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  1. Canada is where the corrupt rich chinese who benefited from their position deposit their money. So in fact they don't care about Canada's money. Its the reverse, Canada cares about chinese money. Look, its not like we hate Canada, we just find it amusing to provoke the sort of anti-american sentiment you are referring to because Canada (and the rest of western Europe for that matter) won't admit to its utter dependence on us while simultaneously loathing its own powerless position in the world. Its more like hazing a little brother. What ever resentment that comes from that goes into a positive feedback loop feeding even more hate amusing us further. As BC put it "it's a gift that keep on giving"
  2. What do you mean care about others. My criticism is take care of your self before helping others. Our own country have plenty of problem to fix yet we insist on taking on more responsibility of other country at the expense of our own? How many refugee do you think your universal health care system can take on before it collapses. Every refugee we let in who aren't skilled or educated can't contribute to our economy and is a burden to the state and everyone else . Calling this out doesn't make me any less heartless than the social justice warrior who engage in virtue signaling like JT.
  3. Not true, America has a very unique identity, one of the most profound identity in history I would argue. Alot of it is enshrined in the constitution. It's no accident the freedom of speech is the first amendment and the right to bear arms is second. Think about that for a minute. Um, have you seen their human rights council? https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/06/us-un-human-rights/563276/ Which country refugee are you referring to? Are you talking about the south american one looking for better paying jobs and free welfare from our progressive tax system? If they were truely refugee why go to canada and america why not stay in mexico? Or are you talking about syria in which their own country rebelled against tyrannical goverance. Or lybia? Remember the arab spring? The US started every single one of those? They spontaneous erupted because the power structure ruling those countries was no longer sustainable. Any society based on tyrannical power can not last. So don't blame america for its failing. America is the one who took on the greatest burden to clean up the mess while trying to maintain the peace. Last time america stood back and did nothing world war 1 and 2 started.
  4. Some of it has to do with narcisim. Because they care about the world that makes them an even more virtuous social justice warrior.
  5. Yaaassss, look its not some tin foil hat theory that globalist elites want us to care about the rest of the world at the expense of our own. That is one reason why the UN was created. To bring about a global governance. Canada for all intent and purpose is a prooving ground. Canada doesn't even have a canadian identity. The closest thing to an identity Canada have is vermont. One of the easiest way to tell if someone is a globalist is ask if they believe in the concept of a sovereign national border? If no then they are 100 percent globalist. They're not like big foot, they exist.
  6. Hillary lost in 2016.... it's 2018... soon to be 2019, you can't say stuff like that anymore.
  7. Um giant news flash. China doesn't care what Canada think of them as well.
  8. You've no idea what fundamental Islam is do you? The majority of Muslim practice Islam as it is spelled out in the Koran. Any deviation from the holy book is considered sacrilegious. Good luck with reconciling those philosophy with the enlightenment Judaeo Christian West. The humanities and social sciences have been hi-jacked by post modern marxist, they could care less about your individual identity. All they preach is rights while dispensing with thousand of years worth of wisdom borne out of the Judaeo Christian West call logos aka responsibility of self and meaning derived from stoicism. Justice warrior prof...
  9. You don't understand how conservatives liberals work. If you object to their reality you are a 'bigot-racist'. If they object to something it's because they have monopoly on what is 'virtuous'. A elitist lying president is 'normal'. A corrupt drone striking own citizens premier is 'normal'. Virtue signaling, open borders, and identity politics legislating people into compelled speech is very normal and acceptable as you are attacking non-normal, as they define it. And they shriek and jump on the table if you say 'merry Christmas' or offer them a Starbucks cup that have baby Jesus and a donkey on it. They are quite sensitive. I've edited for you, thanks.
  10. So the math is 10 good one and 1000 bad one....If you say so. Personal anecdote is not good for public policy. You don't make legislation around an outlier.
  11. Well definitely was not expecting a common sense response after chumming the water with canadian bait.... Yes I agree identity politics exist on both left and right but it is the left that dominates universities and academia. Identity politics has been institutionalized by the left. Much of what happens at a university happens everywhere else 5 years later. Even if people tend to lean more conservative as they get older they are still around long enough to do plenty of damage. Racism is not institutionalized, it's much deeper than that, xenophobia and racism has much to do with fear of the unknown. There is a biological mechanism for this not a rational one. The left's intersectionality is purely ideological/rational, it's just a really dumb idea plain and simple, can only lead to tribalism and war.
  12. Don't forget the Canadian plot to micro-agress americans while simultaneously feeling surrey abut it. But don't take an American word on it... Here's a canadian explanation of what you progressive/post modern marxist are doing...
  13. I'm not religious so I don't have any qualms with gays over marriage regarding religion. My concern is the family unit, from a goverment/public policy perspective,. are gay couple able to raise their kids just as effectively as hetero couples if so then fine, marry away. Kids aren't for everyone but that's the point of marriage, it's meant to bring about a union that will produce functioning members of society. Unless of course you don't believe in the institution of marriage.
  14. Why is it when conservative criticize anything that contribute to the deterioration of marriage, we get called out as racist. Things that detract away from raising a child to be fully functioning members of society is called degeneracy. The question regarding gays is what to do about it, it's been around for ages? Should we encourage it by allowing a official recognition by the state? What is wrong with the rejection of that idea? Regarding the transgender community. Look these people are suffering from a mental illness called gender dysphoria, it should be treated as such. It does no good to tell someone with a mental illness that they are fine and the rest of society should accept them and their perception of reality. Sure gender means we carry a blend of trait from both stereotype, but to say that you are a woman in a man's body does not make you a woman. Sex reassignment surgery does not make you a woman, it is not a vagina, it is a wound that never heals. Anyone who allow their kids (under 18) to a knife because they "feel" a certain way should be put in jail for child endangerment. The bathroom bill was meant to protect not public bathrooms but locker rooms where there is a shared common space to undress. But it's much easier to call us racist for pointing these things out... Oh don't even get me started on sports, I'll die from aneurysm. https://nypost.com/2018/02/25/transgender-boy-wins-girls-state-wrestling-title-for-second-time/ "Beggs is in the process of transitioning from female to male and taking a low dose of testosterone."
  15. Word on the street was, start world war 3 under some pretense of either Russia vs China or US vs Russia and China, wipe out a good chunk of the population, start again and use the pretense of ending all war with a one world order....
  16. Yes, Canada will kowtow to Beijing. Question is, what are the consequences for doing that when it comes to America?
  17. You can bring that up to your globalist friends when you meet them.
  18. Globalist exist friend, facts don't care about your feelings.
  19. So you're finally admitting that Canada's suicidal progressive policies are no longer sustainable? I thought Canada wanted to champion progressive/post-modern neo marxist ideologies? Since when was america obligated to be in lock step with Canada? Sounds like the lack of a Canadian identity and failed leadership makes Canada ripe for the taking. America should Carpe Diem and make Canada Great Again.
  20. annexation of canada when?https://torontosun.com/2016/09/14/trudeau-says-canada-has-no-core-identity/wcm/60461a6d-7cb4-42a9-b242-05be9aaea46c
  21. Umm I think you failed to realize why hummer when out, it was for economic reasons and not environmental. If I could afford to drive a hummer everyday I would.
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