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  1. um we did that over 40 years ago... Everyone is just playing catch up.
  2. You can blame obama and bill clinton for that. They knew where he was they just didn't want to pull the trigger. Do you know how much it cost to train one seal team? Also who are you comparing our spec ops to? They are the best in the world by a wide margin. The helicopter was lost due to un planned for physical phenomenon call vortex ring state caused by tall walls and high temperature.
  3. Simple, just act like a typical american tourist. Just told them where you are going and what you are doing. Legally you have to declare them and obtain a permit for the "restricted" class of guns, most handguns and semi auto rifles etc... But really its out of necessity to bring my gun, didn't have anywhere else to store it. I will concede that guns are not needed in canada for the purpose of self defense at least. Everyone was polite by american standards.
  4. Um, I brought my gun with me to Canada, downtown vancouver... was pretty easy. Your border and gun law means nothing. Also why are you all so afraid of guns. People who live in the less populated area have to protect themselves from bears you know.
  5. Well the theme of human sacrifice isn't new, every ancient culture had it. I would say it was borne out of necessity. If you're to survive the winter best a child or elderly get sacrificed to save the rest of the family. One less mouth to feed. Again you have to view the bible with some historical context, it's almost 2000 years old. It was a different time back them.
  6. You say that but I don't see any more 747 flying into skyscraper... most of the terrorism we get is home grown now. Europe on the other hand, is the direct result of letting massive influx of vetted immigrant from the middle east into their liberal western democracy. Also anyone who kill or kidnap American citizens usually gets hunted down by our special ops unit. As long as there are people who want to chant death to america then I see no problem helping them meet their god sooner.
  7. 1) you sure about that? The problem with gay men is their tendency towards promiscuity which in a typical hetero-sexual relation is curbed. This is the traditional role for women, they help young men become men. https://www.pride.com/sex/2018/5/15/13-things-i-learned-while-attending-my-first-gay-orgy#media-gallery-media-0 2) uh supreme court of the us says otherwise... https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/04/us/politics/supreme-court-sides-with-baker-who-turned-away-gay-couple.html 3) agreed
  8. Well at least you've admitted the cultural difference between the US and Canada is nil (excluding Quebec). Look, politically we don't want another California. That is why I propose Alberta getting twice the electoral college votes as the rest of Canada. With climate change on the rise Canada will have more habitable land that can accommodate the rest of America. You've don't want an influx of third world migrants who don't share any of your cultural similarities so you might as well take us. The prospect of asking Canada to choose between a Somalian pirate or gun toting Texan would be amusing.
  9. Look, its not about "hating" on gays and depriving them of their human rights. Its about not encouraging it as far is government and culture is concern. About time snowflakes learn the nuanced difference. Also when the government force it down our throat it grind my gear. If I want to object to baking a cake for a gay couple on religious ground then that is within my "god-given" rights. Fact is, it is a private business, I can refuse service to ANYONE. On a cultural note, there is nothing wrong with thinking two man kissing as disgusting. If you think that it is "normal" then that's your opinion just don't try to force the rest of us to thinking that it isn't nasty. You're entitled to your own opinion as are the rest of us.
  10. This is the great lie mainstream academic and media globalist been telling you. Post industrial nation need more people yes but that can be achieve through child birth as well as immigration. It is not racist to call out certain cultural practices as incompatible with western democracies. Ie female genital mutilation, sharia law, etc... there are certain western societal norm that must be upheld , most of which are written on the bill of rights and constitution.
