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  1. Now now - don't be so hard on yourself At the end of the day the grand jury won't be deciding if a crime has been committed. So their decision to proceed is not in any way a finding of guilt - just that there's enough that the question should be asked by a trial.
  2. They absolutely do not determine that https://www.justice.gov/usao/justice-101/charging The grand jury listens to the prosecutor and witnesses, and then votes in secret on whether they believe that enough evidence exists to charge the person with a crime. A grand jury may decide not to charge an individual based upon the evidence, no indictment would come from the grand jury. How do you NOT know this in your OWN COUNTRY?!?!!? Feel free not to answer - i imagine you're feeling pretty embarrassed right now.
  3. I'm sure that's how it looked in your mind. Everyone who's sane recognized it as being a jab at hillary designed to mock her but also to make her uncomfortable (i mean - they just MIGHT have more on her ) Only die hard nutjobs actually believe he was calling on russia to do something illegal with any expectation they would.
  4. For god's sake man - that is NOT WHAT COGNITIVE DISSONANCE IS! Stop using the word if you can't be bothered to look up it's meaning! I'm starting to feel embarrassed FOR you for god's sake.
  5. They didn't. He was going to lose the next election anyway so all they've done is cut off their political support from that party. And the next party in power, the cpc, doesn't have any particular love for them either. These are unusually stupid people. They've blown their political power and gaza is still getting bombed to rubble.
  6. Makes me wonder how they'd feel if it was a requirement. As in - if you claim to be a trans male you MUST participate in the male category. I doubt you'd see them excited about being forced to compete with males.
  7. So.... sanity. Just wasn't working for you?
  8. The left has made a huge massive fuss over anyone connected to trump having been found to have done anything wrong (often far less than tax evasion). So - that sets the bar and they can't easily separate someone connected with Joe from Joe having done that. And who's more connected than his son? Also - it establishes that Hunter is the kind of guy who happily breaks the law and there fore it becomes more believable that he would help daddy break the law. It's definitely not a good look Well, and there's also the issue of 'was there an error or deliberate attempt to hide revenue'. Mens rea counts a little for some of this. Some of it should be somewhat defensible, like where he declared hookers as an expense (snort!) he could claim he somehow thought that was a legit expense and made a mistake rather than deliberately attempting to defraud. We'll see. I'll say the same things i said about trump - smells fishy but nobody's been convicted of anything yet and while his father is a different story hunter is not a public figure and while speculation is always fun it's not really something we need to worry about as far as his taxes go.
  9. No ,the grand jury did not think otherwise. Despite the name, the grand jury does not actually come to a verdict on the case. Their job is to see if there's enough of a case to justify having a real jury and a real court case. So they could very easily say "it looks politically motivated... but it's up to a jury to decide that, there's enough evidence to proceed. How come you don't know this stuff?
  10. Boy you change your tune a lot. I guess it's easy to win if you just keep changing your position often enough And you haven't explained why our areas of highest density are also our most expensive in this country But at any rate, at the end of the day density isn't our problem. We've been building homes - it's not like there's no where to build homes. We just need to build in 5 years what we've been building in 7 years. If we don't, all the 'density' in the world won't help.
  11. No, it's recognized. Usually it's in connection with an event or thing, as in "We do not know whether any of the actions that may or may not have been taken in relation to this man's work violate the law but in any case we declare if that is so he is forgiven for any such offiense in relation to blah blah blah. There's been pardons for any acts involving piracy or the like (a specific pirate defended a city and got pardoned for basically any piracy crimes he may have committed). Often pardons have been blanket like that. They don't list the specific crimes. Pardons can be weird things - they can even impose various penalties fines etc. As in ok, 500 bucks and he's off the hook Pardons can be a reward for meritous service later on, etc etc. So you don't have to know of a specific crime or even if there was a crime for sure, you can just end any future discussion on the subject by saying 'pardon him', and now even if they do find evidence of a crime involving that later he's off the hook Interstingly Regan did NOT pardon olile north saying he believed north could win in court and if he just pardoned him then the 'suspicion of guilt would forever hang over him' etc. I feel it's too sweeping a power and too easily abused but it is what it is ,
  12. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/warmington-transgender-female-swimmer-50-changes-with-young-girls-at-barrie-event Girls from age eight to 16 in a Swimming Canada-sanctioned swim meet in Barrie last week not only found themselves in the same pool as a transgender female swimmer but in the same changeroom, too. “The girls were terrified,” said one parent of a child involved. And mortified. From the changing area, where parents put up makeshift towel-tenting apparatus so no one could see their daughters and they could not see the person with male anatomy changing with them, they got into the pool to race against this 50-year-old who was competing in several categories. “We have no idea why it is allowed,” said a parent. “We know it’s not fair to the girls who are training at their sport and some of whom are hoping for scholarships.” I really feel like this is just building up to a massive backlash that's not going to be a good thing for anyone. But seriously - a 50 year old male swinging his stuff for teen girls and then competing against them.... i just don't see that ever being considered 'normal' .
