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  1. Triggered? 🤨 There's that projection again. The only thing more pathetic than a no life loser wasting his day trolling internet forums is when he's not even good at it.
  2. For someone who argues I follow him around on the forum, you sure do respond to a lot of my posts. 🤡 Your mountain of clueless irony grows.
  3. and you think your posts here are examples of intellectual industry? 🙄 Whining requires zero effort. It just needs a bad attitude. Nothing is easier than moping around and vaguely/generally complaining about everything.
  4. Thankfully nobody gives a shit what a deluded smooth-brain thinks or says. "Aaaah! Make-believe bioweapon labs! Tucker Carlson said so! Europe's going to freeze! Neo-Nazis AAHh!" All we need to know about your viewpoint on this is right there, clown.
  5. Yet we'll always have this to go by: It's comically dumb to have you say shit like this, and spend as much energy as you have criticizing all of Putin's enemies (while offering not a single criticism for him) and then tell us that you're impartial. You talk about reality and then natter off deluded nonsense like this. 🤡 Your 10-IQ take. 🤡 Thanks for the laughs, you absolutely mind-warped clown.
  6. I don't need a direct quote. The fact that you've spent the last year blaming everyone but Putin for his invasion of Ukraine, parroted his absurd propaganda and gleefully cheered for Ukrainian suffering is all we need: That you're too much of a coward to actually admit it is on you, but it does match your ignorance and foolishness with an obvious weakness of character. You don't even know what honour means, clown.
  7. Reality? What does that have to do with your worldview? Trump won the election! Putin is the good guy! Bioweapon labs in Ukraine! Syrian, Iranian and Lebanese news are reliable sources of information! -Nationalist, dopey simpleton of 2022-2023
  8. Statistics Canada reports are not usually to be relied on for these sorts of things. Leading private/corp economists may look at the data, but they're always digging deeper. Statistics Canada is not the one to call a recession. Look at this: TLDR of this chart is the outlook for corporate executives on whether they expect to be expanding and hiring in the near future vs the opposite. Green is good, red is bad, and if we're not in a recession already we probably will be soon. That being said, it's probably going to be a really light one.
  9. Ex-Soviet collaborators, maybe? Most in Eastern Europe don't have fond memories of the Russian yoke.
  10. Again, I'm not the one cheerleading for Putin as he bombs Ukraine's cities. For someone so supposedly opposed to slaughter, it's not-so-curious how you've spared any/all criticism for the man entirely responsible and guilty for most of it.
  11. This is a silly topic. We should get rid of the Prime Minister’s position because he tends to end up unpopular? The job isn’t to be loved everywhere. It’s to govern.
  12. So turning down their thermostats by 0.8 degrees means what, exactly? How many degrees more do they have to go down (from now 19.4) before anyone's freezing in Germany? Putin really got'em there! You're always good for a laugh. 🤡🤡🤡
  13. Yet I'm not the one parading a series of Syrian and Iranian news on this forum. You have to be a special type of clueless donkey to post those and actually think they're worth anything. You were most certainly up to the task. A for being wrong, how did Ukraine and Europe freezing over the winter go for you? You were so excited about that. 🤡
  14. Relevant? Sure, but not as relevant as overpopulation. Humouring the delusion that China and India are going to lift their bursting-at-the-seams populations out of poverty via coalfire power generation and that we'll cover the difference by driving Teslas and putting solar panels on our roofs isn't going to end well.
  15. and that's a childish simplification. If the goal is to limit emissions to avoid a runaway greenhouse effect, then waiting for 5-6 Billion people to pull themselves out of poverty via coalfire burning will make a joke of it. China's overpopulation is a problem of its own making, and there's no per-capita allotment for emissions. That, and the fact that China's a hostile and untrustworthy partner that the West is starting to steer away from.
  16. Kind of a thoughtless analogy at any rate. Just because climate change is real doesn't mean anything we do to fight it is a good idea.
  17. I'm assuming you would, seeing as though you're cheerleading Putin's invasion, parroting his propaganda and reveling in his attacks on civilians. What's Syrian news saying about the conflict lately? Quick, check your Twitter feed!
  18. Or they could just deport them and starve/murder them in the millions like the Russians usually do. Only a deluded clown actually believes any of the justifications Putin used for his invasion. Do you have a picture of him above your bed? You dream of strong brave manly man at night?
  19. Would be a better analogy if Johnny and 100 of his friends were pissing all over the pool deck while you're forced to hold it in until your bladder explodes. If we're going to go through pain to make our economy green, we can't leave easy loopholes that just export our production and pollution where the rules don't apply. 🤷‍♂️
  20. I don't have any problem with pushing towards green energy etc, and do want to see fossil fuels curtailed BUT the bolded part is absolutely right and it makes so much of what we're currently trying to do hopeless and pointless. I used to argue with people on here about how dumb Ontario's Green Energy effort was ~10 years ago with the Ontario Liberals. Heavily subsidizing inefficient/immature green tech and taxing our industries has no effect if corps are just going to outsource production to Southeast Asia. The only way to make this work would be to tariff dirty production abroad.
  21. Gosh. Let's talk more about vaccine conspiracies, please.
  22. Because he doesn't have to keep going back to the Middle East for western news commentary...for a start. At least this time we can safely assume your news source wasn't financed by the Iranian Republican Guard, so you're making progress.
  23. At least somebody here finds his posts interesting. I'm an enemy of God and Christianity, I'm told. 🤷‍♂️
  24. Bolded is the only thing you said in that entire ramble that even had a kernel of a point, so I'll answer that first: The personal beliefs of a clueless tool on the internet are not relevant for any sort of investigation. Neither of us know who was actually investigated (or who may still be under investigation), but you do need evidence to prosecute. Whether or not any of the BLM organization's leadership incited riots, we can probably assume they didn't tape themselves storming government buildings in tactical gear calling for the overthrow of the US government. The rest of your post? Just more of your performative jackassery.
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