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  1. Get some professional help . . . . you need it.
  2. Get some professional help . . . . you need it.
  3. Mr. Argus . . . . I'm not a Trump 'cult' member whatsoever. I did hope he'd win a second term. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't . . . . . My only focus was the process of the election, and if it was free of manipulation and fraud. If it can be shown that the election was tampered with, it stands to reason that possibly other elections in other countries can/have/would be altered too/also. So please cut the psycho stuff, and find something else to 'light your hair on fire' over. Have a good New Year if possible . . .
  4. Also thought he's a very disturbed and angry person . . . . . needing professional help.
  5. Your fear, loathing, and hostility towards President Trump is tainting your posts. Gentle Joe will soon be in the White House and hopefully you'll feel better. The USA will be better off with closer relations with the Chinese Communist Party. President Trump was so wrong to 'call out' the CCP for what they are . . . .
  6. Try to have a happy New Year . . . . . all the best to you and yours.
  7. Are you heaping 100,000 'people killed' on the shoulders of a man you and others have an unnatural loathing and hostility for? Be careful of what you wish for . . . . what goes 'round, comes 'round.
  8. Did see a photoshop'd pic of President Trump . . . . . and it looked very good. His hair had been cropped quite short and hadn't been colored, and he had a greying goatee. He looked like a tough guy. Just my opinion - he'd have had a much stronger presence if he'd just kept off Twitter, and had learned to not comment on every minute issue.
  9. Biden is a laughable choice for President. Old and feeble minded . . . . . tainted by his family fiasco - Hunter.
  10. It's very beneficial to have a strong relationship with the Ukraine . . . . . Biden knows this.
  11. Yours is the only truth . . . . thanks for clearing up any misconceptions.
  12. Obviously it's very important to you to be on the winning side. If, as you believe, you're on the winning side, why don't you just relax and let things unfold as they will? Lighting your hair on fire over an election in another country will just illuminate the shallowness of your arguments. And no, not 'everyone' can agree with your rants . . . . As mentioned before . . . . . the election process needs scrutiny.
  13. You have no qualms about sharing yours . . . here? Whether President Trump has lost the election or not, the election itself . . . warts and all, needs looking at. American and Canadian politics/procedures need critical scrutiny.
  14. President Elect Biden will probably interact quite well with our weak Federal Govt. Good times ahead. Easy street!
  15. New thread . . . . 'What to do about Canada' Many Canadians have a self-righteous attitude towards Americans. MG's post is the blueprint for that attitude. Canadian motto: "Aah . . . oh oh, Mmmm maybe not, you can't do that, that'll never work, not right now . . . maybe tomorrow. American motto: "Just watch me" . . . . .
  16. The recent American election seems to show that there were abnormal/inconsistent procedures. This has to be investigated. President Donald Trump winning/losing a second term based on the inconsistent voting procedures also has to be investigated . . . . . no big deal. Have an investigation. Clear the air.
  17. Count and content are two different things . . . . . congratulations on 32,461 postings. Great count, no doubt about it. Content is another matter entirely . . . . yours could be summed up in a short paragraph. Again, a great short paragraph it would be. Carry on Mike, and have a safe, happy holiday
  18. Have yet to read anything from you that is definitive on any subject. Wishy-washy responses are your forte . . . carry on!
  19. This thread is about American politics . . . . . not Canadian politics. ?
  20. As was mentioned by a caller on the Roy Green show . . . . Would the Chicago Blackhawks invite the Toronto Maple Leafs to practice with them?
  21. The language of the left . . . . political correctness, has all but muzzled discussion. The present Liberal govt. are masters of this tactic. Question anything of the Liberals, and you're branded as a racist, global warming advocate, gay basher, anti-green, etc., etc. For the most part, the academics of this country are left/far left . . . Jordan Peterson being the delightful exception, and have slowly and surely undermined free speech and thought. We've become a country of pussies . . . .
  22. Daughter-in-law is a health care worker in a seniors facility . . . central BC. Her elderly patients haven't seen family or friends since March. She's masked/covered, and hardly recognizable. She and the other health workers are the only human contact for these elderly folks. She's also overworked as other colleagues choose not to work. Her elderly patients are alone and are in despair . . . . . and pass away. Sad state of affairs.
  23. Bonnie Henry rules BC with an iron fist . . . . people walking down the street with masks on, alone in their cars-masks on, everywhere-masked up. Trained seals, scared rabbits, or sanctimonious monkeys . . . . . ?
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