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  1. That's for the Russian people to figure out for themselves. We don't need to humour megalomaniacs because the country is full of servile donkey-people. Losing wars has a stellar track record for shattering propaganda. The miscalculations were already made. The risk now is a nuclear temper-tantrum. Accommodating that is a non-starter. There's no scenario where Putin is not humiliated. The question now is how dumb the average Russian is.
  2. Quickest way for this war to be over is for Russian soldiers to go back to Russia. It's a lot easier to go home than it is to give up your home to someone trying to take it.
  3. Russia is already humiliated, and Ukraine is still fighting for their homeland. I'm more concerned about Ukraine's sovereignty and safety than about Putin's shattered ego.
  4. Of course you don't. That was my point. You lack perspective and self-awareness. There is little about your hellfire preaching that could be considered respectful. For someone of such strong faith, the humility and the "good news" parts seem to have been lost on you. All you're offering to us here is clueless proclamations of your supposed moral superiority. So do I, and believe you are obnoxious and profoundly ignorant.
  5. Being gay/bi/trans or whatever isn't an ideology, nor is saying it's "okay" to be. 🤷‍♂️
  6. You still don't understand. The problem is you, not religious people's beliefs. If you weren't so lacking in perspective, you'd realize that it's your ignorance, your hypocrisy and your clueless, obnoxious judgments that earn you mockery. An incurious one-track mind like yours, however, wards off this sort of helpful self-reflection by waving the Bible around and deluding yourself into thinking everyone else is the problem.
  7. You still don't seem to understand that you're the loudmouth.
  8. Nobody said it was: You're not telling me anything I don't know. It's just a different way of phrasing the same point. Maybe things just always were, and the only reason we think it's miraculous is that we're self-centred yet incredibly insignificant in the universe. There's nothing wrong with having faith, or even talking about your faith. Being an angry religious fundamentalist preaching judgment, fire and brimstone at an uninterested audience has predictable results.
  9. No explanation is required. There isn't nothing, and nothing is an impossible to comprehend concept on its own. Not making a leap of faith is not the same thing as making a leap of faith. The former is a contentment/acceptance of things as they are, without the need for deeper meaning or explanation. No, because proving something doesn't exist is always impossible. Arguing that God doesn't exist is pointless. Disparaging Blackbird is disparaging an overbearing religious fundamentalist, who preaches to people who aren't even remotely interested.
  10. "We appreciate the MiGs you've sent us, but could somebody send us something that isn't Russian garbage?"
  11. What's there to spin? You're raving about the ravings of another foolish man. 🤡
  12. Except when they are? A lot of the time it's just to amuse one another. They have fun, so why should any of us care? They're not being used to represent anyone but themselves. They're there to teach inclusion, not to instruct classrooms what the gays look like.
  13. It symbolizes acceptance for those identities, which unfortunately is still not something that they can take for granted. It would be better to think about this along the lines of woman's suffrage and equal rights. For the record, I do wholeheartedly disagree with the idea of say, trans female athletes competing in female sports, but that's relatively minor side show of the whole LGBTQ+ debate.
  14. That's a silly false-equivalence, requiring you to believe that being gay or bi or whatever is an ideological stance.
  15. I think it would have to hack/trick the software somehow into thinking it was scanning a 3D image. I have no idea how hard it would be but I don't think taking a picture of either does the trick.
  16. It's not that easy for AI to crack passwords. They are good at cracking basic "mydogsname" passwords made by people, and can learn how to predict these from data breaches etc, but AI isn't making passwords obsolete. There are numerous safeguards that can be implemented beyond simple passwords as well. AI does represent a lot of security problems though, and just being able to impersonate someone's voice has troubling implications.
  17. Empires held together by large militaries and/or absolute monarchs by force is not "getting along". There is a reason this model collapsed.
  18. Whataboutism. and Vladimir Putin is a revanchist looking to bring back those "glory days" for his country.
  19. As is usually the case with you, you're arguing a strawman. The question was whether the opening of the Western Front tipped the scales in Russia's favour, as you seemed so certain. The "western front" never opened up until June 1944, or in the summer of 1943 if you want to count the relatively small Sicily or Italy campaigns. The Germans had already lost in the east by then. If you're arguing that Germany could have defeated the USSR if the UK etc were never involved, it doesn't matter, because that conflict predated the Eastern Front so it's pointless to hypothesize about it.
  20. You're 100% right. The last German offensive in the East was in the summer of 43, and it was a complete failure. By that point the Russian advantage in weapons, manpower and logistics was overwhelming.
  21. If you consider a full-page, ~10 paragraph ramble to be a "condense concise response", then that's a cry for help. That you imagined me staring at my screen in frustration just because I didn't respond quickly after you posted at 1:30am (my time) is a worrying glimpse into your mindset. The possibility that people sleep, work, play sports etc, and don't prioritize responding to walls of text is lost on you. As for the response itself, it didn't require my best. When you're literally explaining that square footage helps determine property prices (as if anyone argued otherwise, anywhere), you're just debating with yourself again.
  22. You've acknowledged in the past that the Liberals aren't unique in their neglect for the military. I agree with you, but I don't think I've been alive for a Prime Minister who properly looked after our military.
  23. You wrote a ~500 word post explaining that square footage is a factor in real-estate property prices. If we've established anything it's that you couldn't organize your thoughts into a concise response, and that you lost the thread of debate.
  24. The Dinosaurs also had radioactive material in their food chain. Basically every rock and every spec of dirt on the planet has small amounts of radionuclides from uranium-238, thorium-232 and potassium-40 decay. Our species has evolved for millions of years to co-exist with both cosmic and terrestrial radiation.
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