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  1. YOU SUPPORT THE LIBERALS EVEN THO THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN CAUGHT ILLEGALLY INTERFERING WITH THE RICH! Justin admitted it, the commissioner found him guilty, the cops said a crime was committed (but they aren't sure if the PM can give himself permission for that). And you're still here defending him on a regular basis. You're not calling for the libs to be kicked out, far from it. So there is NO POINT to additional transparancy - you won't do the right thing when our CURRENT transparency shows CLEARLY there's been a violation And that's ignoring the SNC scandal and WE as well, EITHER of which should have been enough on their own.
  2. I see no evidence they won't. I do see evidence they will attack other countries. Its in our best interest if their ability to do so is limited. Nobody 'allies' with china. They may work together occasionally on specific things but you are either china's biatch or you're ignored as much as possible Teaching russia that invading other countries will wind up with them crippled and militarily castrated is VERY productive. And leaving ukraine's food production in friendly hands is also productive. No good comes from letting aggressors win wars
  3. Honestly, i know you and i disagree over the war and we've had that discussion before but shouldn't this be fairly obvious? Ukraine supplies a good hunk of the worlds food. Controlling that is massive. Further - if the Russians perceive this as a 'victory' they will push for more wars. Everyone has in history. Hitler, mao, the Khans, nepolion, ceaser, etc etc - it's like lays potato chips, you can't eat just one country So it is in our best interests that the majority of ukraine's territory remain independent and that russia walks away with a very bloody nose. I think it's reasonable to say ukraine isn't going to get all it's land back but if it's a brutal cost to the russians and their economy that makes a MASSIVE difference to ALL of us.
  4. yeah. And it was the same under his father. Lets compare they both did the following: - racked up legendary and historic amounts of debt and deficit -drove inflation through the roof -massively increased civil service -declared the version of 'martial law' applicable to their day -drove quebec to consider separating and drove the west to alienation -destroyed alberta's petro industry -Got divorced in office -drove inflation through the roof -severely weakened our national defense Basically - justin is trying to emulate his dad's time in office. It's a game to him The depressing part is that canadian voters didn't learn their lesson the FIRST time around.
  5. About a dozen nukes could solve both problems if we could get everyone to stand on a big platform.
  6. Somehow, somewhere, without realizing why... trudeau just got a boner.
  7. The thing is, people don't spend a tonne of money and effort to avoid taxes - UNTIL the cost of NOT doing so gets too high. IF taxes go up to the point where it's worth it to hire the best people, set up elaborate tax-avoidance mechanisms, or possibly even move out of the area to a lower tax jurisdiction then people will do that. New york found that out a few years back. Taxes were raised and the money fled. Then tax revenues actually went down.
  8. But that would cost money! THEN how would trudeau afford the IMPORTANT stuff, like overinflating the civil service and free lesbian dance training?
  9. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealth out of prosperity. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. Whenever somebody receives something without working for it, somebody else has to work for it without receiving. When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is going to get what they work for, this is the beginning of the end for any nation.
  10. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/top-20-of-income-earners-fund-majority-of-ottawas-income-tax-revenue-report In her March 2023 federal budget, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said she was raising taxes on higher-income Canadians to ensure they “pay their fair share,” but a new study shows the top 20 per cent of income-earning households already pay more in total income taxes than the other 80 per cent do. “When you’re increasing tax rates, part of the problem is that you can alter the tax base, because people start to engage in different behavior and shift around assets,” Fuss explained, saying this behavior can also include moving to areas with lower tax rates, or engaging in more tax planning with lawyers and accountants to reduce their tax bills. As an example, the study cites a 2010 initiative in the United Kingdom that added a new top personal income tax bracket that increased tax rates for top-earners from 40 to 50 per cent, which the government expected would result in an additional 2.5 billion British pounds in tax revenue. Rather than an increase, a report published six years later showed that the move actually yielded less than half that number, prompting the U.K. government to lower its top tax rate to 45 per cent.“Just because you think you’re going to gain additional revenue from raising taxes, doesn’t mean it’s actually going to be the case,” Fuss said.
  11. I think he's just a little desperate to spin things as "even tho i'm not married, i'm stil a family man". I see the star has already published an article to that effect. Getting dumped by her is incredibly politically damaging. It makes him look weak, it reminds people his dad lost the election after he got separated, and she's totally going to be princess di to his charles as far as the media goes. So this trip is his way of saying "look - I'm still part of my family, i didn't get kicked out, we're still all best buds, see?"
  12. Awww - you pouting ? LOLOL! He's pretty much run out of other ideas. Maybe call the next election for pride month?
  13. Sure big guy there's a difference between "doesn't answer" - and "you don't like the answer so you pout and try to change the subject"
  14. ROFLMAO - NO he can't!!!!! He's been HEAVILY criticized for his inability to answer a question! Especially in europe Ask him what time it is and he'll say "Thursday, and the liberal party is committed to the idea that it's thursday all day". And it's actually a Friday.
  15. Who's a major politician who announced a separation? No. It's such a major career changer that they only ever do it when the marriage is over. Not that there's many examples, the only other prime minister who got seperated from his wife in our history is pier..... ohhh right. His dad. Never got back with margret either. Imagine that He really is desperately trying to make his entire political life exactly like his father's isn't he.
  16. I've heard it was a strained relationship for a while. Jokes aside it's a crappy thing for anyone to go through, and having to read stuff in the papers every day about what a crap pot your hubby is can't be easy on her or the kids. Back to the politics - this is going to kill him in quebec next election i suspect. And it will be a sharp contrast with PP who's wife is out there front and center saying her man is fantastic and she supports him 100 percent. Right Herbie. They're just on a 'break'.
  17. Awwww - triggered leftie is still triggered Sorry sparky, i already gave a detailed explanation and demonstrated it's true. And the fact you're becoming even more angry and bitter over it shows i was right. This wasn't about comedy and everyone can see it. You're just mad you got called out for what you are. Boo hoo hoo, someone called me on my bullshit. Yawn. We already know what you are, go back under your bridge and sulk.
  18. Well that would explain why he's got 40 of them
  19. Of course you do. You've commented on it elsewhere before and you're pretty tribal about left wing positions. And at the end of the day if you GENUINELY didn't care and were just trying to be funny you wouldn't spend the amount of time you have trying to convince me and others who've also called you on it. So we both know it wasn't about the jokes If you have to insist you're funny - you're probably not funny
  20. It does play into other factors and gets more complex tho, If you call someone a jerk and punch them in the face because you're mad then it's just a regular crime If you misgender a person and punch them - there's a good chance it becomes a "HATE" crime. And yet if they call you a B*tch or a P*ussy which is basically the same thing - back to regular crime.
  21. Well that's true too. But on top of those leaving he basically moved EVERYONE around like some sort of ministerial shell game. In the middle of summer. I wonder if this is as much to distract those in his party who wish he'd step down?
  22. Agreed. And it's the path they themselves followed, it's not like they're recommending something that they wouldn't do , I would say it's more of a "Habit" and lack of education on the issue rather than any mal intent or incompetence or the like.
  23. As i said - hate speech delivered in the form of humour is still hate speech, not humour. You didn't show up to make people laugh - you showed up to attack people because you didn't like the topic, And we're not 'triggered' - we're just disappointed that after 4 billion years of evolution we still have people like you around.
  24. I agree 100 percent. They see Trades as being what "stupid kids who can't graduate college' do. Worse - many of them are conservative But - in fainess i notice there's already a thread on this article that i didn't see before posting. this. So we should probably continue the discussion there rather than have two threads on it I'll post a link here:
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