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  1. You go from "You're lying. I've never done it before" to "I was joking" after quotes emerge showing you doing it exactly that. What a pivot. I never claimed you used those words, so that's irrelevant. The fact is that you suffer a chronic need to proclaim your superior intelligence, when it should speak for itself. Constant, insecure boasting shouldn't be required, yet there it is.
  2. "I've never done it before!" ...and yet there it is, after a 3 second forum search. 🀑
  3. If it was self-evident, you wouldn't suffer the chronic need to self-congratulate. Nothing screams insecurity like constantly having to tell everyone how smart you are. You point and laugh by pounding out multiple-paragraph responses to one-liners? Oookay. 🫑
  4. Western analysts also assumed that Ukraine would be quickly defeated in 2022. If there's one thing the Russians are good at, it's boasting about and wildly inflating their strength beyond reality. Assassinating Zelensky would make a martyr out of him. This point is a dud. If one of the oldest military tactics in book (contesting natural defensive barriers like rivers) was all that stopped Kiev from being captured, that tells you how poor Russian planning must have been. Regardless, this point is also misinformed because literally everything about the push towards Kiev was a debacle. A river didn't chase the Russian army out of northern Ukraine. This is basically the only advantage they do have, and it doesn't count for nearly as much as it used to. and yet it continues to be the Russian units melting away and underperforming. It's almost like cowed and bullied conscripts thrown callously and ill-equipped into a foreign invasion don't have the same sort of Γ©lan as people defending their homeland. Putin might be desperate, but so is Ukraine. That's a resounding compliment to Joe Biden, because anyone still pretending Putin's "leadership" is worth anything is deluding themselves. The myth of your strength and wisdom doesn't hold up when you've just faceplanted into the worst geopolitical disaster of a generation.
  5. I read what I quoted and responded to that. You talking about other people's desperation for acknowledgement while posting 1000+ times a month was peak irony. πŸ˜† Sure, but that doesn't change my commentary above. If your reasoning and your arguments were a solid as you'd have us believe, they'd speak for themselves. Your constant and cringeworthy need to deliver flattering self-assessments wouldn't be necessary. πŸ™ƒ
  6. I don't know of any anti-semite behavior. I don't ever even see the majority of your posts (or contrarians), and in your case there's little reason to read more than 1-2 sentences out of what you've barfed out onto the keyboard for the ones I do anyways. Whatever you're crying foul over with contrarian, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt over you 11 times out of ten. You've shown such poor integrity, reasoning and self-control in your brief time on this forum that it's safe to assume your assessment of a dispute is going to wildly inaccurate.
  7. That remains to be seen. If the Ukrainians are convinced they can take back territory, I'll reserve judgement and see if they can. The one reliable constant through this entire conflict has been that perceptions of Russian strength have proven grossly exaggerated, every step of the way. Putin's not even a master of checkers. His self-cultivated image of genius crumbled the moment his army faceplanted into Ukraine. Ukraine's hand has: - The strength of the Western MIC behind it. As big as the dollar numbers sound for military aid to Ukraine, it's peanuts to the countries sending it - much of it surplus equipment that would otherwise be retired. Still, that's been enough to shatter Russia's best. - The moral high ground and something actually worthwhile to fight for. - Much, much much better leadership No offense, but this is utterly worthless commentary. I've spoken to several Russian people and they're sharpening their knives for Putin's back. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I am sure that if Ukraine were given the choice, they'd happily have to decided to not be invaded. When that choice is take away/not offered, however, these sorts of bromidic statements count for little. You're quoting Neville Chamberlain here, btw.
  8. What part of what you quoted was condoning anti-semite behavior? πŸ€” That's ridiculous. As much or more!? πŸ˜† Evidently not, because if I posted as much as you did, I'd have over 150,000 posts on this forum after 15 years....instead of <7000. Nobody on this forum can match your sheer volume of belligerent squawking. You drown and derail threads with it so regularly that for you to suggest literally anyone else is desperate for attention/acknowledgement is the peak of irony. I hope this post wasn't too condoning of anti-semitic behavior. 🀑
  9. Sure, but I'll leave that up to Ukraine to decide how much of their territory being lost is "reasonable", particularly in the face of Putin's atrocities. and also make him refuse negotiations in the first place.
  10. Where did I say anything even resembling that? 🀑
  11. You're writing 1000+ posts a month (most of them in BATTLE MODE). Who's really desperate for attention here? πŸ˜†
  12. This is my favourite post of the month. I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner.
  13. If she's an agitator, then she's a horrible choice for governor general. "Agitator" is anathema to the monarchy. Her appointment was either another poor choice, or on purpose. Nothing makes the monarchy less attractive than a crappy monarch (or a crappy representative thereof).
  14. Very good. Now consider for a moment whether he's actually too dumb to realize this self-evident truth, or that he came up with it on purpose.
  15. What's the difference? I could see the point you were trying to make, until you said this. What about the Cold War changed the moralization? Thank you for speaking normally, but your argument sounds like a lot of whataboutism.
  16. Reee! 😠 Not starting threads isn't being lazy. To comment on your thoughts here: I think these are like 10 years outdated. These are not the talking points coming out of left v right these days. We hardly hear anything form the "left" these days, with them on (what I would say) their back foot reacting to far-right populism (Trumpism) more than anything.
  17. I would love to go back to debating with Hardner, or other intellectually curious people with knowledge (and reality) based worldviews (left or right). Instead, most of the oxygen is sucked out by what amounts to flat-earthers, conspiracy theorists or screeching partisan baboons cluelessly repeating slogans about topics for which they have no knowledge. The general quality of an online discussion is determined by it's floor, rather than its ceiling. Ignorant belligerence and loud noises will drown out thoughtful discourse, without fail. If you're willing to accept the former, recognize that you're not going to get the latter.
  18. He says...and then shortly after: Talk about awkward... πŸ˜‘
  19. Two things that are different: 1) Harper > Poilievre 2) Michael Ignatieff was a gift to every opposing party in Canada.
  20. Proactively ending this means giving Putin want he wants and kicking the can down the road for the next episode of the same thing. Sure, but it's not impossible for him to lose. When the Ukrainians themselves decide it's hopeless, your point might be me more valid. At this point I don't there's any floor on how poorly the Russian military will perform. Iran and North Korea already do, but they're not not exactly titans of industry. Putin will find means to "get by", but that's a vague and not very helpful term. The Russian economy hasn't completely collapsed, it's far worse than they're publishing, with a lot of military spending covering for a disappearing private and consumer industry.
  21. Yes, and that works for most dictatorships... until it doesn't. Not that simple. Iran is near-irrelevant. China and India could support Russia with arms, but they probably won't. Both depend far more on the West than vice-versa, with Western countries accounting for the vast majority of their international trade isn't something they're keen to jeopardize.
  22. Though I agree with some of the points above, a lot of your criticism is hysterical. We can always do worse.
  23. The tragic irony of this comment wouldn't be so lost on an intelligent man. If your actual knowledge base and reasoning skills were even remotely as strong as your perception thereof, you wouldn't need to spend so much time blustering and declaring victory for yourself in every debate. πŸ™ƒ
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