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  1. Bottom line is your reasoning skills match your emotional maturity and self-control (none). 15 seconds of Google searching would have saved you the humiliation of claiming the USA's embarrassing COVID performance was because of population density, but there you are offering up that turd nonetheless. Even funnier is how you literally cannot help yourself from melting down into another worthless emoji spam rant.
  2. You posted a few things AFTER eyeball and I had both called you out for making shit up again (where are those polls again, btw? 😆). What's especially funny is that these "sources" don't even support what you were saying. A literal full-page wall-of-text was required for you to bullshit and spin, with your conclusion entirely relying on garbage assumptions that don't hold water either. ARF ARF, there's that Sealioning again! It would be easier to name the countries who didn't, rather than the ones who did perform better than the USA with COVID, even the ones with denser populations. Sorry muppet, your hypothesis is retarded.
  3. There is a long list of countries with higher population densities and much lower mortality than the USA. Population density no doubt plays a role in infections spreading, but that's not why the USA (the world's richest and most medically advanced country) had such spectacularly bad COVID outcomes. Ever heard of...Japan? Aww muffin. Looks like you pissed yourself again.
  4. You posted charts and graphs after the fact and the only way you managed to convince even yourself they supported your argument was wetting yourself and puking out yet another longwinded, bewildered essay relying on a mountain of self-affirming assumptions. 🤡
  5. You didn't post the evidence. Eyeball posted a news article referencing the study. Your powers of batshit fantasy don't magically alter the conclusions of the study just because you provided a direct link to it. 🤣
  6. First, I know you have problems with sources and citations in general, but an MS word doc from some random unpublished source is about as bad as they come. Opening MS Word docs on random websites is like digital Darwinism.
  7. Right!? Also worth noting is that the Americans (in general) did not just "let her rip". Their health experts were saying much the same as ours - the difference was the rate at which people and governments listened. The one good thing I can say about Trudeau is that he handled the pandemic better than Orange Man.
  8. Hahahaha...what a dumb f*cking thread. It's now tyrannical for the government to force banks to identify specific deposits...because it's so so hard for them to do. 🤣
  9. Eyeball doesn't have to post the study. He posted an article referencing it along with its conclusions. You posting the actual study doesn't change those conclusions, nor does your clueless, 10-IQ critique of it. The absurd comedy of an angry, uneducated and no-life clown like you pretending you can highlight flaws in a 260+ page research study's methodology is top KEK.
  10. You don't. You didn't just now either. You just linked the report that eyeball had already referenced, and then just spun out and dissembled with your usual worthless bullshitting. You talking about the errors in a study is comical considering your absence of relevant (or seemingly any) training and experience. All you ever have is longwinded bloviating and puking on your keyboard. Nobody can use more words to say less of substance than you.
  11. When this muppet references “evidence”, he’s really just referencing his imagination. Nobody is more allergic to citation or references on this cite than him. 🤡
  12. K. If you're talking about the collapse of Canada/US everyone, there's really not much to discuss. Yes, but your fishing license isn't going to pay your local bureaucracy...unless you want the price to go up alot!
  13. You can insist and insist as much as you want on what you want the argument to be about, but you're just making it up again. It's a given that you have so little going on in your life that maintaining a half dozen of these belligerent arguments seems like a good use of time, but you're also obviously too dumb to even remember what the debate was even about. 🤡
  14. It's literally right above this quote. ARF ARF ARF ARF. CdnFox can add champion Sealion to his dubious list of King Loser qualities. 🤡
  15. It should be, but then you're too belligerent and too stupid to let it be. There's me clarifying my position, and not for the first time in this thread. For someone who likes to squawk about Sealioning, nobody does it better than you.
  16. That's a self-evident absurdity though. Take the idea to it's logical conclusion and you'll have a mayor for every few square miles, governing jurisdictions of only a few people. Sounds dumb, right? There are a great many issues that can't be looked after locally. The question is then what things should be decided locally, and then how are funds raised for that?
  17. I'm saying laziness is one of many reasons. There are lots of others. Rest assured it's not because all the Facebook Karens who did their own research convinced them via quackery.
  18. Just like how so many folk don't play a sport or go to the gym as soon as highschool is over. It's not because they think exercise is bad. It's because they're lazy. 🙃
  19. Nope. That's not my claim at all. My claim is that it's possible to believe something is a good idea, but that people still might not do them for all sorts of reasons. You probably believe that exercise is a good idea, but you still spend 16 hours a day glued to your chair arguing on the internet. Get it? 🤡 Once again, you're just arguing with yourself.
  20. Because I can't quote myself not saying the things you make up. That's basic logic. If you're too stupid to understand and concede even that point, congratulations! You've proven you're one of the dumbest people to ever grace this forum. 🤣
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