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  1. Great now you can elect a new leader or your self to do that in 2019
  2. So why don't you put that remaining 1 percent into the 99 percent and make it 199% free trade?
  3. Not according to current trade progress by the EU and mexico, if anything its indicative of the trade cheat like China and Canada
  4. No, as I have said. The offer was made. It is Canada and the rest of the world who rejected it. If freetrade was nothing but a dream it was not America that crushed it. It was Canada and the rest of the world that destroyed hope.
  5. Zero tariffs would mean Canada gets absorbed into the US economy... Even if congress denied it, would that not shift the ball to the american side and prove Canada's point. why leave that ball in the Canadian side, worse way to conduct negotiation, if you want to prove us wrong then take the offer first!
  6. So the fact that trump offered free-trade defined by zero tariff, zero non tariff barriers, zero subsidies make no never mind to you? If some "drooling imbecile" offered me such a great deal I'd take it. Whose the idiot, the person denying such a great offer or the person offering said offer? Tariff was a way to encourage other countries to take the carrot and not the stick. If Canada want the stick then that's Canada's prerogative.
  7. Hurting other american i er mean canadian interest is un-canadian. So you sir are the "fake canadian".
  8. No what it comes down to is does Canada want to do free trade or continue on with protectionist trade. If protectionist trade is Canada's long term goal then a trade deal with the world's largest freemarket economy will not be possible.
  9. The voice of doom i er mean wilbur ross on trade with Canada. ds
  10. eye surgery is unregulated. so in that particular case it is part of the free market system. My point and yours was the due to in elasticity of demand, free market condition would encourage price gouging. The reality however is we have a mixed healthcare system of free market on certain care and socialized on other such as emergency care.
  11. I find the resentment of America's enormous influence over Canada quite amusing. Why resist ? Does it make you "feel" better that anti-america sentiment is part of Canada's cultural heritage?
  12. What? Last I checked, congress would still need executive power to enact any international treaty. Congress can't negotiate or start treaties only ratify/adopt. Or are you suggesting to wait trump out and let NAFTA along with the Canadian economy collapse. "[The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur..."
  13. HA! That's a good one. Let me put on my canada hat on for once. What if the democrats fail again and again in 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024 how would that make you "feel" . What would you do? Wait america out?
  14. As we've been telling you before, Canada has no real leverage over US interest when it comes to trade. It would have been a wiser decision to negotiate like mexico before the midterms. Afterwards you won't find as much of an incentive for Trump to negotiate as he would no longer need voter approval on trade. Look at the stock market reaction after the preliminary deal with mexico was announced. The majority of Americans who are tied up in wal-street want to see a quick resolution to these trade dispute. This was the main impetus of why trump wanted to conclude trade negotiation BEFORE the midterms. Should have taken the free-trade deal during the G7, Canada will have but two choice after the midterms, to sit out of NAFTA and see the collapse of the Canadian economy or wait until a new administration to come into power and negotiate for the scraps at the NAFTA table. Either way, its going to be painful for everyday Canadians. Should have done away with supply management long ago Canada...
  15. it started years ago with the creation of NAFTA. Trade is the first step towards globalization or did you forget. No two countries are more compatible for modern day annexation. You're already 90 percent there and you don't even realized it. You nay sayers are like the last of the Mohicans. Don't worry those Tim Horton will be Starbucks soon enough. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. There is even strong evidence to suggest that young Canadians are more likely to promote said merger, you old goats are just getting in the way... "In 2012, nearly 3 percent of Canadian born citizens (801,000) resided in the United States. An additional 30,000–40,000 work in the U.S. under the NAFTA professional visa, which allows people from Canada and Mexico to work in the U.S. without the type of visa required in other countries. In fact, the “Canadian Brain Drain” is a well-documented phenomenon in which young Canadian professionals leave Canada to seek work in the U.S., most commonly in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. A small study out of Waterloo University in Canada discovered that 40 percent of technology students left Canada to seek work in the United States. With so much intermingling, a unification of the two countries would hardly be revolutionary." https://pensivepost.com/should-the-u-s-and-canada-merge-6444ed796e08
  16. Who said we were asking. There's 30 million Canadians ... how many Americans can Canada stop? Didn't Canada voted for an open border?
  17. Okay fair point, if everything is un regulated then yes demand elasticity would come into effect. But we both know the socialist would never stand for that...
  18. Fact of the matter is this, Canada has been left out to dry in the sun. The fact that they keep insisting on NAFTA as a three way deal shows the level of desperation. We're not the one desparate to trade with Canadians.
  19. Its only a matter of time before Canada gets annex and America would have full filled its manifest destiny. Just wait until climate change hit. I'm already contemplating buying land up north , get a green card then citizenship then vote for annexation...
  20. I'm pro economic nationalist for countries who don't play by the rules. As for Canada though, It should be absorbed and globalized by manifest destiny. Canada should not remain a separate foreign entity when it comes to trade. There should be complete open borders with the US.
  21. Commie homo sympathizer! Actually the right and left suffer from globalist tendency. Just as socialism is not exclusively left. Far right wing fascist groups are socialist.
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