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  1. Slow down there ted kaczynski, GM's short sightedness is one thing, tying it to trump's deregulation which helps the economy is another.
  2. because france? ....https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46460445
  3. I think GM and Ford's business move are un-patriotic and short sighted. They've basically moved all their sedan production to China while making nothing but Large SUV and Trucks for exuberant prices. This is silly because gas is a limited commodity and will eventually bounce back up. Once oil prices goes back to 150 a barrel no one will be buying these large vehicles. But I'm sure the business analyst at GM and Ford knows this. They're just banking on having their core business in China and not America.
  4. Care to elaborate? I too admit I dislike some of Trump policy even though I'd still vote for him.
  5. Since you all can't vote what are your bets on house and senate control.
  6. Actually republicans mostly agree with you the only problem is that they are not willing to use government in this capacity. We believe these things should be handled by of government like religious institution, friends family. Keeping a small limited government is the point, encouraging people to love thy neighbor and family, build a sense of community so they take care of you. Like back when the country was founded.
  7. Conservatism in america is on the decline, to take its place is a bunch of degenerates who support a welfare state, think that sexual promiscuity (hook up culture) will lead to a happier life, think that identity politics should take precedent over good governance, large shift away from traditional family values. Picture of the tolerant left poster child antifa...in portland
  8. I used to be like you once, green eye about our Canadian little "brother". Then I realized they are just disgruntled because they have a mouse elephant mentality, they hate how everything we do have massive influence on them while not having a say in the matter.
  9. You're proving my point, Canadians don't hate americans you just hate our government , foreign policy when we put America first, and conservative value we stands for because we ain't about that communitarian way of life. So basically you're only hating half of our country.
  10. Lets just say there's more than one hater in Canada. Fact is, this whole forum are full of people like that. They come here to complain about us.
  11. Which part is less desirable? Reapplying for the visa or paying for your own healthcare?
  12. A few sip of true freedom usually straighten them out.
  13. I would suggest you might be under a heavy dose of good ole american sarcasm. The phrase, "whatever it takes to get our friends to the north to like us" just screams out we don't really care. Personally, if Canada weren't around it'd be a pain to learn Spanish just so I can find another source of endless entertainment.
  14. Not so much beef per say rather vast amounts of amusement. Its like having a disgruntled younger sibling that you can't help but provoke.
  15. Lulululul....lul. what do you guys plan to do, apologize for hating on us?
  16. This is the rabbit hole of intersectionality left. Their totem pole goes, women, minority, lgbtq, white male. In that condescending order. How can anyone who consider themselves a rational thinker ever embrace such train of thought. Intersectionality is the basis for reverse bigotry and evil. As I've said before if diversity is the goal, race is not a good metric of it. Also, we are a country of individuals not a collective so to categorize everyone into identity groups based on their perceived injustice is doing a huge disservice to the actual victim of injustice. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/20/politics/harvard-admissions-affirmative-action-trial-money/index.html
  17. Ya got us there, but i believe.... one day we will make canada great again.
  18. Not really accurate. Immigrant from south america that your pm invited. We should charge canada a toll cost for inviting them to pass through.
  19. Look, look, look, canada has a brain drain and that issue is real be it for economic or cultural reasons. Canadians who typically stay are more risk averse, placing a higher value in the familiar like family, friends, community. Not saying they are lesser for it, but it is definitely a choice and one that leads a decreased in available opportunities for other talented and more ambitious canadians who in turn migrate to the US.
  20. Look at the hallmark of a "Canadian" identity out on display. Hate on america some more. If canada wants to be taken seriously on the international stage, canada should just admit it's dependence on big brother usa. Look at how many productive canadians move to the states for job leading to an ever increasing brain drain that is only filled by endless wave of immigration who in turn also leave canada. The ones that do stay are just victim of this hate on america psychosis thus creating a diseased population of leftover haters. I say this without the slightest animus.
  21. Lmao, you've no idea how much fear mongering is done by the liberal media. Trump is a reality TV star but even he was outdone by Kanye West. Kanye makes Trump look like jeb bush when trump stands next to jeb. This Trump deraingment syndrome is hilarious to watch. Though the same was true when obama was elected. Look I didn't vote for trump probably for the same reason you all seem to be afraid about. But after viewing his policy they are quite good. At least for america anyhow. I do plan to vote for him in 2020 just because I like result and the opposition party has no real agenda to push except anti-white identity politics that is itself inherently racist. Race is not a good metric of diversity Canada, knowledge and experience from different walks of life is. Look nafta 2.0 looks exactly the same as the original nafta. Nothing has change Canada. Your identity still belong to us.
  22. You're not wrong, most american do not care much about Canada because they just assume it is another state. Nothing special, no unique "Canadian" identity. In fact you'd be hard press when asking an American how are Canadians different from Americans. But whatever little we do think of you, you should know since you do care.
  23. I was old enough to remember a time when the internet was not required to be a "safe space" for people's feelings.
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