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  1. Insisting that I'm the one having an emotional breakdown while you respond to my one-liners with angry walls of text is...awkward. 😐
  2. So if the Liberals aren't supporting Palestine, and the Conservatives aren't, and the NDP isn't, who are all of these Muslims going to vote for? Are they abstaining? Are they going to vote for the New Brotherhood of Canada party?
  3. Okay? I've already said I'm probably voting for him, and that I think Trudeau is the worst PM we've ever had. That doesn't make you any less cringe. πŸ™ƒ
  4. You obviously don't get it, because once again your fragile ego demanded a wall-of-text response, and it offered nothing but more clueless projection and limp insults.
  5. Yeah, we know it's non-news, but it's funny to see PP playing for the dumdums in his audience who don't understand, whilst his office has to play damage control after the fact.
  6. The "reality" of an American invasion is that it's a pretty silly thought-exercise.
  7. Isn't that what you've been saying Putin has been trying to do all along? πŸ™„
  8. Gaetan looks like athos, under a different name. πŸ™„
  9. You still don't get it. I'm trying to save you time. All the energy you waste pounding out essays insisting I'm desperate and pitiful is underlined by your pathetic compulsion to write them in the first place, especially when you know I'm not going to read them. You may as well be writing in your diary, but you just can't help yourself!
  10. No, did you? Is that the most important point here -- the specific word count, or the fact that a sentence or two can set you off raving with a half a page of copypasta insults? πŸ˜† Is this because of your incredible predictive powers, or because when you sit there raving and projecting your fragility on others, you actually understand that your post count proves you have absolutely nothing else going on in your life?
  11. No muppet, my exaggerations are not what get judged. It's funny imagining that you actually counted it out, but what's getting judged are your longwinded diatribes offering nothing but recycled, puerile insults. Who do you figure is actually reading it? It's like your venting into your diary, but in a public forum.
  12. If you're concerned about hoarding, don't be. The US has more gold hoarded than anyone. Global economies outgrew a gold standard a long, long time ago, and it can't function as a real currency anymore. There's not enough of it. Switching back to a gold standard would mean everyone would hoard it instead of spending it, and you'd see deflation everywhere.
  13. They realize what sort of person I am, because you get so worked up and bothered that you're compelled to pound out 1200-word rants about me? OKAY! 🀣
  14. What do I make up? That nobody has ever had less going on in their life, and more time to post here than you? That's an objective fact.
  15. Maybe, but how do we know if this person has a dangler? Maybe it was removed? Is the issue then, "No penises" in the female changeroom?
  16. I was just going from memory. The point was that gold hit a low back in 2000 that hadn't been seen since the 1970's, and using that as a starting point for performance is a cherry-pick that's misleading. As I explained, gold is worth almost 20% less today than it was in 2011, while the S&P has quadrupled in that time. As I said, Warren Buffet is a value stock-picker. He looks for stocks that are profitable, and priced well. Right now, the market is priced at the top (too high). It is difficult for Berkshire Hathaway to find value in that environment, so they let money sit in bonds or cash and wait for the market to correct downward amidst a (likely) light/moderate/short recession. At that point, he'll load back up on the cheap. He's not predicting doom for the economy.
  17. Nobody has to make anything up. We can just look at your post count and how you spend your time, with so much of it devoted to angry emoji-spamming rants like the post above. πŸ™ƒ
  18. Why? Surely if it's okay for the female-to-male trans going to the male bathroom, it could work the other way as well? What do you think would happen if this person went into the female bathroom? I suspect nothing, and that nobody would realize this person was born a man.
  19. All day, every day, alone and unemployed at your computer, seething and ranting at anyone who disagrees with you. 🫑
  20. This is paid Russian troll farmer, and he's been caught posting the same garbage on Aussie forums etc. He's not worth debating. Just mock him, because he sucks at it, just like the Russians do at most things they try.
  21. Yes, it was too long, and no, I didn't read it. That's funny shit though - that a two-sentence jab can set you off on a deranged ~1200 word rant that you realized after you'd changed your underwear that nobody was going to read. It's no big deal though. As we know, you have nothing else going on in your life, so that time was as well-spent for you as anything else you might have been doing. πŸ˜‰
  22. I'm very comfortable with not having the respect of the tinfoil hats. Your contribution to this forum is laughter at your expense. We thank you for your service. 🀑
  23. They just roll it over or issue new debt to cover it. They can, and they will. All true, and these are drags on the economy, but interest rates are going to go down, and American institutions own most of the debt. Social security, for example, own almost half of it. I suspect you won't even notice it. Individual company layoffs are irrelevant compared to the aggregate data, which BLS posts. For every one of those layoffs, there were new hires and more. We've already discussed this, and it's a nothingburger, mostly pushed by pariah states like Russia, North Korea and Iran. China and India aren't interested in a BRICS currency, so the project is dead in the water. As for gold prices, the only reason that number looks so good is because in the year 2000, gold prices plummeted to their lowest levels in 60 years. Pick a different starting point, and the S&P outperforms gold easily. Since 2011, gold has lost 15% of its value. In the same time, the S&P 500 grew +400%.
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