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  1. a nation forged in blood & fire upon Hill One Four Five at Pas de Calais where Canada Bereft broods over the fallen
  2. we will all be together again over the river under the shade of the trees the brothers to the left and right of us on the road to Calvary Ducimus
  3. at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them Victoria Patricia Dileas Gu Brath
  4. contemporary society is reverting back to an illiberal pre-Enlightenment state ; analogous to the 17th century to wit, the culture wars are in fact religious wars the "Progressives" are proxy for the centralized collectivist authority of the Vatican "Progressives" sell tickets to Heaven demanding adherence the the tenets of their faith ; Environmentalism, Transgenderism, etc the "Populists" are the insurgent individualist Protestants "Populists" rejecting any person or office interceding between them & their beliefs as in the 17th century, sovereign borders are irrelevant the co-belligerents make war against each other regardless of state borders Progressives v. Populists everywhere at once, in every country the 17th century was the birth of the modern age people from the 1500's and before wouldn't recognize what is going on but people from the 1600s would completely understand and immediately choose sides as the culture war does in fact date back 400 years, to the Thirty Years War of 1618-1648 the Internet has overthrown the Peace of Westphalia thus the frozen conflict has resumed in earnest
  5. Canada being founded by the House of Bourbon in the name of the Papacy in order convert the Natives to Popery
  6. Confederation no longer serves its purpose in any case Canada being founded in 1867 as a British North American trade federation & military alliance against America not only is that a completely failed state Canada is now literally the opposite of what it was founded for a fully Americanized anti-British state, without federation, but rather centrally planned from Ottawa wherein the provinces don't trade with each other, only with the Americans totally reliant on the Americans for their security & prosperity no wonder this basket case is being overrun by the Chinese Communists & Hamas as the Americans freeze Canada out, now viewing it as an unreliable competitor rather than ally or partner
  7. oh Hamas is fully aware of what they are doing they are actually suicidal they are seeking to incite a doomsday war wherein Iran would enter a war of annihilation with Israel they have total disregard for the civilians in Gaza for example, when the Arabs in Gaza have tried to rise up against Hamas Hamas opened fire with rockets on Israel, in the the hopes that Israel would bomb the Gazans who were protesting
  8. under the Hague Conventions, it is only prohibited to bombard an undefended target so for example, the Nazis bombed Guernica in Spain that was a war crime, because Guernica was undefended and not resisting on the other hand, the Allies firebombed Dresden : that was actually lawful ; heavily defended target, resisting in terms of using human shields, that's entirely prohibited the party which is co-locating their forces with civilians in order to use them as shields, that's the war crime
  9. the general public is largely ignorant as to what the laws of armed conflict actually state the relevant statutes in this case being the Hague Conventions, which assert : so long as your actions are a military necessity ; the threat cannot be arrested by law enforcement so long as your actions are proportionate ; if they shoot rockets at you ; you can drop bombs on them so long as your actions are collaterally mitigated ; you are not specifically targeting non combatants then the Hague Conventions provide broad latitude to prosecute a war and there isn't any requirement to provide the enemy population with humanitarian aid therein
  10. the standard in Canada really has little to do with ideology Canada being a monarchy under the rule of the British Crown; enforces the King's Peace therein thus the threshold where a rally would be stopped, is if it is likely to cause a "breach of the peace"
  11. 40% of all rockets fired at Israel actually fall short and end up landing on the Palestinians in Gaza
  12. yes, well, you don't strike me as being a totalitarian but certainly, as a conservative I would not embrace the Newspeak of the academic left straight out of Orwell's 1984, under any circumstances furthermore, the fact that Canada's Hamas party would be the first people Hamas lined up against the wall and shot clearly does not preclude them from being useful idi*ts for said Islamofascists
  13. it's all the same cultural revolution the purpose of Trudeau's environmental laws is to divide & conquer the Confederation
  14. a cultural revolution to overthrow the Protestant Enlightenment it's only taken one generation for Canada to revert to witch burning therein
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