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  1. Obviously you don't have my posts blocked, as I don't have yours blocked. I do enjoy your pretentious posts. I'm easily amused. Carry on . . .
  2. Justin Trudeau . . . . the truly disturbing thing is that his lies, pandering, foolish economic policies, etc. . . .. have become acceptable. Sparkle socks and selfies rule the day. Canada's fucked.
  3. Clown-boy with a restricted weapon . . . . . maybe its just his water pistol.
  4. Your non-response is to be expected. Nothing new there. Carry on.
  5. The first cop did not have everything under control . . . . the chief was in and out of the vehicle multiple times, could have emerged with a weapon, took his coat off indicating a possible assault on the cop, and he invited and resisted arrest. The chief is a dickhead.
  6. It's not good to use your whole post in a quote . . . . but, just what are you trying to say? Are you answering for another member here? Are you suffering from mental issues? What is your post about?
  7. Watch 8 of your selected videos . . . be branded a racist, asshole, lazy, stupid, and told by you to STFU if no one watches these videos ? Do everyone a favour and just list your 'proof' and be happy that you've educated everyone. Is there an Anger Management group in your neighborhood ?
  8. Blind patriotism is great if you're one of the sheep flock. Any realist can see that Canada is too big to govern in its present form. Encourage Quebec to separate . . . then you'll have a chance at making a real Canada.
  9. It's difficult to describe the depth of my loathing and contempt for Justin Trudeau. Treacherous and self serving . . . . Canada's cancer.
  10. 50% of the CBC 'work' force is deadwood. Taxpayer funded, bought and paid for, pandering to the equally deadwood Liberal government. 50% minorities is another socialist tool . . . how about competition for the job with others who are as qualified? Who cares if you're a so-called minority . . . if you can do the work better than others - - - the job's yours. This country is so pussified it's sickening.
  11. ^ ^ ^ Have been saying this for years . . . . . taxme has done a great job with his above post. We do not have a country as long as Quebec is involved.
  12. He didn't need to buy a pipeline . . . he dithered around until Kinder-Morgan withdrew.
  13. Manitoba has an eastern seaport at Churchill . . . . ship western grain to European markets. The port is open months longer with 'global warming' . . . For western separation to work, Manitoba has to be included. Mosquitoes are preferable to the 'blow flies' that buzz around the sh!tpile Federal Govt. Remember, Quebec & Ontario need the west more than we need them.
  14. Jester Trudeau pissed away a mountain of tax-payer $$ before the Covid crisis, alienated the western provinces, cleaved this country along regional-economic-racial lines, and spooked-off any serious investment. A wonderful leader. A traitor.
  15. This country will never be united as long as Quebec is involved. Quebec is only at the picnic to eat other provinces sandwiches. They didn't sign the 1982 Constitution, and don't want to be a part of Canada. Manitoba west would make a great stand-alone country.
  16. Your above post with all its assumptions shows how utterly uninformed you are. Hoping that your Walt Disney-ish ideas don't get you and your dog into a situation you know nothing about.
  17. Had a 'permit to pack' while prospecting up the BC coastal inlets. Mine: Ruger Super Blackhawk. Tell me about travelling in thick coastal vegetation alone . . . Mississauga man. You're out of your league here. Stick to the BC Parks you referenced. Pick some mushrooms for clarity of thought.
  18. There's your naive mentality . . . . . and then there's normal folks mentalities. A dog can be a detriment in bear country.
  19. You have the city dweller mentality . . . . hard to hide. You didn't say where you immigrated from . . . . guessing Toronto?
  20. Have hunted all my life. The taking of that game animal's life is not a joyous occasion, in reality, it's quite sad. It's always made me sad at the moment, but quietly thankful for the opportunity to provide food for my family. Cougar's views are somewhat unrealistic and seem to be from a common thought pattern of the inner city dweller unconnected to nature.
  21. You call yourself 'cougar' . . . . . . begs the question: Have you ever seen one in the wild?
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