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  1. They ARE EVs. Burning hydrogen in and ICE is, because that is an inefficient technology, more than 60% loss to heat and friction. Fuel cells deliver almost 100% of the fuel into electricity, and electric motors almost up to 90% of the energy to the drive wheels. Hydrogen injection into diesel engines increases mileage and reduces emissions, similar to ethanol increasing the octane rating and lowers emissions in gas engines. Fuel cells have a way to go yet in cars, give them 10 years they'll be a little more than BEVs. They're already in server rooms and broadcast sites all over the place.
  2. Wow what a GENIUS decision. Save money by not treating sick people. Just think of how much you'd save by not treating anyone. GENIUS I tell you GENIUS!
  3. You've been selling it to them for decades. Wanna waste even more? Mine Bitcoins.
  4. You'd have to have a clue what reasoning is, and I've seen none but from MH. You can't even grasp that the immigrants are leaving there to get away from that bullshit, not coming here to spread it. Just like your grandparents did, to get away from war, poverty, famine, oppression. Yet your childish response is usually to call anyone that points that out the dumb one..... or worse, repeat the logical flaw pointed out to you in your own argument simply by repeating it over and over.
  5. Yeah and I should have advocated the govt subsidize the computer store I used to have too? They're corporate entities. If their ROI doesn't warrant it, they don't do it. And guess what, in some cases they will, and you can squawk about that too as they'll be native owned fisheries and not white owned companies.
  6. Lists crimes from all over the world to imply they're done by immigrants to Canada. Nice try. Lists Islamic crimes from all over the world to imply Islam itself caused them. Nice try. Lists Islamic crimes from all over the world to imply all believers are zealots not like most of us that only go to church for weddings and funerals and still identify as Christians. Uh Huh. Lists crimes from all over the world to imply immigration needs to be reduced as all immigrants are Islamic. Again, nice try. Lists crimes from all over the world to imply refugees trying to escape them are coming here to do the exact thing they risked their lives to get away from. Nice try. Listed by an Evangelical Christian Zealot that loathes other denominations of his own religion.
  7. Which is what they are doing in this case. BC is the last place on the West Coast to ban open net farming and that does have the support of the vast majority of the population. The harm to wild salmon stocks far outweighs the benefit of cheap fish that can still be raised by other means. The taste of farmed salmon isn't that bad, if you're into mystery meats try McDonalds fish sandwich or Highliner Fish Stix. They're even cheaper if that's what's important to you.
  8. WTH do you mean crickets? That and the consequences have been top news stories every day since Oct 7. Nothing on that rolling billboard mentioned Palestinians or Hamas. Yet the usual goons are jumping on that as that's the 'Flavour of the Day' Exactly how it was ISIS back in Harper times with the Syrian influx. An absolute bald faced lie the goon squad loves to repeat. DUHHH... there was no context, yet you got the message clear as a bell, eh? So tell us how if you were left to conclude Islam is evil and they're taking over Canada by it, that is not promoting hatred towards a specific group.
  9. Once again insists repeating something defines and makes things true. Define it all for us then. Other than 'some social element or cause I personally don't agree with'
  10. Why the people who've made up their minds have made up their minds forever. It's the new reality. Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll beat you to a pulp for showing him up.
  11. Under which mental malfunction do you conclude I am breaking ranks with anyone? By not supporting a goddam criminal, the #1 Enemy of Canada for President? Rebound doesn't either. It's the scum who'd look away from that, who spout democracy from their mouths while supporting fascist ideals. Who think their ruler "lets" and "allows" things and claims one who actually demands such power is their saviour. Get back up that sphincter and watch out for the KFC chicken bones.
  12. No silly brainwashed libertarian. They took it, you rendered unto Caesar, therefore ii is no more your money than the $ you paid the hairdresser. Tack on the stupid concept that money not spent on what you don't like would be spent on something you do. Like distributing to those in need, which you'd also object to. Wahh they're redistributing wealth how crooked wahh! So limit MPs spending to a GoTrain pass and to hell with the ones vrom Churchill and Inuvik... limit their pay to a bus driver's so only those independently wealthy can 'represent you' in govt. Use every simple minded concept and buzzphrase that goes along with 'your money'.
  13. Well that kind of statement certainly points out a shuttered mindset, doesn't it? Let's just terminate all IVF funding and all infertile women as well as men with low sperm counts. I mean they're worthless wastes of time to you too, aren't they?
  14. Jeez Jag's a hero among those who decried him forcing through Pharmacare and Dental but are too politically ignorant to realize he could've taken this stand even without getting clearance as foreign agents aren't going to spend a nickel trying to influence anyone other than Liberal or Tory candidates and MPs.
  15. You can't even define 'woke' other than to include everything you don't personally like into the category. So therefore you're falsely assuming recognizing anything queer is woke. Most likely 'left' too.
  16. WTF does govt spending on MPs travel have to do with Canadians living in poverty? Are they all laid off govt employees? Distraction by those excusing outrageous CEO benefits and criticizing minimum wage increases for Gig workers. Try a nice big increase in the Revenue Canada personal exemptions. Another in CPP and OAS More hiring benefits for business Banning companies from owning homes.
  17. It is being claimed The Trump is going to use this point to attack Biden in the debates. Nothing is too crass for the boor. No low is too low to stoop to.
  18. You will waste more electricity on this forum than with an electric bike.
  19. Post the 10 Commandments in every Evangelical Church in America. And put a big red X on each one Donald Trump has broken.....
  20. Putting the Chair of Monsanto as head of Environment Canada is more to his liking. Why that extremist can't possibly know anything about the environment he's as non-credible as David Suzuki.
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