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  1. I think as a society we have an obligation to look after those who can't look after themselves, beyond that we only have an obligation to try and create an environment where everyone else can look after themselves.
  2. My "rotten friends" have a work ethic, they don't think they are entitled to have others provide for them. That doesn't mean they don't donate or volunteer.
  3. How is that different from what Stalin did? I've been to Croatia and Montenegro. I don't know how it differed under Tito. I guess if Yugoslavia was so great it wouldn't have disintegrated. Communist Albania was more authoritarian than the Soviet Union..
  4. While they were still in office?
  5. They bounce because governments eventually act like they have a mandate to do things they were never elected to do. When governments bend over backwards to be inclusive and have it do the opposite, people push back. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a real centrist party any longer, the Liberals and the old PC's were both closer to the centre than the present Liberals and CPC.
  6. Yes, a grand jury listens to evidence and decides whether there is a case. Unlike anonymous internet posters who decide based on hearing no evidence.
  7. I’ve never defended Trump but he has yet to be convicted of a crime.
  8. How do you pardon someone who has yet to be found guilty of anything? If you need a pardon, the logical assumption is that you are guilty.
  9. In the 30's, Stalin collectivized everything including agriculture. Between 3.5 and 5 million starved to death, mostly in Ukraine. If you take away a person's incentive to improve their own lot, they aren't much interested in improving anyone else's. That's just human nature, not capitalism. The regimes in places like China and Vietnam are single party not communist. The Chinese are arguably the most capitalist people on the planet.
  10. They haven't pardoned people for actions taken on their behalf. Trump even pardoned people who hadn't been convicted.
  11. Because communism doesn't work in the real world, it is against human nature. It has to be imposed on people.
  12. Name one place where communism hasn't resulted in a dictatorship. Dictatorships are a result of extremism, the far right is no different.
  13. Actually they don't. Name any other time a president has pardoned people to avoid responsibility for his own actions.
  14. Chauvin was incompetent, negligent and acted in a manor that was contrary to his training. I doubt he meant to kill Floyd but I don't really think he cared either. I'm not sure the murder conviction was warranted but manslaughter and negligent homicide definitely were. His history showed a pattern and the guy should not have been a cop.
  15. It's now Moses Johnson. He promoted himself into the Old Testament, which is where he probably belongs..
  16. What facts? He has been indicted not convicted. If Hunter is guilty because he has been indicted, so is Trump. You really don't believe in rule of law or a legal system do you.
  17. Speaker changes his name to Moses Johnson. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/mike-johnson-says-god-told-him-he-s-moses-while-getting-award-at-hate-filled-gala/ar-AA1l9vtX
  18. You call anyone who sticks up for the country and its constitution a traitor to Trump personally. No leader has the right to demand loyalty to them before the nation or the constitution. They do not swear allegiance to a leader but it seems you think they should.
  19. Your hero: https://people.com/politics/donald-trump-walks-in-miss-teen-usa-contestants-changing/ https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-14-year-old-girls-women-couple-years-dating-you-chicago-tribune-1992-article-teenagers-a7360631.html
  20. Bulllshit. In a Blue State as well. How'd that happen all you Biden bashers who claim the system is covering for him?
  21. So no crime has been committed. He embellished what he did, that's all. Your precious hero has been indicted on 91 counts. Your definition of a patriotic American is pretty sad.
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