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  1. Good the fascist can go to where they belong...in Canada.
  2. I don't think you Canadians realized whatever little perception the average americans have of Canada is. We think it belongs to America like puerto rico. A majority of american view Canada as a another state. This notion of sovereignty doesn't really register.
  3. Fact is it isn't. Though subject to change, their current policy of currency devaluation and import tariff reduces the consumer purchasing power thus reducing consumption.
  4. You caught me, I am Ivan. Or maybe there is a real goal from global financial elite to put us under one world order and trump is the first anti-globalist president? BTW I'm quite aware of FSB subversion goals. Already read their manual remember... Trump speaking at the UN assembly " We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy. America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism. Around the world, responsible nations must defend against threats to sovereignty not just from global governance, but also from other, new forms of coercion and domination."
  5. Not likely as they would see production of consumer goods move outside of china. Say to india ...
  6. What about those of us who say no to your globalist agenda, those of us who says we can't get past cultural differences(imaginary), racial or other physical differences(real) not withstanding. I'm not on board with the globalist who think the entire world will get along and that no conflict will ever arise because we can get past our self imposed social construct. I'm not going to stand there and say every other country is unique and great, no, quite the opposite, the rest of the world are shit-hole because they chose to adopt terrible ideological social construct. I have no interest in respecting and/or adopting their views.
  7. Quit pussy footing it and petition for statehood already. What possible benefit arise from being a semi independent country? Your economy and culture are already fully integrated with us. If universal healthcare is what you want then maintain it under state law. Its not like the federal government can change that.
  8. Uh there is never a net loss of jobs, they just move somewhere else, somewhere more productive cough muricah. Production will eventually be automated and people need to move on to other jobs regardless of sentiment.
  9. Because I disagree with liberal suicidal policies? I'm not about that welfare state. I think government should be limited not expanded. Healthcare is an individual responsibility, so is income, so is education, so is housing, so is life... er debatable, government is responsible for safe guarding life but shouldn't infringe on individual choices like abortion and assisted suicide. As for disgruntled canadians or anyone else who dislike american hegemony too bad, we won WWII so we get to make decisions for other countries.
  10. I would argue against this part of the proposal. That's another form of apartheid and a time-bomb waiting to go off for future generations. That's why if we were to have an economic union might as well get a political union in place. Even if Canada get more liberal senate seats, gerrymandering is still in effect. The current system is pretty robust, look at how Trump got elected after loosing the popular vote.
  11. As if the canadian diet is any different from americans... still going to need the same stuff we make here that are well priced and fda approved. If you eat steak, are you going to eat rare beef from argentina?
  12. you're making me agreeee...keep pushing it and you're going to "SUFFER CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED BEFORE." Why not just petition for state hood; and not deal with this crap. You can keep all your pseudo groups under state jurisdiction. The feds can't do anything about. in fact i would argue the benefits outweigh any potential downside.
  13. I would agree with you had that arguement not been used by various countries to cheat on trade. Time to take a stand. Might as well be over spilled milk.
  14. Larry Kudlow says milk is what's holding up canada us talk...https://youtu.be/gAYBm8eB2as
  15. Why don't you just buy american, you're 90 percent there....
  16. Wut? We just want free trade man. If Canada want to push it's progressive agenda then become a hegemon and do so. Don't expect the world's most powerful nation on planet earth to bend over backward for a inconsequential trade deal. Might I remind you that we're taking on China and Europe as well. That's how insignificant the rest of the world is to us. Canada is just another minnow in America's pond.
  17. Because America needed the rest of the world when it does something it wants? Last I checked, we did what ever we wanted, been doing that for 70 years. Don't see it changing anytime soon. Never needed Canada's or Europe's permission or anyone else who thinks they're important. Its actually the other way around. If Europe or Canada wanted to do something they often have to ask US. Don't forget who is the real shot caller of the world. Ps you caught me, I am a disgruntled middle aged neo-con white man who sits around waiting for a tinder update.
  18. Oh please! Save me the ethics lesson in a business transaction. Money goes to the best deal regardless of sentiment. China is currying up favor in a bid to access more markets not "friendship". Russia's future depends on its European neighbors and vice versa. They're always seeking closer ties despite US objection. Canada is just the same. They're only as loyal as their wallet can allow. Let America pay for global security, let america give us unfettered access to world's best market, raise Europe and china out of poverty, lets keep taking advantage of America's good will. America is done giving, its time the rest of the world pitch in. Trump woke America up to this none-sense previous leaders avoided.
  19. Free-market will adjust itself to the Canadian pesos. Fact of the matter is this, Canada needs the US.
  20. OR you could just agree to the terms as laid out by Trump and save your self the hassle. Canada has no real trading partner other than the US. There are no major market for Canadian products other than the US. Think about it, if there were markets for Canadian goods elsewhere, those market would have already establish itself. Government intervention be damn.
  21. I think you're letting your trump derangement syndrome get the best of you. Look its freetrade for everything or nothing at all. That's the only way to ensure nobody has any advantage over the other. He offered that during the G7 meeting.
  22. They lost their journalistic integrity when they decided partisanship in journalism was the goal. I remember when CNN and MSNBC maintained a level of impartiality. Similar to CNBC. Now they're just fake news. If they're going to do a story with that much hyperbole then put it as OP-Ed, that's fair game. Don't tell me it's news when you vomit your partisanship all over "news".
  23. "Trump told Bloomberg that eliminating tariffs on U.S. car imports would do little to help the U.S. car industry, as European consumers would still not buy American cars. “Their habits, their consumer habits are to buy their cars, not to buy our cars," he said." So this is the heart of it, even if you do free trade for one product it only benefits the EU. It has to be all or nothing on free trade. If the US give the EU free trade on cars then we loose leverage from them to negotiate other tariff down. Its free trade or back to tariff . Nothing wrong with that. As for Canada, you have nothing to leverage us with so you might as well go full free trade.
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