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  1. betsy . . . . why the rude billboard sized script?
  2. Argus is . . . . Mike Argus? Should have addressed it as Michael Hardner. Apologies.
  3. Mike . . . . . What would you do about China? What's a feasible course of action for Canada? Short & long term.
  4. Would an 'Anger Management' class be of benefit to you? Probably covered under your Provincial Health Plan. Biden will soon be there for you . . . . Really would like to see Hunter Biden participate in some fashion with Finances & Banking. He'd be an asset to the White House and Dad.
  5. But, then again, your perception is somewhat stunted. Carry on.
  6. 'Sedition/seditious behavior' opposition in the Senate . . . . . get a grip! What's next on your odd thought process? Seditious thoughts? You're true to form . . . congratulations! Carry on.
  7. You toss the word 'seditious' around like the rest of the left wingers toss 'racist' around. Even your beloved CBC is on track . . . . .
  8. You just don't get it. You have no concept of 'up north' or isolated resource based camps, or the scattered resource(s) themselves.
  9. Do you let everyone into your house just because they knocked on your door? Canada's immigration policy does not work in its present left wing form. In fact, there's not much of anything left wing that works in this country.
  10. a) That's where there's a probability/possibility of employment and services. b) Other than limited employment in a resource extraction, there's no way to sustain yourself/family in the 'far north'.
  11. It's not a question to be asking Mike . . . . Thinking President Trump will just pack his bags and leave out the side exit . . . . .
  12. It's refreshing to just turn the radio/TV off. Take your dog for a walk, do something/anything to get away from the barrage of crap we're fed every day. Remove the portrait of Justin from above your fireplace and toss it into the flames. If your avatar is any indication of who you are . . . . you look in good shape. Put on the 'tights' and do those new yoga poses . . . to the newest Justin Bieber tunes (oops - said the Justin word again. Apologies). Have fun, don't listen to the doom-gloom. Smile!
  13. Stopped at check-points and road-blocks . . . . . show papers. Gunpoint? Police State? Canada?
  14. It's a miracle! . . . . . . . cancer, respiratory disease, heart failure, etc. have all been cured. They're not in the stats anymore. We can all hide behind the couch and tease the cat . . . until 'our leaders' can direct us to peek out the back door and squint in the sunshine . . . . Mike, have you seen the numbers? Get approval from 'your' leader before you attempt an answer.
  15. And just how do you get status . . . . how do you get powerful?
  16. Really hoping Hunter Biden can get into politics . . . . . a refreshing new face.
  17. Are you hoping he'll be put to death . . . . perhaps burned at the stake might make you happy. Awaiting your predictable response . . . . . "yeah but, . . . ."
  18. It's all about amassing 'things'. Power is amassing office towers, resource holdings, groups of companies, etc.
  19. Really tacky quoting yourself but, . . . . . if you're able to get your hands on this book, you'll not be sorry.
  20. 'The Donald' is between your ears . . . . me thinks you like him there. He'll soon be gone. Don't worry. Chive on!
  21. Wonder what Hunter Biden is doing these days? Future looking bright for the young entrepreneur?
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