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  1. "Bolshevik" simply means "Majoritarian" the Truckers as an analogy to Russo-Soviet history, would more accurately be described as "Kulaks" it is the likes of you who would be the Bolshevik majority in that context
  2. don't be sorry the purpose of social media is not debate the purpose of social media is to disseminate reactionary agitprop
  3. the situation is that Canada is entering a demographic collapse the population is aging out, there's not enough children to replace the Boomers so the socialist model is going to collapse anyways, due to a lack of young taxpayers to fund the system
  4. I didn't complain I simply pointed out that the Canadian socialist model is unsustainable a profit motive is required in order to expand the taxpayer cannot actually fund Canada's healthcare, it's eating all the provincial budgets the result is severe shortages of healthcare in Canada and America is not the only alternative, Switzerland, the Netherlands & Israel all have universal private healthcare
  5. here's your fallout map for North America, from the Cold War it's all going east & north so as you can see, Canada is doomed in the event of, you want to go west & south Oregon, Northern California, West Texas
  6. here's the prevailing winds map these arrows are where the fallout is going to go you can see, that in Africa, the winds are coming down from Europe into North Africa and coming across the Ocean from Australia into South Africa but notice that sweet spot there in South America ? right there in Paraguay, no prevailing winds directed towards it
  7. it's sheltered by the Andes, the west to east winds don't go past the mountains then you've got the water supply from the Parana river there's a strong crop base and plenty of livestock for food you don't want to be in the middle of nowhere in the event of, you need economy to survive and Cuidad del Este is a vibrant city with all the amenities, critical mass ready made, for Mad Max World
  8. the safest place in the event of thermonuclear war in the northern hemisphere based on the prevailing winds is actually Cuidad del Este in Paraguay
  9. oh, well, Canada is not going to survive Canada is actually the no man's land in between America & Russia and Canada is downrange from the fallout the fallout plume from Chicago alone would wipe eastern Canada out
  10. the Russians don't stand a chance in a shooting war they have no early warming, most of their missiles would be taken out in the counterforce strike whatever they had left, they would launch at major population centres in a countervalue retaliation they would take out New York, Chicago & Los Angeles so the Russians would wipe themselves out, and the Democrats too, in one fell swoop huzzah
  11. use them on the Russians if America goes, Ivan is coming with us
  12. at the geostrategic level, the issue is not even beating Russia the issue is really what are we going to do about the loose nukes when Russia totally collapses into ruin this time ?
  13. this is all just whining on behalf of the Kremlin say what you want about the Soviets, but at least they weren't a bunch of whiners Russia wants to have a war, okay, let's get it on stop crying Russia, this is war, don't ask for any quarter
  14. it wasn't a right it's not the in the 14th amendment and never was hence why it has been up in the air since 1973 because the opponents knew it was going to collapse eventually
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