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  1. This issue is pretty clear cut for a soldier and other service members I've talked to. I don't know why it is so difficult to understand, the conflict in ideologies of the west and fundamental Islam. They are WILLING TO DIE for their belief. There is no point in reasoning with someone when they've made it their decision to blow themselves up for their cause.
  2. Actually impeachment was meant to be broadly used, even for political reason. It serves as a referendum on sitting president who do not control house and senate popularity. Will it be used successfully? That is a different matter but as far as the law is concern it is completely up to congress to impeach. The following is from a report written and released by the Judiciary Committee in 1974 in the aftermath of the Watergate crisis. "Section 4 of Article Two of the United States Constitution: "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.""High Crimes and Misdemeanors" has traditionally been considered a "term of art," like such other constitutional phrases as "levying war" and "due process." The Supreme Court has held that such phrases must be construed, not according to modern usage, but according to what the farmers meant when they adopted them." Benjamin Franklin asserted that the power of impeachment and removal was necessary for those times when the Executive "rendered himself obnoxious," and the Constitution should provide for the "regular punishment of the Executive when his conduct should deserve it, and for his honorable acquittal when he should be unjustly accused." James Madison said, "...impeachment... was indispensable" to defend the community against "the incapacity, negligence or perfidy of the chief Magistrate." With a single executive, Madison argued, unlike a legislature whose collective nature provided security, "loss of capacity or corruption was more within the compass of probable events, and either of them might be fatal to the Republic."[6] Alexander Hamilton said, "...those offences which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust. They are of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated political, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself."[7] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_crimes_and_misdemeanors https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/special/clinton/stories/watergatedoc_3.htm?noredirect=on
  3. Meh not much to worry about. Fringe group are fringe group. Most people are not that extreme. I much prefer to hurt people's ideas through words in a civil society than to physically go out and attack a hilary supporter. There is a valid point to be had however that right wing group could do a lot more damage then say antifa because they live in states that typically protect gun rights. People in california and new york just don't have access to the firearm available to say people here in texas. A good example of this was in houston, antifa basically wanted to remove sam houston statue a southern confederate and a bunch of right wingers showed up with guns. https://www.chron.com/houston/article/Armed-protesters-at-Hermann-Park-protest-statue-11210583.php
  4. Uhhhh freemarket does not differentiate elective surgery or not, that's a fictional categorization by socialist to deny care through wait time. Cost went down yes but are there more doctors going into said profession to provide said care ? Because the government does not provide as much profit as opposed to the free market system so to tell me that you are able to get more expedient care under a socilized system would be a lie. I can walk into any optometrist right now to get my laser eye surgery. How long would I have to wait for this elective surgery? This is the problem with socialized healthcare, it cannot provide quality AND expediency AND cost reduction. Only freemarket can provide all three through the profit motive. I love debating socialist, their war on the profit motive is what makes them inherently evil.
  5. 1) might i remind you the purpose of the investigation is to find russian collusion. Also hush money paid to pornstar before he became president is corruption?? Campaign Finance violation maybe (that's a huge maybe) but corruption before he held public office? You're drinking too much of that fake news. Read this article on cnn it describe how similar case played out in court. If campaing finance law was violated, there is no legal difference between paying hush money to "affect an election" than actual finance violation bernie sanders and obama was fined for. Campaign finance violation is campaign violation, doesn't care what extra-marital purpose it was used for. Hilariously because of the dual use nature of trump's payment it can be legally argued that it is infact not campaign finance violation. https://www-m.cnn.com/2018/08/22/opinions/trump-critics-too-soon-to-rejoice-callan/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F 2) if russia was involved you'd figured it would have been the first thing to break headlines not the last....keep waiting. 3)uh this wasn't due to a lack of tries. he tried but the democrats were the one who wouldn't budge on repealing obamacare for a new proposal. Obamacare is full of problem even bernie sanders admitted as such. 4) because our other option is elitist globalist crooked hillary who pretty much is the establishment candidate of the status quo? Someone new who says naughty things but has good policy or a real crook who meant more of the same injustice....
  6. Interesting hypothetical. Well it would depend on the reason for his removal. Say if there were strong evidence of Russian Collusion and that Trump was somehow compromised, that is very strong grounds for impeachment. I would wholeheartedly support impeachment as any american should. But if on the other hand, it is only talking to the Russian about Hilary and they tried to impeach him for that then you would essentially see a blood sport in politics following said ouster. Trump's based would get riled up alright, 2020 would be the end of any "moderate" GOP nomination. In both scenario however you are left with VP pence who will continue much of Trump's presidential policy so policy wise you won't see a huge difference. If you follow pence he's being groomed for Trump's position in case Trump was removed from office. Pence is pretty much going around the country doing some of Trump's work like speaking at conferences for ICE, North Korea remains transfer, Space force etc...
