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  1. If I did, all you'd have to do to prove it is take 10 seconds to copy+paste a quote. Instead, here you are on page three, still shitting yourself and carrying on like a clown.
  2. What, do the Zionists suppose they're getting full reparations hundreds of years of anti-semitism? Don't think so. They barely even got anything out of Germany. Maybe, but if he gets what he wants out of Ukraine, he'll have emboldened the regime he built and his successor could carry on with much of the same. We'll be insolvent, our economy would collapse, nobody would lend to us or want to do business with us, and it would probably take us decades to recover. That's why.
  3. Nobody anywhere, ever said anything even remotely close to that. The only person who did is you, when you were making up things to argue with yourself about. Now we have another half-page of raving emoji spam and worthless carrying on, amounting to nothing more than: All of this could be resolved with a copy+pasted quote, you hilarious assclown - if only that quote existed outside of your clownworld make-believe. 🤣
  4. Of course it's an established principle. How naive do you have to be to suggest otherwise? Ukraine isn't being supported by the West because of International Law or any steadfast moral principles. It's being supported because Putin is a megalomaniac and geopolitical foe whose ambitions are in everyone's interest to thwart. Whatever grievances Iran may have against the US/UK etc, decades of poor decision-making doesn't all come back on them, just like you can't blame the Teacher in 5th grade who hit you for the hit-and-run fatality you caused under the influence 30 years later. That doesn't mean the teacher is absolved, but she had nothing to do with you getting drunk and getting behind the wheel.
  5. You can't. That's why you run yourself around posting "crap" for pages and pages trying to explain why you won't prove it, instead of taking a few seconds to copy+paste and actually prove it. This is the sort of 10-IQ batshit stupidity that makes you comedy gold.
  6. You didn't make any points. It was just verbal diarrhea, like 90% of your posts. Thankfully, your ranting and worthless nattering comes with a warning label: compulsive every sentence. That means you're having another seizure or something, and thus the substance of your post is nothing more than:
  7. They may have initiated/helped it along, but 50 years later, blame for this dysfunction lands back home. Iran is a shithole because of its leadership and because its people continue to tolerate it. Colonialism and Imperialism are a lazy excuse for why the Middle East can't sustain anything but repressive dictatorships.
  8. but you are - you're just not trying to be. 🤡 Yes, they can go back and look. So can I. So can you. If the quotes you're saying exist are there, you'd be able to take <30 seconds to copy and paste them in lieu of pages worth of batshit nattering on why you won't.
  9. You're absolutely making up what I say. That's why you can never, ever quote me actually saying it. Instead, all we get is you pissing all over yourself with another worthless, long-winded tantrum. 🤡
  10. We do, but the most important thing is getting the public to understand. For the last 10-15 years, the public sector unions have done a better job building their narrative and driving the story. Tone-deaf buffoons like Tim Hudak were easy targets for the Teacher's Unions etc to make them out as villains. This is also a problem, but I suspect small potatoes. Part of the problem is nepotism, where contracts are getting awarded to friends and acquaintances with little oversight, the other side of it is that the public service is full of mediocre to useless people who are incapable of doing the work themselves.
  11. Don't you mean Putin? Oh wait...he'd get arrested. He can't go south of the Black Sea. This will have to do I guess: What a hero of the People. 🤡
  12. All you're "pointing out" is what you're making up. Show us the quote, or we can safely conclude that this is just more smooth-brain Foxfantasy. 🤡
  13. Nothing new here. Everything you've ever said about this conflict has been pro-Putin right from the start, right down to the absurdly dumb idea of Jewish Nazi Zelensky. 🤡
  14. There's lots of ways for Ukraine to "lose" the war. They should have lost right away, but didn't on account of the pathetic and brainless Russian army you've been cheering the whole way, as they throw their peasant soldiers lives away for next to nothing. Go look at a map of the front lines in Summer 2022. Compare them to today.
  15. Wrong about what? It's been over two years and the front lines have barely moved. Mighty Russian and your hero are still threatening and threatening...now it's Odessa on the line. When? When are the garbage donkey peasants from Russia going to take Odessa, do you figure?
  16. Charging them with solving problems is a very different thing than empowering them to do so. You can mandate whatever you want to the managers, but if they're not empowered to get it done and they're cucked from the start by a sweetheart CBA deal, they're nothing more than frustrated talking heads. There are horrible managers everywhere. I suspect even more so in the public sector than in the private, with much of it having to do with what's described above. Trying to motivate and get the most out of people who have no incentive to do anything but the literal bare minimum is a Sysyphean task that most ambitious and capable people would avoid. Creativity isn't required for uncomplicated problems. Messaging and getting the public on your side is more important. It's not like disgruntled public sector unions are going to perform their jobs worse than fat and coddled ones. Mike Harris and Jean Chretien were able to bring things back on-side. Though painful, it was necessary, and only made that way by the pandering largesse of previous governments. Our CBA dealings with public sector unions need to be in-line with supply for workers. If we're short on nurses, sweeten the deal. That's how it should work, but it's not how it is. Overall, the public sector has near-zero vacancy despite its ballooning size whilst the private sector has spent the last couple years struggling to find workers. That tells us everything we need to know.
  17. It's funny, because you no matter how many times I explain otherwise, and the fact that you can't quote me anywhere at any time saying anything of the sort, you're still insisiting on arguing against something that only you have ever said. 🤡 Keep on debating with yourself, muppet.
  18. Is it over? Are they taking Odessa? If Ukraine fires into Russia proper, is that going to make the Russians take Odessa...even more? 🤡
  19. Not my argument - the one you made up for yourself to debate against, because you're too belligerently stupid to argue with anyone else. 🤣
  20. So they weren't trying to that before? They've been playing nice so far? LOL 🤣
  21. Nobody is claiming it isn't. That's just the T-Ball argument you've pathetically invented for yourself to battle against. Whenever challenged, CdnFux will play make believe and debate against a phantom argument nobody, anywhere, ever made. 🤣 What's being contented is the scale and severity of the effect that you grossly, comically exaggerate, and your absolute inability and unwillingness to validate it - nothing but more of your clueless, made-up, unsupported and belligerent bullshitting. 👏 The experts are all wrong, CdnFux says. It's the friendly MSM media...LOL. I applaud you for finally putting your tinfoil hat on in the open for us all to see.
  22. I don't see how it can have much of anything to do with management. If you agree that the unionized public sector is not incentivized to either perform or listen to management, and the managers (at any level) are not empowered to do anything about it, how is this a management culture problem? This doesn't require a lot of imagination. The vacancy rates for public sector positions are near-zero despite the ballooning numbers of positions. They're overpaid by any objective measurement and the culture of entitlement has been enabled and encouraged by Liberal government leadership. Canadian taxpayers have been bullied and pushed around by public sector labor monopolies and the Liberals cynically giving them sweetheart deals for too long. It's (unfortunately) come to the point where a harsh reversal is required.
  23. Do you have an answer for the question? Why would Ukraine care if Russia gets mad? What have they been doing that they haven't already done? 🙄
  24. What do the Ukrainians care if the Russians are pissed off? They're already invading and fully committed. Now, instead of being really really really mad, you figure they'll get really really really really mad? 🙄
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