. Hard to name a country that wasn't founded on violence. It is the way of humanity. Slavery was pretty normal all over the world, what astounds me is people who try to justify it on those grounds.
  13. Control of the DC National Guard is the Secretary of Defence. A presidential appointee. Has been since Truman. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_of_Columbia_National_Guard
  14. The Capitol police had no authority to call in the National Guard. Only the state governments and the President have that authority. DC isn't a state so that responsibility rested solely on Trump.
  15. Amazing how far you will go to justify what Russia is doing to the Ukrainian people. It's really quite pathetic. Ukrainians are very familiar with Ukrainian winters, they don't need dolts like you to tell them.
  16. The Capitol police were hugely outnumbered. What do you think they should have done, open fire on the mob?
  17. You seem to support them. My post was in response to Army Guy, I'm only interested in any comments he might have regarding it.
  18. I mean, police and military are the real deal, not a bunch of wannabes. That mob attacking the Capital were not the real deal, the were just a mob acting like a mob.
  19. What bullshit, if there is no market there is no industry, Capitalism 101.
  20. Electric cars are only powered by fossil fuels where fossil files are used to generate electricity.
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