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  1. agreed Trudeau is not the cause of anything, he is a result the result of the Canadian population being utterly enthralled with government central planning no matter which party they vote for, Canadians do in fact demand it Justin Trudeau is only guilty of giving Canadians exactly what they asked for tho I do think he is a narcissistic psychopath, that's not an insult, merely an observation apparently Canadians will vote repeatedly for a narcissistic psychopath so long as that lunatic promises to make the government into their nation parent to wit, the Canadian electorate is self infantilizing by nature we both know that the electorate will demand the same from the Conservatives in that, if the Conservatives refuse to be the national parent, they will be swiftly voted out hence why the Conservatives wont do that of course soon as they are in office, the Conservatives will immediately assert themselves to be national mommy & daddy too there is no light at the end of the tunnel, it's just more of the same, as far as the eye can see again, Canada is not a republic, there is no public rule in Canada, because Canadians don't want it Canada is the forever colony, where someone other than the Canadian population has to take charge a perfectly ripe environment for.narcissistic psychopaths to exploit it's not just Trudeau obviously as these sorts of self serving lunatics have overrun every single institution in the land it's not an uniquely Canadian pathology but Canada has it bad ; Stage 4 Metastasis ; it has spread to the bone marrow now
  2. but he simply represents the deeply ingrained impulses of the Canadian population to have the government run every aspect of their lives down to the smallest detail this is what Canadians on the whole vote for, time and again, even when the Liberal Party is out of office
  3. the country is destroying itself I simply carry on in the face of Canadian self immolation, doing my own thing Canada is want to douse itself in gasoline and light a match I honestly can't think of anything I could do to stop it at this juncture, it's too far gone thus I will move on as best I can, picking my way through the burnt out rubble
  4. at this point in Ontario, the archetypal Canadian is a Punjabi Sikh wearing a Turban, driving a truck they are however ultra conservative, and actually far more British than the supplanted Canadians literally all they care about is faith, family, and freedom a warrior caste, utterly prepared to kill & die for what they believe in the Punjabi Sikhs are like the Canadians of yore ; Shock Troops of the Empire thus I get along with them swimmingly tho they're not really into Stompin' Tom, they've got their own musical tastes Ek Onkar
  5. a fifth column acts on behalf of an hostile foreign power thus you are asserting the United Kingdom to be an enemy of Canada sheer lunacy
  6. so Canada cancels the First Father of Confederation and replaces him with an American of little note U-S-A ! U-S-A ! U-S-A !
  7. I like the reasonable enjoyment of my property, with my beloved wife of 25 years my only ideology is to secure my rights, freedoms, & liberties therein by the Constitution Act "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law"
  8. you are either loyal to the British Crown or not it's a binary choice written into the Constitution Act particularly within the Oath of Allegiance
  9. no need for reform, Old Bean it's a forum wherein the Great Powers Jaw, Jaw, Jaw rather than War, War, War mission accomplished all attempts to remake it into a legislative body are folly since that would only incite World War Three very soon thereafter
  10. you are the fifth column, inveighing against the Canadian oath of allegiance to the British Crown ; is sedition
  11. I would argue that the Reformation has surpassed the Harlot of Babylon as the greatest cultural force the American Hegemony being entirely Orange in its origin the greatest civilization of all, standards of living beyond the wildest dreams of Antiquity God given rights with no man nor office between you and the Almighty, an epoch of emancipation all flowing from the Protestant Enlightenment banks of the Boyne River, 1 July 1690 God save the King
  12. the Commonwealth is nothing it is not a political union, merely a cultural club the Commonwealth is 52 countries, 2.5 billion people the only qualification is that you were once a realm of the British Empire the two largest members of the Commonwealth are the republics of India & Pakistan Pakistan which supported the Taliban while they were killing Canadian soldiers in the field India which has conducted targeted assassination of Canadian citizens on Canadian soil the Commonwealth is clearly not what you believe it to be the Maple Leaf symbol dates back to St Jean Baptiste Day 1834, when Canada was Britain
  13. on the contrary I love American freedom I would prefer American freedom yet I am bound by my solemn oath taken to defend & uphold the British Crown in North America thus I made my bed, and so I will lie in it I am strapped to the mast of Canadian Confederation therein, for better or worse, unto death as necessary I will go down with the ship, for Elizabeth Windsor, my Colonel-in-Chief Dileas
  14. but I only ever wanted to be a 48th Highlander of Canada The 48th Highlanders of Canada is a family whereas the Regular Force eats its own, throwing troops under the bus left & right not even just the Junior Ranks, the Regular Force throws Generals under the bus never serve the corrupt & incompetent Government of Canada only serve Regiment, Colours & Commander-in-Chief
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