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  1. because the majority of Canadians don't believe in God the Anglo-American systems of governance which made Anglo-America into Western civilization itself that is all based on the Protestant Reformation natural rights, inalienable rights, endowed by the Creator, God Himself the vast majority of Canadians do not believe in that anymore the vast majority of Canadians believe that your rights are provided only by the government and if the government wins the election, that government can take your rights away at will to wit, Canada is no longer a Constitutional Monarchy Canada has become a pure Democracy, which is the rule of a mob, the tyranny of the majority William of Orange defended Britons from this mob rule but now William of Orange has been overthrown in effect replaced by the Prime Minister as being an elected dictator, de facto absolute monarch
  2. but it wont matter if another government is in power the Conservatives will do the same as the Liberals do because the totalitarianism is not being imposed from above the totalitarianism is being demanded from below if you listen to what most Canadians say, most Canadians are in fact totalitarians themselves the vast majority of Canadians believe that thought crime is a crime. and they want that to be enforced
  3. much as I can't help but despise Canadian Petain, the Quisling for the Chinese Communists I don't view him as being the cause Trudeau is simply pandering to the mob the majority of Canadians have now drunk the same pro-China anti-American Kool-aid so Trudeau is just giving the Canadian electorate what it wants Canada is the mostly Socialist central planned nanny police state, regardless of Trudeau because that is what the majority of Canadians believe in now this is what I call the fake country : the Peoples Republic of Canada, which has no written constitution
  4. I would say that Canada, ever dominated by the Liberals, drank the Communist Kool-Aid a long time ago Canada, in fear & loathing of American freedom, has been making itself into a Chinese proxy going back decades Trudeau is just carrying on with his father's work from the 1970's court the Communists to try to leverage America somehow, is not something new the only difference now, is that the plan is very deeply entrenched at this point Canada bet on China, and now Canada is trapped in that no man's land so you see the Liberals now literally stating that the "Republicans" are enemies of Canada even tho the Democrats are just a protectionist, the Democrats are not really Canada's friend
  5. I think Canadians are going to be in for a rude awakening in the not too distant future Canadians are going to wake up one day to discover : yes, Canada, you are a proxy for the Chinese Communists now no, Canada, China is not supplanting America as the Hegemon so, Canada, you have picked the wrong side, you have picked the losing side and now America is actually hostile towards you, America does not trust nor like you anymore you are in no man's land, and Xi Jinping has you by the balls there
  6. except America doesn't want Canada to join the United States America doesn't need to make Canada into the 51st state America has total domination over Canada without having to annex Canada America is not looking to add 38 million Canadians to the Union quite the opposite, America has in fact begun to keep Canada ever more at arms length America wants the border between America & Canada, and America wants that border reinforced Canada is no longer viewed as being a partner, Canada is now viewed as being a competitor which again, is why Canada is being driven into the arms of Beijing to try to compensate
  7. I view it more in constitutional terms the Roman Pope was God's representative on earth that Pope then anointed your King to be God's representative on earth in your kingdom and that was the source of absolute monarchy, a Roman Catholic Kings had absolute power the Protestant Reformation leads to the assertion that your rights are granted directly from God Himself so nether the Pope, nor the King, nor the government, can take your rights away and if they try to, you have justification to overthrow that tyranny this is the basis for consent of the governed, the foundation of the modern liberal state and this is what made Britain into the global Hegemon and then when America became even more liberal than Britain, America supplanted Britain as the Hegemon the freer the country, the richer & more powerful it will become the more the tyrannical the country, the more its economy & society are crippled
  8. and this is why, I would suggest, that Canada is no longer a liberal democrcy this is why Canada has become an illiberal democracy because Canadians don't know their own history so Canadians don't believe in their historical system of governance anymore Canadians now believe that the centrally planned nanny state government should run everything for them this then results in the Canadian economy becoming moribund Socialist nanny police state Canada simply cannot compete with the free enterprise in America and this is why the Chinese Communists have taken control of Canada because Canada needs the Chinese to prop Canada up, in the face of an increasingly protectionist America
  9. Protestants v. Catholic was a global war for world domination the Hegmons were Spain & France, both tyrannical Roman Catholic absolute monarchies the Protestants in England rose up and overthrew their Catholic King Charles I in the English Civil War when the Protestants finally won the war, founding Parliamentary Supremacy this was the birth liberal democracy itself, the birth of the modern liberal state and it was so good for business, so much money fleeing Roman Catholic autocracy to free enterprise in Britain that suddenly Great Britain surpassed Spain & France to become the dominant world power
  10. this is the torch the torch thrown to you with failing hands spoken by Lt. Colonel John McCrae from Flanders
  11. then when the Canadian Corps was formed to take Vimy Ridge in 1917 the Maple Leaf from Maple Cottage in Toronto, became their crest a nation forged in fire on the Western Front to win the Great War in a Hundred Days Canada bereaved broods over the fallen on Hill One Four Five at Pas de Calais
  12. the Maple Leaf Forever by Alexander Muir is the first Canadian institution the first thing that was distinct from the British as being Canadian the Maple Leaf in the Canadian flag you fly now is from the Maple Tree at Maple Cottage on Laing Street in Toronto
  13. and here it is to this day Maple Cottage on Laing Street in Toronto birthplace of the nation
  14. except the problem in Ulster was the salvation of Canada when the Irish Fenians, the proto-IRA, invaded Canada in 1866 Irish republican veterans of the American Civil War formed a Brigade of infantry they marched into the Canada from Niagara Falls the recently raised Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, Loyalist Orangemen to the bone were sent by paddle ferry, from Toronto, to intercept the Fenians across the lake at Ridgeway now, the Americans were battle hardened veterans of the worst conflict in human history to date the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada were Militia from Toronto, having never heard a shot fired in anger so the Americans easily routed the Queen's Own Rifles, it was a walkover for the Americans none the less, the panic that ensued in the wake of the defeat is what incited Canadian Confederation just a year later in July of 1867 Ridgeway was the formation war of Canadian Confederation tactical defeat, but strategic victory for Canada in the end after serving with the Queen's Own in the battle Alexander Muir wrote Canada's original anthem : The Maple Leaf Forever in honour of the fallen at Ridgeway inspired by the tree which stood at Maple Cottage, on Laing Street in Toronto
  15. never mind me see the Savior like a mountain at my back tho I am a sinner, the Almighty is in the room behind me don't come to me come to Jesus He will save you
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