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  1. Haberman: Trump pressing conservative media to write election was 'stolen' "Trump has been telling a number of people he’s in contact with that he expects he will get reinstated by August" just no end to the fun.
  2. ah, Trumps affairs and his attempts to keep them out of the media... National Enquirer owner pays $187,500 for aiding Trump campaign in hush money deal
  3. Second Capitol riot defendant strikes plea deal thats 2 guilty pleas now for these "tourists". one plead guilty to having a "dangerous weapon" during his "tour" of the capital building. and i object to an earlier thread being locked down by moderators on the same subject when numerous people had posted responses and a dialogue was going just because they didn't like the facts being discussed.
  4. GOP downplays Jan. 6 violence: Like a 'normal tourist visit' no words can describe how ridiculous this is! looks like a great "tourist" visit! hahahaha!
  5. well, appears demotion is not going to shut her up! Cheney on Trump: 'I will do everything I can' to keep him away from the White House
  6. from the mouths of the GOP leader of the senate and now the GOP leader of the house. McCarthy claims no one 'questioning the legitimacy' of the 2020 election
  7. i will note that i just heard Rudy say that "Trump will not throw me under the bus because i have insurance".
  8. i'm calling it! Rudy is going to feel the heat for his trans continental antics and he's going to be under a lot of pressure to give up the boss. They will try to delay, delay, delay... and Trump will be under so much pressure to run in 2024 just to pardon the people who can hang his crimes out to dry. or he'll only support someone who promises to for him. but of course, the shine will have worn off the Don, and he will be even less electable than he was in 2020. ‘It’s, like, so unfair’: Trump defends Giuliani after FBI raid Michael Cohen on raid of Giuliani apartment: 'Here we go folks!!!' seriously funny how the Trump admin kept talking about "locking up" Democrats and even with Barr at the helm, all he could promise is to try and protect some of the mass of Trump people going to jail.
  9. Boehner said it. if he has no shame then i have no shame.
  10. banging a beautiful communist spy while not providing any classified information is what James Bond types do. agreed the known facts with Gaetz are insufficient. only time will tell. but i'm calling it... not even Fox is rushing to help Gaetz. Trump is AWOL. Gaetz is hanging in the wind.
  11. "Unlike ActBlue, which is a nonprofit, WinRed is a for-profit company. It makes its money by taking 30 cents of every donation, plus 3.8 percent of the amount given." holly fuck. buyer beware i guess with the old Trump donations. i here he can't wait to get that super PAC in gear! luxury real estate is for losers!
  12. yeah, its not about what was in her court documents that immediately got thrown out. it was what she was saying at media announcement after media announcement and regurgitating on fox news and having fox news people say over and over again that she said. in those statements she never ever says that the claims are "wild accusations", "impossible" or any of the rest of it.thats what Dominion is going to lean on... i'm calling it that she's toast.
  13. if Swalwell was knowingly giving secure information to a Chinese spy then he should be hung out to dry. except that never happened. and the senate intelligence committee would have been party to that information when it was led by the GOP under the Trump admin. under the Trump admin, Gaetz gets a DOJ investigation, his associate gets indicted. he's not been charged or convicted yet... so maybe when the girls were talking about high school he thought they were talking about college? honest mistake!
  14. these people were just jumping under the bus for Trump... the "people say", "someone just handed me this", "i don't know if its true but" president. since that stuff doesn't even make it on to paper in court cases someone had to lie down on the road for him. typical mob boss stuff.
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