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  1. Could never understand why a beautiful young woman with good skin colour <(Canadian spelling), a career, living in the sunshine, cruising in her Benz convertible - milkshake in hand . . . . . would give all that up to go live in a land of perpetual fog populated by snotty inbred gingers with bad teeth. Fish 'n Chips three times a day, a language named after them reduced to unintelligible gibberish . . . . I could go on, and on, and on.
  2. There's nothing Jagmeet Singh says or does that's relevant to anything in Canadian politics. He's irrelevant, his party is irrelevant. He's just a store mannequin sitting there taking up space.
  3. Begs the question(s): Was 'contamination' a consideration when you chose to come to this country? Was this country supposed to change to suit your idea of what it should be? Were you always a malcontent? Did/will Christianity alleviate your problem with this country?
  4. This country isn't fixable. We're too far down the rabbit hole. Divided along regional, economic, and racial lines. Divided as never before. There isn't any leader of any stripe that can fix what has happened to Canada. The populace is politically lazy and stupid. The likes of a Trudeau can flash their hair or socks and the stupids think they have a leader. We are a sad joke, an unfunny joke.
  5. The 'Father' of our country (or what's left of it) has come through for us once again. Hail Justin!
  6. We're a country of politically brain-dead dolts. Content to let another country look after our defence all the while looking down our collective noses in our typically self-righteous manner. Content to vote in twice the most corrupt, appalling, inept fool . . . ever! Content, content, content. We are the joke of the world . . . . and we're content with that. F'k !
  7. The missionaries arrived on the Great Plains, tried to get the many Indian factions to discard their environmental based religion (Father sky-Mother earth) and believe what the newcomers believed. Strange dudes on strange animals following stars, baby born with out copulation, dead guy rising to live again, baby floating down a river, walking on top of water, splitting the water so you can walk across, etc., etc., the list is long. The earth based 'religion' of the Indians was/is completely applicable to the everyday life on the plains. European religion can be the downfall of any society. My God is tougher than your God . . . . I'll go to war with you just to prove it.
  8. Before you go have our medical plan pick up the tab for the Anger Management classes and the brain scan you need so badly. Bhutan will thank us.
  9. Please go. Sooner is better than later. Have a nice trip. Send a postcard.
  10. And what exactly is 'your kind' . . . . ? Seems to me that you once mentioned that you're an immigrant from ?? Now you want to stop all resource industry, and all money producing commerce any where near you. Is your hand out for that 'free' govt. welfare that so many are fond of. You are not credible. Your incredible.
  11. You Lib-tards usually throw the 'racist' word into your losing rebuttals . . . . soon?
  12. Get the vaccine and throw away your mask. Go where you want, and with whom ever you want. Yahoo! sign me up. Thank you Justin. The father of my country.
  13. Do you mean 'open and transparent government' ? We already have that . . .
  14. Disturbing Liberal policies and decisions . . . . have no faith in this country anymore.
  15. Blair and Trudeau are playing to the reactionary uninformed city folk. They've lit those folks hair on fire.
  16. So, what's your solution? Think long term . . . be precise. What is your solution?
  17. Biden doesn't look or sound well. Really wonder if he's fit to lead.
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