  13. Well pardoning people who haven't been convicted is not new. And one need look no further than the pardon of richard nixon to see worse than trump's pardons. And the case could be made that never in history has a poltiical party tried so hard to find SOMETHING to go after a president or their associates over to the point of committing crimes in the pursuit of it. There's nothing normal about how the FBI went after those people so it's just as fair to say that anything unusual about trump's response simply reflects that. I've never believed in the idea of a presidential pardon - they took that from the monarchy in britian and i'm not sure why the hell they kept THAT of all things, but at the end of the day since the beginning it's been used to address political agendas. I think you're looking for a tempest in a teapot here. I would say in a world were trump can suggestively threaten a judge, on a scale of 1 to 10 this is about a 0.5
  14. Actually they were mostly displaced "wealthy" landowners fleeing the russian revelution and unrest. But you are right about the chinese. they were here in large numbers with entire towns made up of chinese in bc. By even 1900 many were second gen.
  15. That's not austerity. That's just downloading to the provinces. They also took 70 billion dollars out of the UI fund, but that's not austerity either. Gov't services were still pretty strong during those periods. That's not even a little bit true. It's what people on the left tell themeslves to justify feeling miserable and their self pity. If anything we've done fairly well. But - what we have done for sure is drive business and investment away from canada and that severely impacts our quality of life - we need to attract it back and be more competative, which leads to things like higher wages, and more tax dollars, and more homes being built etc etc. You don't get there by gov't spending primarily.
  16. Nobody believes that. Your lack of knowledge and experience says otherwise. For example - it raises 2 questions: 1 - why would you want to keep density low? You have previously said higher density is a good thing now you say you've been struggling to keep density as low as possible. 2 - what difference does it make. As i demonstrated to you previously density is nothing special in the housing fight and can cause more harm than good depending on the circumstances. 3 - I'm sure they built homes during this supposed time you were "On A Council' - which means the problem wasnt' that there was no where to build homes, the problem was they weren't being built fast enough which ALSO means if you WERE on some council you comp;letely blew it fighting the wrong fight. Which means even when you makes stuff up you're still wrong some how. Well done. Density is not our big problem. Density is more expensive for example, so when we're looking at affordabilty and building as many homes as quickly as possible it's often a hinderance. Vancouver has one of the higher densities in the world and is one of the most expensive places in canada. So what you should have done if you cared about housing prices is a) worry more about incentivising developers to build what they were going to build anyway faster.
  17. That's not happening here so it's not relevant. Although if you want to argue that someone acting in his interests later is what you mean then there's madison, ford, bucannon, a lot of the pardons involved people who had ties to the president or would benefit him in some way. Almost every president pardons SOMEONE where there's a political motive to do so. With the possible exception of Regan who let ollie north face trial instead (tho he knew he'd win). Well if that sounds like obstruction then you've shown once again you are utterly ignorant of the law. What a shocker
  18. Because the criminals in gaza don't deserve one. If they want a ceasefire they can have one at any time - surrender. Saber i suspect. With the carriers off the coast and biden claiming he'll jump in it would be easier on their troops just to burn their gear and commit suicide and save themselves the delay.
  19. Ahhh - how silly of me to even ask. So basically the point is at the top of their heads.
  20. Isreal didn't drive into gaza and murder a few thousand gazans. Gaza did that to israel tho. Sorry - they're the criminals here and this is what happens when you kill innocent women and children and then run and hide like cowards behind your own women and children.
  21. https://tnc.news/2023/12/08/can-military-mandate-menstruation-kits-mens-bathrooms/ In a move to align with the Liberal government’s commitment to “inclusivity,” Canadian military bases are required to provide menstrual products, including tampons and pads, in men’s washrooms by December 15. This directive, issued by Employment and Social Development Canada, extends to all federally regulated workplaces and military installations. True North has independently verified the implementation of this policy in at least one Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) military base, where menstruation kits are now available in men’s washrooms. "We could really use more ammo to practice with and some newer gear. Could you help us out?" - "Best we can do for you is menstruation kits in the mens bathrooms. That's our budget blown." And trudeau says the country isn't "broken" . Sigh.
  22. The pendulum always swings. Just give it time.
  23. Looks like gaza is going to have to continue to live with the consequences of its' crimes for a while longer. Good. Maybe when they realize the world isn't going to rush to bail them out from the war they started they'll learn to think twice about starting wars.
  24. suuuuuurrrrreee. And the washington post is a pretty neutral soure so...
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