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  1. Proof that someone has no clue about human nature. People are moving on according to you because of some grand conspiracy.. There are all in on it and yet no one knows this.
  2. looks fairly realistic. However, i predict that Trump loses in NV and MI. Still wins but not those states.
  3. and yet when you run simple web scraping code.. you find that covid is not even close to being the number one story. I am not the only one moving on. So if it is such a hot story.. how can this be? Why are we moving on? Simple human nature. The more time passes by since something, the less we prioritize it. Why is occupy wall street not front page news now? Answer.. its been roughly 12 years. A more rational and honest person could understand this time-tested truth but we know that you can't 50 years from now.. you will be saying the same thing. What is amazing is that you think that you have this vast captive audience who is waiting on your every word.. such delusions of grandeur. You keep rambling on and on and no one is listening. You have my pity.
  4. so what is your plan for making the internet go away. These items that you so abhor are the inevitable product of it and the first amendment
  5. this is disheartening to some but you can't unring the bell. the internet is here to stay. From the internet.. you get wokeness.
  6. You never fail to deliver entertainment value. It comes down to being rational... the past is the past, you can't change it. To keep saying the same things over and over and over again.. (which you do) and expect a different result is not rational. Rehashing something just because you can.. again, not rational.
  7. Cultist... wow. That would mean that I care one way or the other. When folks at the office refused to get vaxxed.. guess what? I said nothing. If you get vaxxed..ok. If you do not, ok as well. a cultist would get upset about the possible outcomes.
  8. Chew on this for just a second.. If I give a healthy person not in dire need of surgery $250,000, what will they buy? Housing, cars, consumption goods, food, etc. Will they spend their money on health care? Unlikely. We mostly are trying to avoid spending money on health care. It is not really a "good".. because increases in income do not result in predictable increases in health care spending.
  9. as predicted.. you can't answer a simple, direct question with a simple, direct answer. My point in the very beginning was that folks are moving on. My meeting with state officials was evidence of that. Whether or not this is how it should be.... that is up to you. I have moved on. Living life through the rear view mirror does not advance your life. But... hey, you keep whining, complaining to deaf ears and I will move on to topics that are impactful and relevant to right now.
  10. Digging through federal and state govt budgets is not for the faint of heart. You may see a line item but then you explore a bit more and it gets very murky very quickly. Most do not have the stamina to wade through it.
  11. the majority of your posts (regardless of who you reply to) have name-calling and assumptions. Why are you not a talk radio host?
  12. Your amnesia is getting worse. I answered you and said I have no opinion. Lets repeat that so you understand.."I have no opinion"
  13. My point on this thread is that folks are moving on. Some simple web scraping techniques can prove this. It is no longer front page news. My example at work was simply another data point. The governor has tired of this and ready to move on to other topics. I have never wavered in my contention that this topic does not move my needle. Its over. But your repeated name-calling shows that you have no self control and you lack the intelligence to express yourself any other way.
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