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  1. The Harbour Folk Band resident band at The Irishman Pub in Stavanger, Norway
  2. in time of war or national emergency the government simply invokes the Emergencies Act the legal basis of the Emergencies Act is the reasonable limits clause within Section 1 the Emergencies Act not only empowers the government to conscript civilians into the military it also grants the authority to conscript civilians into non military national service
  3. that's not the historical role of the Canadian military bear in mind that Canada has only ever fought one war in the specific defence of Canada the Northwest Rebellion of 1885 against Louis Riel, the Father of Manitoba see that the primary role of the Canadian Forces is to defend the government from an armed insurrection hence why Canada has fewer than 100 tanks the main arm of decision in Canada is the infantry, in support of the RCMP
  4. "subject to reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society." that's the catch all, it is justified to conscript to defend the free & democratic society in times of war and/or emergency
  5. this civilianization of the military is particularly entrenched in Canada but it is actually prevalent throughout the Western World now yet this is a rather a geopolitical result 70 years of Pax Americana has induced the concept that the military is a civil service which doesn't actually fight wars anymore
  6. there's nothing in the constitution which precludes conscription during state of emergency just as in the pandemic, the government could invoke Section 1 of the constitution in order to draft citizens into the military
  7. my father is dead and yet he lives on all that he was, all that he believed in, lives on in me my grandfather & great grandfather too what is human civilization, if not that ?
  8. at the going down of the sun and in the morning, I remember them and by that rememberance I steel my heart, for when it comes my turn to go over the top as necessary as with failing hands they passed the torch to me
  9. I never made any comparison I simply passed on to Goddess, to remember where she comes from, the story of her people there's no barrier between her & her progenitors upon Vimy Ridge, that I am aware of at least
  10. but I was born in the British Empire just like Quebec, I never signed the Canada Act 1982 my ancestor arrived at Halifax Harbour in 1757, press ganged into the Seven Years War my great grandfather stood upon Vimy Ridge with the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of Canada my grandfather was RCAF in the Second World War Cuidich 'n Righ
  11. it's not about Trudeau there are those Canadians who defend & uphold the heights of Queenston to the heights of Vimy Ridge with their lives as necessary and there are those Canadians who simply do not remember where they come from
  12. frozen Gulag Canadian Siberia all the collectivist Canadian Nanny Police State as in Ontario with the worst winter this side of Russia
  13. as I say I'd take a bullet for Danielle Smith I'd take a bullet for you over the top when the whistle blows, for the women & children not as an Albertan tho Loyalist Orangeman of Upper Canada Guardians of Confederation Dileas
  14. hope springs eternal so I'd take a bullet for her, even in the forlorn hope
  15. what other choices do you think we have in Ontario ?
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