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  1. Don't you mean Putin? Oh wait...he'd get arrested. He can't go south of the Black Sea. This will have to do I guess: What a hero of the People. 🀑
  2. All you're "pointing out" is what you're making up. Show us the quote, or we can safely conclude that this is just more smooth-brain Foxfantasy. 🀑
  3. Nothing new here. Everything you've ever said about this conflict has been pro-Putin right from the start, right down to the absurdly dumb idea of Jewish Nazi Zelensky. 🀑
  4. There's lots of ways for Ukraine to "lose" the war. They should have lost right away, but didn't on account of the pathetic and brainless Russian army you've been cheering the whole way, as they throw their peasant soldiers lives away for next to nothing. Go look at a map of the front lines in Summer 2022. Compare them to today.
  5. Wrong about what? It's been over two years and the front lines have barely moved. Mighty Russian and your hero are still threatening and threatening...now it's Odessa on the line. When? When are the garbage donkey peasants from Russia going to take Odessa, do you figure?
  6. Charging them with solving problems is a very different thing than empowering them to do so. You can mandate whatever you want to the managers, but if they're not empowered to get it done and they're cucked from the start by a sweetheart CBA deal, they're nothing more than frustrated talking heads. There are horrible managers everywhere. I suspect even more so in the public sector than in the private, with much of it having to do with what's described above. Trying to motivate and get the most out of people who have no incentive to do anything but the literal bare minimum is a Sysyphean task that most ambitious and capable people would avoid. Creativity isn't required for uncomplicated problems. Messaging and getting the public on your side is more important. It's not like disgruntled public sector unions are going to perform their jobs worse than fat and coddled ones. Mike Harris and Jean Chretien were able to bring things back on-side. Though painful, it was necessary, and only made that way by the pandering largesse of previous governments. Our CBA dealings with public sector unions need to be in-line with supply for workers. If we're short on nurses, sweeten the deal. That's how it should work, but it's not how it is. Overall, the public sector has near-zero vacancy despite its ballooning size whilst the private sector has spent the last couple years struggling to find workers. That tells us everything we need to know.
  7. It's funny, because you no matter how many times I explain otherwise, and the fact that you can't quote me anywhere at any time saying anything of the sort, you're still insisiting on arguing against something that only you have ever said. 🀑 Keep on debating with yourself, muppet.
  8. Is it over? Are they taking Odessa? If Ukraine fires into Russia proper, is that going to make the Russians take Odessa...even more? 🀑
  9. Not my argument - the one you made up for yourself to debate against, because you're too belligerently stupid to argue with anyone else. 🀣
  10. So they weren't trying to that before? They've been playing nice so far? LOL 🀣
  11. Nobody is claiming it isn't. That's just the T-Ball argument you've pathetically invented for yourself to battle against. Whenever challenged, CdnFux will play make believe and debate against a phantom argument nobody, anywhere, ever made. 🀣 What's being contented is the scale and severity of the effect that you grossly, comically exaggerate, and your absolute inability and unwillingness to validate it - nothing but more of your clueless, made-up, unsupported and belligerent bullshitting. πŸ‘ The experts are all wrong, CdnFux says. It's the friendly MSM media...LOL. I applaud you for finally putting your tinfoil hat on in the open for us all to see.
  12. I don't see how it can have much of anything to do with management. If you agree that the unionized public sector is not incentivized to either perform or listen to management, and the managers (at any level) are not empowered to do anything about it, how is this a management culture problem? This doesn't require a lot of imagination. The vacancy rates for public sector positions are near-zero despite the ballooning numbers of positions. They're overpaid by any objective measurement and the culture of entitlement has been enabled and encouraged by Liberal government leadership. Canadian taxpayers have been bullied and pushed around by public sector labor monopolies and the Liberals cynically giving them sweetheart deals for too long. It's (unfortunately) come to the point where a harsh reversal is required.
