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  1. Earth-shattering news here.. Another Trump thread. Wow... this one is going to say something different than the other 1,844 ones before it. And it will only get better being as we have an entire year before the next election. A whole year of more threads that say the same thing (both pro and anti-Trump).
  2. So intellectual of you to ask..... you show you lack of IQ by asking such juvenile questions.
  3. Hmmm.. I was born and raised in Idaho which is one of the reddest states in the union. Another one of your assumptions dismissed. But you are quite the comedian... not sure why you get that job to come over here. No one looks dumber than you when you make unfounded assumptions and ride with them.
  4. answer... not any time soon. Folks have time on their hands and opportunity. With nothing to unify a nation such as a foreign invader or religious revival... folks find things to be outraged about.
  5. I would say neither.. Neither is unified enough to truly be a cult. A republican in NV is not going to say the same things as a republican in MN.
  6. From what I have observed from the rural parts of Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and montana... the rural types vote Republican because they are convinced that by doing so.. they are voting for second amendment rights, lower taxes, and their religion not encroached upon. Much like their urban counterparts.. they know next to nothing about the candidates, the issues, or the existing laws on that topic.
  7. Typical internet keyboard warriors.. ad hominem attacks and insults. I know that you are the second coming of Bruce Lee in your mind but in real life.. you would not say things like ^^^ this to someone in real life.. Ok, so we have confirmed that you would not confront someone that you KNOW absolutely nothing about. So that seems to contradict your whole schpiel that all drag queens are serial child molesters.
  8. And it is no wonder that we get such a great crop of politicians. Biden vs. Trump again... this is like saying that we have a choice between A moldy pastrami sandwich served with a side of dog s__t or rotten maggot-infested raw chicken with a side of moldy horseradish. This is why I tend to focus not on the politicians but the people/groups that vote them in. It says more about them than it does the politician.
  9. It felt like someone stabbing me in the lower right of the rib cage every 10 seconds. It lasted for 10 hours.. that was enough to motivate some change. What is even more amazing is the quackery that some folks read and buy into it. The best example is one quack/expert saying that you can cure gall stones forever by drinking lemon juice. Except that when you do not ingest fat.. the gall bladder just sits on the sideline and does nothing. Unless gall stones are very small.. like .2 cm, they never pass into the small intestine. I can understand the desperation and not wanting to go to an ER but at least in the US.. you can't just call up a surgeon and have it done immediately. You have to get a referral and that demands that you go to a clinic, ER, specialist.. someone.
  10. my issue was gall stones and so the number one thing you have to think about is fat intake. Sugars, wheat, dairy.. are not that relevant when it comes to preventing another gall stone attack. I had 4 of them and all 4 times were triggered by cheese and cured meat. Since having it removed.. the symptoms have not completely subsided. The items listed in my last post still cause some of the same pain as before (just not as severe). The last attack was something that I would have done anything to avoid having a repeat of. I had a ruptured appendix at age 19 and that felt like a scraped knee in comparison to gall stone attacks.
  11. In some states, alabama, being the best example.. They have a negative birth rate and no in migration from other states. Their population growth is almost entirely from immigration (legal or not). It bothers them that their state is seeing changes in the demographic. My home state, Idaho, used to face this reality before the early 90's. Prior to the late 80's to early 90's.. it was a land of stagnant population, exceedingly white, stagnant economy, and a lot of towns that were remarkably average.
  12. Interesting you can't answer a simple question. However, this is nothing new.. most internet keyboard warriors can't answer simple, direct questions. I know why..
  13. Having cut cured meat, ground meat, most cheese, and anything creamy out of the diet for 2.5 months now has been interesting. Down 30 lbs, mostly less energy than before, but have less allergy symptoms. Not sure if the last two are related but interesting nonetheless.
  14. Some guy who needs to get a life is going to sue saying that due to this policy.. he did 2 less jobs per night and so that cost him $80 or so. $80 per night over 5 days is $400 and so on. He is going to lay on the water works and play victim as per normal society.
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