  7. So here we are at the end of the Russian gate hunt with nothing to show for it except financial fraud by two former trump associate. It all started with Russia and now it ends with white collar crime that has nothing to do with Russia. Ya lost the 2016 election fair and square, just get over it and and move on. We didn't elect trump because he was an upstanding human being, we elected him because this garbage heap of a person was the only one standing up for middle america. You can thank the elitist liberals for the loss in 2016.
  8. You guys should read the you tube comments of the coverage on cbc. I didn't think it was candaianly possible for you guys to get so worked up about something other than a hockey game... " She has no place in Canada??? So we’re not allowed to be worried where our taxes are going?" Jihadi Justin at it again.... Justin Trudeau has no place in Canada-He is a Traitor. Hey liberals there’s your prime minister, he’s a bully to Canadians, he caused this illegal immigrant mess and wants the provinces to foot the bill.... let’s vote him out 2019"
  9. Yes which is why canada and many other countries got slapped with a steel and alum tariff, with the exception of australia and Brasil. We're definitely screening our border alright, the question is does canada want to screen its own border to get tariff removed....
  10. That's intellectual dishonesty there. If you are suggesting that all socialized healthcare system is better at giving patient care than ours then you are wrong. The reason why the US system cost so much is because it is a mixture of socialized and capitalist. Its got the worse of both worlds. You will see an improvement if you move to either side. But only a capitalized system will provide both expediency and quality of care.
  11. 1 trillion over a 10 year period if everything worked as intended....which if its government involved won't be. All the while give us longer wait time with worse care? no thanks. I think free market and deregulation of health care is the way to go. Look at laser eye surgery, used to cost 20k now its only 2k. This is only possible because its completely outside of insurance scheme and deregulated allowing free-market to lower cost while improving patient care. Tell me a government ran healthcare system that can achieve both objective, I'll wait.
  12. America chose trump because those crooked career politician you are referring to like Hilary would have been a far worse option. Trump is doing a fine job trolling the left, everyday I see head explode over the latest tweet that has nothing to do with their daily lives. Now, the left's only solution to trump is resist and obstruction. I hope they keep that mantra up in 2020 and loose again. Republicans are quickly becoming a party of results not resistance ; people are waking up to that reality,. You are seeing a shift of minority voters who were once the core of democrat's base now moving over to the GOP side. Canada should view this as a sign of what's to come in 2019. What ever happens in the US will eventually make its way to Canada. There is a building resentment of Trudeau's administration and its insistence on pandering to identity politics.
  13. Yup this is a typical symptom of the intersectionalist snowflake left and their identity politics. Any time you disagree with their idea you are by default also attacking their identity and is liable to be labeled a racist, homophobe, sexist, bully, etc...
  14. Nah, we'll just place a bludgeon tariff on Canada because ultimately it is up to the Canadians to govern their own borders...
  15. Yup medicare for all will fix everything... the socialist left keep telling us...
  16. Sure as soon as you stop China's transshipment of steel through Canada where they relabel Chinese steel as Canadian steel.... as for your self imposed tariff, you can thank Trudeau for that. https://www.ghy.com/trade-compliance/canadas-new-trade-enforcement-measures-regarding-steel-and-aluminum-product/
  17. Free market determine winners and looser, it is the fairest of all system. Contrary to the interventionist train of thought that we ought to make more fair an inherently fair system. Why put trade barriers with the world's largest economy and jeopardize an entire trade partnership. The US has already offered a very fair term. It is Canada who wishes to promote protectionist trade, something the rest of the world need to move away from not towards. Once again, you are witnessing a moment in history of yet another example of American exceptionalism; where we fight to tear down trade barrier from protectionist soon to be third-world communist countries like China, venezuela, turkey, iran, north korea and Canada. I must say this American Kool-aid is pretty good.
  18. Are you serious? The definition of a freemarket means un tethered trade. There isn't this give and take relationship you keep expounding. That is not free trade. Free trade means zero tariff, zero non tariff barrier and zero subsidies. Free trade is not give and take. Any party that thinks free trade should be a give and take is being intellectually dishonest.