  13. Do you have an answer for the question? Why would Ukraine care if Russia gets mad? What have they been doing that they haven't already done? πŸ™„
  14. What do the Ukrainians care if the Russians are pissed off? They're already invading and fully committed. Now, instead of being really really really mad, you figure they'll get really really really really mad? πŸ™„
  15. I'm curious about what you see here that's different than all of the other times Israel has been attacked. How is this much different than SCUDs being launched from Iraq, or all of the other parties that have tried? What about this do you figure is so transformative?
  16. No, he's not. The economists and the BoC have all weighed in on how minor the impact is. It's just simpleminded donkeys like you who don't actually know anything about it and figure that rhyming slogans count for more than numbers, expert opinions and research.
  17. The management culture, whatever that means. Maybe I misunderstood. I think it's worth considering what it would be like to work in management for a militant public sector unionized workforce. You get your marching orders from the Ministry or whoever, and then you deliver them to a workforce that has little/no reason to take you seriously and has no incentive to do anything but the bare minimum the job requires. This is a toxic dynamic that reinforces poor outcomes, and that's unlikely to attract our best and brightest. I'm saying that the issue and the culture has little to do specifically with management. This is a political problem - one where the priorities and Raisons d'Êtres of the Public Service have taken a backseat to the entitlement of its union members, and the governments that grant them in exchange for a huge bloc of unwavering election support. This is a poisonous relationship, and one that Canadians need to recognize and reject. Having 1/4 of our workforce employed and grossly overpaid in the Public Service is one of the primary reasons why not only is our productivity stagnating and falling behind, but also why we have a gaping and growing hole in our public finances.
  18. So you sit all day by yourself, dictating? "Aw muffin *smiley face* sorry kid butthurt butthurt *smiley face* aww muffin sorry kid butthurt *smiley face*. 🀑 Me being here has no effect whatsoever on your puking all over the forums all day. If I'm gone for a weekend, a few days, or a week, you're still pounding out 40+ battlemode posts a day, melting down and throwing insults at the drop of a hat as soon as anyone calls out your clueless bullshitting. Oh that's standard fair. He humiliated himself ranting about inflation last year, and he's still dredging it up now. That's what this 100-50 garbage is that he keeps squawking about - another made-up phantom he's invented to cope with so he can argue against himself.
  19. The lack of customer focus is unquestionable, but blaming it on middle managers, or their managers, is silly. Almost 1/4 working Canadians now works for the public service. That's absurd, and it's pretty much become a political class of its own in Canada. The Federal (and at least in Ontario) Provincial Liberals have feasted on this demographic during elections, and they've enjoyed a feedback loop that's symbiotic between them, but parasitic for the overall population. We have a bloated, ineffective and overpaid public sector that views the perpetuation of this arrangement as its primary goal, rather than the delivery of services to Canadians. Blame the middle managers if you want, but that's very Putinesque. Responsibility flows up, not down. Standing at the top are the Liberal governments, buying and paying for the votes that keep them in government.
  20. If it were my life goal, my post count would look something like this: Alas, I go to work, do things outside the house, and don't have time for 40+ posts and engaging in a dozen internet battles with various people on any given day. Fortunately, you do such a good job making yourself look like an assclown that anyone can point it out. The fact that you can't make it to the second page of a thread without getting into a fight with someone and humiliating yourself speaks for itself. πŸ™ƒ
  21. If you didn't have the self-awareness and emotional intelligence of a 2-year old, you'd realize you're only humiliating yourself with this claim.
  22. Who do you figure the bosses are? That seems like a pretty facile explanation for why our Public Service is so bloated, yet still ineffective. It's just upper management's fault?
  23. I'm pretty sure all of Canada is owned by Jesus, if we're being technical here. 🫠
  24. Nah dawg, that's you. You're a singular specimen here - objectively the biggest loser no-life the forum has ever seen in 20+ years. Nobody ever has had less going on in their life on this forum than you. King Loser, we crown you.
  25. If only simply insisting on things you make up actually made them true, you wouldn't be here all day every day raging at everyone, with nothing and nobody in your life besides. πŸ₯΄
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