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  1. Where did I admit that? Are you literally trying to argue that BLM had absolutely nothing to do with the millions of people that protested in 2020? George Floyd never happened? 🤡 aaand the projection again. You and Nationalist, the Trumpy election denier - what a great combo. 👌
  2. BLM as in what? The actual specific organization? Is that your problem? The FBI didn't crash Alicia Garza's door in or something? I'm sure if she'd videotaped herself in tactical gear storming a government building, they might have done that. There were over 120 federal convictions with an average sentence of 27 months by summer 2021.
  3. My god. That's what the nation-wide protest movement was about, you absolute clown. I don't know why I bothered providing a source to you in the first place, given how rarely you're willing/able to provide your own and how predictably clueless your response was.
  4. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/over-300-people-facing-federal-charges-crimes-committed-during-nationwide-demonstrations If you haven't heard of any, it's because you didn't want to.
  5. 14,000+ arrests, hundreds of federal convictions (by summer 2021) and declassified reports of misuse of surveillance powers by the FBI fishing for links between BLM protestors and terrorists. This information was a 10 second Google search away, but since it didn't show up on your Twitter feed so how were you ever supposed to know? 🤡
  6. I'm merely trying to make sure the trannies and the blacks are able to successfully erase white power culture and steal your freedom. Just doing my duty, ser. 🫡
  7. I suppose I'm the kind that prefers to think of how to improve things, rather than b*tching uselessly and generally to everyone and nobody in particular. 🤷‍♂️
  8. My reading test? What does that have to do with mocking the latest of dozens of near-identical threads you've posted over the last year whining generally about the state of the country. Everything is bad. Everything is wrong. Solutions? Suggestions? "Don't worry about it. Just read my word-vomit of complaints."
  9. You really don't. My whole life. Been here far longer than you, goof, and long enough to remember what the forum was like before hysterical culture-war clowns like you started shitting everything up. 🫡
  10. EVERYTHING is BAD. We have to do SOMETHING, by myata. Chapter 103
  11. Not sure if you're just trolling or you actually believe that. It's hard to tell with you now. That's just...completely wrong.
  12. I think that’s a good point about reasonable accommodation. We can and should aim to make reasonable accommodations for people. It’s when they stop being reasonable and accommodating them overrides common sense and becomes onerous that it’s a problem.
  13. Fair enough but that does go both ways. Merely suggesting restrictions can incite disgust and judgement - not so much here but in the greater outside orld.
  14. Maybe, but I suspect the criteria and how this is determined is not going to be something that anyone will be done objectively without a lot of tears and yelling.
  15. You've demonstrated your grasp of our legal systems on this forum before. It wasn't pretty. We'll add this gem to your mounting pile of clueless irony.
  16. Of course there can be, and those accusations were no more hateful or hurtful than what they were speaking out against. Crying about being having your reputation attacked after attacking and mocking an entire minority group is peak irony. It's a charade if they sue for it.
  17. This is one of those areas where PC culture definitely DOES get really silly, and I think it's right that trans women shouldn't be allowed to compete with other women. There has to be some line, somewhere, where the desires and feelings of a microscopic portion of the population doesn't get to impose on everyone else.
  18. I suspect nobody has ever lost an argument to you, on this forum or anywhere else, except for other Florida Mans. This clown is best left for the ignore list.
  19. The implicit protection you speak of (the NATO umbrella) was Putin’s pretence for starting the war. This is a platitude - a bunch of words with no worthwhile meaning. and it’s even more of a shithole than it was before the invasion.
  20. Right...because there were so many of those. That's why we have a problem right now...that existed long before COVID, but nevermind that. Let's make it PARTISAN.
  21. Sometimes it really does go too far and gets really silly - like cringeworthy, completely out-of-touch and worthlessly guilt-laden. Even things like freaking bathrooms are ridiculous. You can barely open a low-key food joint now without the feelings-police coming out and forcing you to do 5 digit bathroom renovations (up to very specific code) so that someone's 105 year old grandma doesn't have trouble pooping. The culture-warrior hysterics, however, have taken whatever kernel of reasonable sentiment there might be around this and turned it into an angry clown circus.
  22. I would suspect that's the least of the problems. A good interpreter/translator solves that problem. The F-16 is the most widely exported US fighter in the world, so I imagine they have the apparatus to sort that out. Zelensky will last until he's murdered or until the war is won. You don't axe your wartime leader. I do think you're probably on to something here though. I suspect that there is a fair portion of the US administration (both Republican and Democrat) who want to make sure that there is enough political and material commitment sunk into Ukraine's survival that another flaky US withdrawal is untenable.
  23. It could be a lot quicker than that. If you were trying to train pilots and maintenance crews from scratch it would probably that long, but for trained pilots who already know how to fly, you're just learning systems and the nuances of the plane. They don't need to do anything to ensure Ukraine is reliant on them. That's fait accomplit, and it has been since 2014. Maybe. It's a much better theory at any rate than the previous one posted.
  24. "Interesting" 1. The US isn't fighting anyone 2. The US has proven it's very good at fighting ground wars 3. The Russians can't even suppress Soviet-era MiGs 4. Your hunch is not very well-informed.
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