  19. What values is on the Nafta talk other then lefty progressive demands Freeland tried to shove down America's throat? What is Canada offering in return , what bargaining leverage does Canada have to get unfettered access to world's largest economy? Yet Trump was magnanimous enough to offer up free trade and ya blew it Canada. Good luck if you think your government is bargaining in good faith. Don't think Canada can cross the US and everything will be fine. Might I remind you what the cost is for countries who want to fight America and look tough, like Iran, Turkey and Venezuela. They're economically collapsed and that's not by accident. Take the carrot, avoid the stick. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40928114 The funny part is Canada's economy is collapsing even faster with the help of Trudeau and his cronies. Trump only slap a steel and aluminum tariff yet Trudeau decided to impose tax on a wide range of other goods affecting several different industry, weakening Canada's economy even faster. Yes indeed, Canada was offer unfettered free trade to the world's largest economy and it turned that down because it wanted to shove Canadian progressive values down America's throat? I think we all know who the real aggressor here is.
  20. Remind me which country was it that won world war two and did so on two separate front across two vast ocean? Think of the infrastructure America had to build to support such a war effort. Canada is a cake walk, don't kid your self. Or....we could both adopt free trade and let the best competitor win while lowering prices and increasing productivity... There is no benefit in protecting the minority industry at the expense of the many. Look, dairy farmers don't need your help they're already worth an average of 5 millions each. I've said it before many times and its worth repeating, Canada should be viewed as a another state not a foreign country when it comes to trade. The differences in trade between the US and Canada are only highlighted by the protectionist policies for Canada's agricultural industry, something Trump is exploiting to hammer away at NAFTA, Canadians only have themselves to blame for their grievances by Agent Orange. Quebec is the product of your social "mosaic". These sort of things do not exist in America because we are a melting pot, we assimilate other cultures not adopt protectionist policy to refuge said culture. If they want to have their own separate culture then they can do that back at their own home country, nobody begged them to come over here expecting their culture to be protected from assimilation.
  21. Lets look at this logistically, is it cheaper to ship in bulk to California or Vancouver I wonder? There are major port of entry along the American coast where they then can redistribute smaller truck loads of product to Canada. Again there is 330 million customer south. How many Sony TV will Canadians buy to fill up a ship compared to Americans? Again, Canada's population is the size of Texas. This notion that Canada should remain a separate foreign entity when it comes to trade is ludicrous. Free market will decide for Canada if getting out of NAFTA, at the expense of raising consumer goods, will be worth the pride to pay.
  22. Instead of waiting on lipservice you can just elect a government that will kowtow to trump I er mean accept a new NAFTA agreement like mexico. It would be the least painful way to resolve this trade dispute. But I suspect that trade isn't really the issue with Canada, its what the word i'm looking for....oh yeah pride.
  23. What's wrong with American hegemony and domination, I mean you're living in it now, since 70 years ago actually. Racism is not alive and well as you mentioned, i suspect this is due to a lack of historical context. We are no where near the era of civil rights nor are we in a Utopian society, something lefty keep comparing america to. This is the reason why the left keep thinking that America is not great, because they are comparing it to a non-realistic society while lacking any context of how much of a shit-hole the rest of the world really is. Trump is the direct result of unchecked leftist-ism, lefties railed against the most benign candidate the GOP offered up in 2012, Mitt Romney. It's your own fault for getting trolled by somebody like Trump. I'm just enjoying the heads exploding over things that isn't all that consequential while the intersectional left keep calling out conservative who don't agree with them homophobe, sexist, bully,racist etc... a double standard don't you think? Don't worry about me canucks I do that too. You're only getting attention from me because I find it amusing that there were 30 million extra people i could expound American propaganda to and get a reaction like the one I'm receiving.
  24. This is not the american way. We are a melting pot, we strip what ever previous cultural identity you may have and replace it with a uniquely american one. Obviously this isn't done overnight its over the course of1-2 generations. Look at the italian americans, german american, chinese american, korean american, mexican american, african americans... now they are all just american. This reduces intersectionality and builds a more unified country. Also americans do not look up to other cultures simply because we are the best, american exceptionalism is omnipresent. We think the rest of the world should learn from us and not the other way around. The constitution is basically the holy scripture of why america is as great as it is. It protects individual liberty, something other countries and government keep eroding away. Canadians are generally viewed as somewhat effeminate here in america. This is mainly due to your communitarian tendencies of caring about what others think. This is the opposite for us american. We simply do not care about what others may think of us.
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