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  1. I refer you now for the second time to my answer from over a week ago - the answer you've already admitted you forgot about. I guess you're 90 years old and you "forgot"...again!? and here you are as usual, making up batshit things to argue with yourself about. In a single sentence, you managed to make yourself look retarded twice. Clown college would be proud of you. 🤡🤡🤡
  2. Right? So why are we listening to this guy pontificate on his client Trump? When he's already gone out of his way to defend an obvious pedo and almost certain murderer?
  3. I'm saying I already clearly and emphatically answered that question, so accusing me of dodging it makes you look stupid. Maybe you're too old to remember a week ago, but I suspect this was just your standard performative jackassing Lord knows, you'll do anything you can to avoid being pinned down on anything specific. You need all the room you can get for your flapping and flailing. I'm saying you said: Which you did say, unless the reality-distortion bubble makes that go away. What are you actually trying to say? "Went to court?" or "took it to trial"? You're wrong either way, but be specific so we can at least help correct your malfunction. 🙃
  4. Dershowitz also says OJ Simpson was framed, that Jeffrey Epstein did nothing wrong and that the age of consent should be lowered to 15. 🤡
  5. If that were true, you wouldn't have spent two years and tons of energy echoing all of Putin's talking points, and undermining all of Ukraine's and NATOs. The fact that you're too much of a little b*tch to admit it is irrelevant, especially since you've literally told us you hope Russia destroys Ukraine:
  6. Nothing was out of context. You just lied to cover up your obvious, nonsensical bullshitting, and I even asked you to clarify. You (unsurprisingly) chose not to. LOL! What the actual F***!? 🤣 My answer was pretty clear over a week ago: You read this and you responded to it, but in the reality distortion bubble, you just sort of wave your hands around and it magically disappears, or something?
  7. You just got caught lying (with the quotes side by side proving it), and you limply try to project it on me. I don't think you've ever had a a day you've made yourself look this pathetic. The standard of clueless belligerent you've set here is a lofty one, but I have to congratulate you on managing to lower the bar further. 😆👌
  8. August, I suspect that your post was written by an old man who lost his marbles. Whatever. This is a banal, useless thought, that you repeat like a broken record, screeching it over and over again in posts innumeberable. Europe evidently wasn't civilized in summer of 1914, because they embarked in the most disastrous (and pointless) war the world's ever seen shortly thereafter.
  9. When it's intentionally deceptive and ignores all context, it's misinformation. Some of the stuff he said was complete bullshit. Talking about our air quality going down without offering that we were dealing with catastrophic forest fires is brazenly dishonest. Quoting our higher unemployment numbers as evidence of our downward trajectory is the same, considering it's never been lower in our lifetimes. Those are some examples of why nobody takes Bill Maher seriously as a general rule, but that doesn't mean everything he said was bullshit. Canada's doing worse and getting worse. Housing prices, health care, GDP etc are all in bad shape and getting worse.
  10. Yep, because all of the above are foreign to you, living as you do in conspiracy clownworld. 🤡🤡🤡
  11. He's a comedian. They're all smug. This criticism, I think, would be more relevant if we were talking about someone like Jordan Peterson, rather than a washed-up comedian. Bill Maher gets unreasonably elevated, I suppose, but do you have any specific comments on what he's saying here, or is this just a general dismissal?
  12. He says, despite the fact that he was the one that responded to me first in this thread. 🤡 These two things aren't the same. 🙃 Which one is it?
  13. No donkey. You argued that a defense attorney has to go to trial. Joe Tacopina wasn't a defense attorney for Trump, because he didn't make it to trial. Caught lying again. 🤣
  14. You have to be formally accused of something to mount a legal defense against it. I'm not sure what contract negotiations have to do that, but here you are again, spiraling into nonsense and making things up to debate against. It was always inevitable. Eventually, you always end up just arguing with yourself. 🥱
  15. Worthless, misleading citation - garbage post.
  16. I never really found Bill Maher funny, but this is actually a pretty good analysis. I've said it lots of times on this forum, but when you take political correctness to militant extremes, the militant counter-reaction is going to be equally extreme, if not more so. At some point, the outrage politics need to end. "TOO BAD" needs to thrown in a lot of people's faces, and regularly. Your marginal problems and feelings are not always society's to solve. "You are offended that I called someone retarded? Too bad, buttercup." "You are offended that I won't refer to someone as zhey, or that you can't wear clown sized fake breasts to teach students? Too bad, buttercup." "You're waving your Bible around and calling women murderers for getting abortions? Too bad, buttercup." "You want restaurants and small businesses to spend tens of thousands of dollars to remodel their bathrooms to service the handicap customer who only comes by once every few months? Too bad, buttercup."
  17. This is sort of tongue-and-cheek, but it's pretty much correct. Human disasters like the Orange Blob don't even get a sniff at elected office without a rage issue like porous borders to stoke to flame. It's the #1 losing issue for the Trudeau Liberals as well. Navel-gazing and waxing poetic about inclusivity etc are worth nothing when folks are angry about skyrocketing housing prices and the like. It's like the Liberals are trying to make sure they lose elections.
  18. Because you don't want to. On the one hand, you have Ukrainian men giving their lives to protect their independence and their future from the hopelessness of Mother Russia's sickly embrace. On the other, you have Russian peasants dying for nothing but the vanity of an ex-KGB colonel. Who's strategy and motivation makes more sense?
  19. but but but their property values are high! They actually pay more in total taxes than other jurisdictions. What's that? Those low property taxes are helping to contribute to their high property values, and the federal and provincial governments keep having to subsidize them? No I don't want to talk about that.
  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh f**k. That's the funniest shit you've ever said on this forum. Wow. Thanks for that. 🤣
  21. Yes it is. You're literally saying if that chart shows one country has bigger numbers than others, they can do whatever they want. They can invade anyone they like, and it's immoral to resist them. In your batshit clownworld, friends and neighbors providing you equipment and support to even those statistical disadvantages and stop the bigger numbers from killing you is somehow "immoral". You're so dumb it makes me cringe. I literally feel sorry for you.
  22. Defendant, in criminal cases, is the person accused of the crime. https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/defendant Next time, rather than barfing out a wall of useless bullshitting, save yourself the humiliation and do a 10 second google search, you absolute donkey.
  23. You heard it here, folks. "They did not have a defense - but rather competent legal representation." Look at the muppet spinning his wheels. 🤣
  24. Sure, sure, excellent dictation software. 🙄 The point remains, you're "dictating" +40 posts a day, throughout the entire day, confirming you have nothing and nobody else around you. If you're a paralyzed quad, I humbly apologize. Otherwise:
  25. Yes, and if you'd have thought before you posted, you'd realize how pathetic you look telling people you dictate: "ROFLMAO exclamation mark exclamation mark exclamation mark exclamation mark smiley-face-emoji." into your phone for 40+ posts a day, unwittingly confirming that you are alone all day, every day. It goes without saying that nobody else is around to witness that sort of "brilliance". 🤣
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