  11. Dead child is the result of poor parental decision. Nothing more nothing less.
  12. So I've read some of the literature on the net benefit of immigration. To summarize, it is not immigrants that you need it is more child birth. More people means more gdp yes. But immigrants bringing more gdp is a mis-perception amongst academics. The first generation usually take more from the state than give back but it is the second generation that really benefit society. Essentially proving the point that we need more child birth. As for the high skill labor part, it is true that America has historically been a large brain drainer of the world. Talents come here because of the opportunity for a better life, economically, politically, etc... http://time.com/4503313/immigration-wages-employment-economy-study/ "It’s true that first generation immigrants can take more money from state, local and federal governments than native-born citizens, and that especially on a state and local level, it can be costly to educate the children of immigrants. But the report found that as adults, children of immigrants in the next generation are huge boosters of the economy, contributing more to the government in taxes than either their first-generation parents or native-born citizens."
  13. This is old news, see my post on china ipo and intellectual property theft. The outrage is because they kidnapped a Canadian Citizen.... The most useful thing we did against china was put a 25 percent steel tariff on Canada...
  14. Well problem then become states vs federal government. Also your judicial system would have to abide by ours. There's the elephant in the room, quebec...
  15. I'd use this as an excuse to invade/annex Canada. Its time to join the dark side.
  16. Simple, stop immigration, freemarket forces employer to pay more as there is a labor shortage. Its really not that hard. Liberal/progressive are the one responsible for the dissolution of the middle class. How do you think the democrat manage to stay in power after loosing the midwest, they import their votes. As soon as illegal's children turn 18 they vote democrat ushering in a never ending chain migration. That's why its important to end birth right citizen ship as it was meant in the constitution.
  17. Yeah? And how many time does this happen to justify public policy on? So if we get one case a year that is too many so lets ban all guns. More people die from blunt force trauma by hammers and fist then getting killed by rifles let alone a subset of rifles called "assault rifles" . So what now, are you going to ban fist too? I suggest pick a different social justice issue to pursue.
  18. 1) by taking wealth do you mean inventing the most useful invention in human history like internet and various other innovation? 2) try over 30 million undocumented and having to pay for their use of public resources without them contributing back. 3) we've been doing that, but it seems like everytime we try to leave well enough alone some one to stir up trouble, remember the arab spring, and ukraine, everyone was asking for american intervention. 4) equal opportunity does not mean equality of outcome. Only a fool believe in equality of outcome.
  19. Don't deny the fact that there are plenty of narcissist on the left running around virtue signaling at every social justice issue under the sun. Your PM is a good example of one. The moment rational people call them out on it we get labeled 'bigot'. Like how naive and/or narcisitic do you have to be to think that you can fix all the problem around the world without fixing your own problem first. Are you going to take a refugee into your own home and if so is there 50 in the living room? Empathy alone is not a untrammeled moral virtue. I despise people who have a unquestioned assumption that just because they have more pitty for someone they are morally superior to everyone else. Just because I feel sorry for you doesn't make me a good person. Plenty of example in history where people who cared about the world did a great deal of evil. Hitler, mao and stalin would fit the description.
  20. Because that label is self segregating people in to tribalistic group identity. We are a country of individuals, not a collective, as the post modern Marxist keep telling everyone.
  21. Yeah and 2/3 of those deaths are suicide so I'm guessing us evil republicans are responsible for that too? Stop buying what the fake news is trying to tell you. And second, just because someone is capable of doing evil through the misuse of a tool doesn't mean I'm responsible for it nor does it trump might right to own said tool. Telling people to give up their gun because someone is misusing it is like saying since some men are capable of raping people lets remove all male appendages capable of said use.
  22. It ain't one cent and last I check..er erm. America was the most generous country on planet earth...by a wide margin... look we don't need to get into a debate about who is better at virtue signaling cause america is definitely number one. My criticism is we don't need to take in more refugees, america has been doing that since the beginning of its founding. Too many influx of immigrant/refugee can overwhelm a stable democracy. Look at what happened to the uk and europe. Remember what happened to the roman empire when it took in too many barbarians? If you want to help those refugee then do so at the expense of your own money. Don't expect all of us to contribute because some of us are struggling just as much for that 1 cent. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/america-new-zealand-and-canada-top-list-of-world-s-most-generous-nations-a6849221.html
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