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  1. the early Jordan Peterson... before he became part of the bigger profit machine.
  2. but... she will. and Karen McDougal will be crying on the witness stand... poor girl.
  3. @Hodad clearly thinks you're an !diot then for pushing such corrupt concepts as Zionism.
  4. i believe he's also fiercely anti-globalist. this is all very traditional left wing stuff.
  5. did you call Zelensky a Zionist? i agree that Zionism is a bad thing... not sure how Zelensky stands on the matter. @CdnFox and @Deluge are total Zionists.
  6. this is an old leftist mantra! you've been reading too much Noam Chomsky. Noam Chomsky on the Long History of US Meddling in Foreign Elections
  7. oops... looks like the GOP (and maybe even Trump) are breaking on the Ukraine issue? americans poll in support of Ukraine so maybe they are going to abandon the issue. Trumps comments coming up will be telling. Johnson says he expects to take up Ukraine aid with Democratic votes
  8. Free Ukraine! US sending Ukraine first weapons package since December
  9. Ken Buck is leaving March 22... he says the people of Colorado hate Trump. this further diminishes the current GOP house majority. GOP Rep. Ken Buck to leave Congress at end of next week
  10. seriously, you guys have no sense of humour. you need to watch and you need to laugh.
  11. 3 years later. its getting pretty tough to dig up the same kind of dirt that Trump/MAGA and the GOP turn out in a modern day!
  12. the jury heard all of the facts and saw all of the video and determined that the police were culpable. people in distress die at the hands of the police all the time. some have mental disorders, some are on drugs and some have bad behaviour. some are murderers. none of these individuals are to be executed by the police. they are to be dealt with by the legal system. the police are liable if their actions kill someone and it was not in self defence. what i will agree with you about though is that maybe none of the video should have been released to the public in order to ensure public order.
  13. is Stormy Daniels and example of "strange flesh"?
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