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  1. You're not stating many facts here, Father Brimstone. You're just obnoxiously mouthing off.
  2. Oh gosh, partially damaged? That ain't partial my man. That's a full and catastrophic failure. They don't want to cut off water from Crimea. They want to keep Ukrainian troops from crossing the river, and also the dam (which was also a road bridge). Tucker didn't talk about that, did he? As for Ukraine, if they wanted to cut off fresh water to Crimea, they'd blow up the fresh water channel to Crimea, not the bridge/dam.
  3. I was going to say something about that, but figured it was going to be wasted on anyone whose knowledge of history and whose reasoning skills are poor enough to believe Russian propaganda. The Allies needed 9000 pound special-designed bombs that detonated underwater and had to be carried by converted super heavy bombers. The HIMARS payload is a precision weapon with ~200 pound warheads. If you needed any proof that Russia is lying about this, it’s that they are claiming a weapon that can’t do the job, did the job. A dam is a reinforced concrete fortification meant to hold back millions of tons of water.
  4. I don't think NDP voters (whoever and wherever they are) care much how you characterize it. All they care is that the NDP got some results for the first time in a long time after the last election.
  5. The big picture is that when the Liberals are toppled or they are voted out, the NDP will no longer hold the balance of power.
  6. I would like to see an inquiry, and the argument that it can’t be done without giving up state intelligence secrets is bogus. That being said, Singh holds the balance of power right now and that’s the best position the NDP has ever been in.
  7. If his house was broken-in, a self-defence argument could have been made (and they usually succeed). You can't blow a guy away on your driveway with a shotgun for trying to rob your car.
  8. Yet we can type one-liners to elicit multi-paragraph rants about how intimidating you are and how crushed and dejected you've decided your opponents are. Hate to tell you, but you're the one performing on-queue. 👌
  9. If the dam had been blown in Spring 2022, the Ukrainians would have been a fair guess. Today, at the beginning of their counter-offensive, it's exceedingly likely to have been the Russians. You blow up dams to keep people out and/or cover a retreat. That's land-war 101.
  10. I don't know, but modeling what we're talking about here would would be of limited usefulness. There are too many variables and (I suspect) too little past data to build something that would be even remotely accurate.
  11. Economists already model this stuff out regularly. The problem is the competing priorities.
  12. Some immigration is good, but too much is a problem as well. I don’t know what the right number is but Trudeau’s approach seems to be that it’s just going to…balance itself?
  13. Triggered? 🤨 There's that projection again. The only thing more pathetic than a no life loser wasting his day trolling internet forums is when he's not even good at it.
  14. For someone who argues I follow him around on the forum, you sure do respond to a lot of my posts. 🤡 Your mountain of clueless irony grows.
  15. and you think your posts here are examples of intellectual industry? 🙄 Whining requires zero effort. It just needs a bad attitude. Nothing is easier than moping around and vaguely/generally complaining about everything.
  16. Thankfully nobody gives a shit what a deluded smooth-brain thinks or says. "Aaaah! Make-believe bioweapon labs! Tucker Carlson said so! Europe's going to freeze! Neo-Nazis AAHh!" All we need to know about your viewpoint on this is right there, clown.
  17. Yet we'll always have this to go by: It's comically dumb to have you say shit like this, and spend as much energy as you have criticizing all of Putin's enemies (while offering not a single criticism for him) and then tell us that you're impartial. You talk about reality and then natter off deluded nonsense like this. 🤡 Your 10-IQ take. 🤡 Thanks for the laughs, you absolutely mind-warped clown.
  18. I don't need a direct quote. The fact that you've spent the last year blaming everyone but Putin for his invasion of Ukraine, parroted his absurd propaganda and gleefully cheered for Ukrainian suffering is all we need: That you're too much of a coward to actually admit it is on you, but it does match your ignorance and foolishness with an obvious weakness of character. You don't even know what honour means, clown.
  19. Reality? What does that have to do with your worldview? Trump won the election! Putin is the good guy! Bioweapon labs in Ukraine! Syrian, Iranian and Lebanese news are reliable sources of information! -Nationalist, dopey simpleton of 2022-2023
  20. Statistics Canada reports are not usually to be relied on for these sorts of things. Leading private/corp economists may look at the data, but they're always digging deeper. Statistics Canada is not the one to call a recession. Look at this: TLDR of this chart is the outlook for corporate executives on whether they expect to be expanding and hiring in the near future vs the opposite. Green is good, red is bad, and if we're not in a recession already we probably will be soon. That being said, it's probably going to be a really light one.
  21. Ex-Soviet collaborators, maybe? Most in Eastern Europe don't have fond memories of the Russian yoke.
  22. Again, I'm not the one cheerleading for Putin as he bombs Ukraine's cities. For someone so supposedly opposed to slaughter, it's not-so-curious how you've spared any/all criticism for the man entirely responsible and guilty for most of it.
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